A Few Scenes From the Shore

Brad, from Writing to Freedom, is such a great friend who is full of love and support for me….for all really.  He has been missing the east coast….the shore in particular.  This past weekend I told him I would say hello for him.  He then responded by saying that he would love a picture or two.  So here goes….

This is for you Brad!


This is Bradley Beach, NJ.  I just love how the Jersey shore has decided to plant palm trees for the summer!  It is a relatively new idea…I suppose they last for the summer…but then it is sad to think what happens to them.


Bradley Beach boardwalk…well…not really.  They replaced the boards with pavers.  It looks pretty but when you are walking you can really tell the difference between walking on boards and walking on cement!


This is the view from under the bridge which connects Avon, and Belmar, NJ.  These towns got hit very hard during Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.  Belmar was flooded under 6 feet of water a mile back from the ocean.


The Shark River inlet.  I personally have never seen a shark in here….but….


Belmar Fishing Club.  They have a sign out front that says, “For Members Only.”  When my son was very young he asked, “Why can’t they have more than four members?”


The south end of Avon beach…called the “L.”  There are usually good waves here for surfing.


Just a little glimpse into the Jersey Shore on a beautiful Monday morning in July.

Brad…the shore misses you too!!  Much love ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

35 thoughts on “A Few Scenes From the Shore

    1. we lived in Houston, TX – NASA area for 5 years(my beloved and brilliant hubby is a rocket & satellite scientist), but we started to travel to the US about 3 decades ago… last but not least: our son-in-law is American, his folks are from NJ and NY, he loves France, so he’s chosen and decided to live here: 🙂
      * * *
      my very best, positive vibes and optimistic thoughts… HH = heartfelt hugs, too… ❤


      1. Hi Me’lanie …I can’t tell you how much I love hearing about someone who actually IS a ROCKET SCIENTIST!! 🙂 Yes…I could tell you travel a lot!! Well….if you ever come to the Jersey shore during the summer…let me know! Thank you, as always, for your beautiful, Positive connection!! ❤


      2. Thanx a bunch of lavender from my frontyard for your kind invitation that I deeply appreciate, Lorrie! ❤ I'll surely let you know and keep you posted if we ever return to the East Coast, O.K. The point is that our US-relatives and friends adore France, so they'd rather come over than vice-versa… 🙂 btw, if you've read my "about", you know I'm direct, sincere, straight-to-the point, démonstrative, not hiding behind my fingers(LOL!) and never "cheesy" or "honeyed hypocrite"… 😉
        * * *
        I wish you in Latin:"fiat lux!" = let there be light – in your heart, now and always… ❤


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