This Big Ol’ Tree

2014-07-15 09.21.41

This big ol’ tree

full of life and wisdom

Each of your twists and turns

a story in life

Bet you have a lot to share


Standing tall

roots firmly planted in the ground

Watch on as mayhem surrounds you

No place to go

but you say you wouldn’t leave anyway

You like the view from there


This big ol’ tree

you’ll be here long after I’m gone

new faces

new stories to watch

the seasons change

you lose your leaves

and take a quiet slumber


Time to rest and reflect

on all that you’ve seen

all that you’ve heard

all that you’ve learned


Assimilate the stories into life

and spring rolls around

to find rebirth



of life

of love

of new stories


This big ol’ tree

your coat is new

you look lovely

no worse for wear

amongst the stories you’ve seen

coiffed with secrets

from the lives you’ve watched


Standing in the same spot

in the same vein

in a different world

you don’t change your view

yet you grow old gracefully

barely noticed by the passersby

barely touched by humans

yet the life force of the universe

flows through your trunk

to the tips of your branches


This big ol’ tree

there is much

I could learn

from you!





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35 thoughts on “This Big Ol’ Tree

    1. Hi Me’lanie!! Yes…I have heard of tree huggers…but I have not physically hugged one….only in my mind. The trees are amazing to me, and I am inspired by them often. I will check out your post…thanks for the link. Have a super duper Monday! 🙂

  1. I agree with Melanie. I loved it too. Tree are a favourite with me whether painting or writing they just seem to “say” so much. beautiful piece of writing.

    1. Thank you Claire!!! They do talk to me also!! Just imagine how many secrets they could divulge…but they never do!!! Thanks so much for looking, and commenting 🙂

    1. Hi Neha!! I’ve missed you 🙂 Hope everything is going well for you 🙂 Thanks so much for your beautiful comment…and I am happy you love trees too! I would love to see the giant sequoias in California!! 🙂

    1. Hey Julie!! I know! I was on a walk and this tree “beckoned” me! I think she was going to tell me a secret…. but then she changed her mind 🙂 Thanks again for the beautiful words on your post today 🙂

  2. Wonderful tree and reflections on the life of a tree as seen with loving eyes. Thanks for reminding us of the longer view Lorrie. BTW, do you know what kind of tree that is. I love it’s woven like trunks. 🙂

    1. I know Brad….I couldn’t walk by it without taking a photo…I almost immediately had the verses in mind!! She is a lovely!! I think, and I could be wrong, that she is a type of Maple tree. There are many red Maples in the neighborhood….but she is not red. But she is beautiful! Thanks, as always Brad, for all of your love!! <3 Oh….and you might want to check back on my blog a little later….there just might be a surprise for you!! 🙂

  3. What a wonerful ode to the trees Lorrie! Trees of Life… I love them, the energize your soul, they protect your body, they make your heart happy, And yes, “the life force of the universe / flows through your trunk” as you have beautifully written, it’s very true. And I love your last lines “there is much / I could learn /from you!”, it reminds me that the Buddha reached Nirvana … under a tree! A wonderful way of beginning the week Lorrie. Coincidence: I’ve written a poem about the creation of a garden the first plant of which is a “very old live oak”. Thank you and much love to you dearest Lorrie 🙂

    1. Much love to you dearest Fre’de’ric!!! Yes, I know, I commented on your beautiful poem…and you made me certain that I should post my tree poem today…it was “in the running” for being posted and when I read your wonderful poem and saw the first line I knew it had “won!”
      Yes, Fre’de’ric….the Buddha did come to full enlightenment while under a tree….and if I think about it…it makes perfect sense. I love trees, I always have. I love to plant trees and then watch how they grow…year after year. We look back and think times flies but the trees they just take their time and they grow at the pace that they are meant to grow…they stand tall in their beautiful essence….they are grounded in the earth! Yes….I love trees….I really love trees!!!
      Much love to you dearest!!! 🙂 <3 <3

      1. …look at my reply to your last comment on my blog, if inspired email me 😉 I also love to plant trees and plant (it is a like a physical connection with our mother the Earth) by the way, I’m addicted to garden centers, are you? When traveling abroad I love to visit them (and buy some plants!) much love to you xxoo

  4. You just made my day, young lady! 🙂 Love all the wonderful comments, too.
    Our heat index hit 113 today. Damn tough on this ol’ tree.
    I was wilting terribly, until I read your poem.
    A fountain of youth rose within me, and I almost spilled my beer. 😉

    1. You are so welcome!! I love trees…All kinds. I’m happy that I could make you smile 🙂 And 50 plus trees on your property. ..awesome!! <3

  5. Did you see a resemblance? No way are not ol’ in the least…and I don’t know how tall you are so I can’t speak for the big part. But the more I read from you, I do see the wisdom!!! I can’t believe it was so hot by you today!!! Where did you say you reside? And don’t spill the beer Uncle Tree! 🙂 Stay cool <3

      1. A veritable cold snap! Now you’re making me jealous!! Lincoln Nebraska….you are pretty far away UT!! I have never been to Nebraska…what is the best part of living there? Hope your heat spell ends soon!

        1. The best part of living in the Plains?
          Sunsets, sunrises, full-moons setting and rising;
          clean air, clear dry skies full of stars, and Husker football! 🙂

          1. Go Huskers!! Yeah…I’ve heard about you Husker fans!! Sounds like a beautiful place to live. I’d say the biggest difference would be the clean air!! Stay cool Uncle Tree…doesn’t matter how clear the air is if it’s too hot to breathe 😉

  6. I don’t have, which as short of a time as you know me, I’m sure you’ll find a surprise, words to quite describe how touched I was by your interpretation and expression of this Ole Tree – as if you were it’s voice – it’s heart. I adored this far more than I know how to express in writing. <3

    1. I’m happy that it touched you so!! I think in my short time blogging I have written a few poems with trees as the central character! I’m sure I will do more…snapped a few tree pics today as a matter of fact!! 🙂

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