Love Trumps Fear


What would I say, you ask, to give them peace and comfort?

How can you reach them when they only hear themselves?

What words would I use to give the understanding?


Stop dead in your tracks

You’re all following the wrong path

The truth is to seek love and beauty

And it is everywhere

All around you

Just look

Open your eyes to this incredible place

And all of your blessings

We are all part of a whole

You are one with the neighbor behind you who barely raises his hand or nods his head

He comes from a place of fear

And your reaction to him is also from fear

Instead try love

He is not so different from you

He’s had trials and tribulations that have gotten him here

As you have walked roads that were long and at times lost your way

Open your hearts to one another

It’s really no so hard to do

Understand his angst

Forgive his prejudice

Send him love and be ready to catch the love that comes back a hundred fold

For there is only love or fear

You choose

Dare you judge another till you’ve walked in his shoes

Open your heart as wide as can be

And make it larger until you can’t see what was not there in the beginning

If you can take love and make it larger

If you can choose love even when you are afraid

If you can be love in every single instance

You will live in love

And all blessings will be yours



Written 8/27/11

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16 thoughts on “Love Trumps Fear

    1. Hi Tom! Glad to see you here. I just hopped over to your blog and read your latest…Great! Thanks for reading and commenting…I do appreciate the support! Have a great week…Blessitude!

  1. So beautiful. You capture examples that we all have lived. As I read this, I kept thinking “Let it go”- “it” being all the drama, worry, and projection. Thanks for this gentle reminder, Lorrie.

  2. Wow Lorrie
    “And your reaction to him is also from fear
    Instead try love
    He is not so different from you”…
    What a wise and powerful to write on all the walls of ignorance & despite! Thank you – and love to you. Have a nice week!
    Fre’de’ric 🙂

  3. This is so very beautiful Lorrie!! 🙂 See your Angel-self shining all over, so very brightly!! 🙂 Your Light is expanding and expanding, and soon it will reach ever nook and courner of the world!!! 🙂 Lots of Love to you! <3 <3 <3

  4. Dear Line…you are the most incredible source of love and encouragement!!! Thank you for seeing my angel-self…she has recently made herself aware to me!! Haha 🙂 Well…I think I knew her a long time ago 😉

  5. You’ve painted a rosy picture of the goal here, Lorrie! 🙂
    Lions and tigers and bears — these I will still fear,
    for our love is better spent while still alive.

    Nice to meet you! Peace, Keith

    1. 🙂 So very happy to meet you as well Keith!! Thanks for the awesome comment…I look forward to reading more from you!!! Blessitude 🙂

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