23 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 6/22/14

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful Lorrie!! And I am so loving this new look!! 🙂 Your blog makes me smile and feel so light inside 🙂 <3

    1. You are so sweet to say so! Thank you Line…I think I like it a whole lot too. And if it makes you smile and feel light inside then I think it is a good thing!! 🙂 Much love to you <3

  2. It’s beautiful Lorrie! I love the word “soul mate”, in French we say “âme-soeur”, sister-soul. And I like the new peppy design of your blog 🙂 Love to you! Fre’de’ric 🙂

    1. Hello Dear Frédéric! I just adore how much you love words!! I really love them too…and I love that soul mate translates into sister – soul in French. Thank you so much for always being there 🙂 and I like that you think the new look is “Peppy!” I like peppy 🙂 Sweet day <3 <3

      1. Yes, “peppy” is a… peppy words 🙂 Here we have a very sunny sunday, Maybe it’s thanks to your shining soul 🙂 have a very nice week, ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Brad! Thank you 🙂 I just can’t stop playing with these Haiku…I really like it. I find myself thinking in that rhythm 🙂 I thought about changing the look of my blog for a little while…and then a friend saw it and said “you need more pictures”… so I played yesterday and this is the result. I am very happy you like it 🙂 Much <3 to you!

      1. You are one fine musician Mr. Mihran!! That was so beautiful. I have heard that song before, but never as beautiful as I heard it by you. Thank you for this very special gift on my blog. Much love to you!! 🙂

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