I Fell Off the Wagon ~ of Love!


Wrap me in your love

I’m in need of comfort

Every time I’m left to my own devices

I fall off the wagon

Not the wagon of booze

But the wagon of love!


Wrap me in your love

For I’ve become a little lost

Pain is back and it hurts

And I wonder does it hurt

Because I don’t think I deserve better

Or does it hurt because

The physical pain is what I’ve always known

Because the physical pain becomes a crutch

To the things that I don’t want to feel in my heart


Wrap me in your love

For I know you only want what’s good for me

I’m your child

I have a child and I watch him go through life

And I only want what’s best for him

Sometimes I watch what he is doing and I want to make him stop

So I wonder

Is that what you do

You only want what’s best for me

Yet you have to watch what I’m doing

And you just want to make me stop

But free will takes precedence


Wrap me in your love

For I can see the decisions I make

The ones I am conscious of

And the ones that I have no awareness of

Are the things that keep me wrapped in this pain

It’s been a life time

It’s been a way of life

But I’ve worked so hard

I thought the pain was over


But then I hear you speak

From words that come out of my own mouth

And those of my beautiful sister

And I understand once again

That if I change my thoughts

I change my life

I change the pain to love

I jump back on the wagon

The wagon of love


So wrap me in your love

After I wrap myself in mine

For it all comes from the same place






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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

54 thoughts on “I Fell Off the Wagon ~ of Love!

  1. I am right here lifting you back on 🙂 And this time I will ask the horses not to run so fast so that you will not fall off again 🙂 It might have just been a snake or something scaring them little, and most snakes are quite harmless 🙂 Don’t feel sad about falling off Laurie, just brush off your knees, catch my hand, and step right back up 🙂 You know, it is good to find out why we fall down, like, if it was a snake on the road, then you can just think that it is okay, we are by instinct made to fear snakes, because they can hurt us, and once you know that, you will feel better, and it will be much easier to keep going with a loving smile 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hi dear Trini! You are so sweet…and I will take your hand and jump back up. Slowing the horses a little will also help 🙂 I think I understand what happened…and I am very grateful for the understanding. The next step is to be aware of similar situations in the future so that I have the understanding “BEFORE” I fall!! It is all a process and I believe it is how we learn. I have always thought that to experience one emotion we have to experience it’s opposite…or how else would we REALLY know what the first one was. So I am much better now….and I thank you for your caring support and kindness!! You are very special to me dear soulsister!! ❤ ❤


  2. Oh I fall off that wagon a lot myself. When the Lord starts digging deep in my soul trying to bring up the deep the physical pain and fatigue are aften so hard to bear! But then the dawn comes and my garden displays His glory and I get back up on the wagon again. Blessings to you, sweet Lorrie, I hope you are better and the ride on the wagon is a little less bumpy! Hugs and love, N 🙂


  3. You have such a big heart Lorrie!!..I see you in the light and just know all is perfect on our journey..sounds like some FEAR LET GO OF YOU which is always good! Heart to Heart Robyn…watching from above we see clearly much love


  4. We all have these kind of days in life. We are loved so much by our Lord, and we try to be pleasing to Him. But Satan is always there to try to undo our efforts. However, God is faithful to forgive us when we fall. We who abide in Him have blessings beyond blessings!

    So, when we sin, (and we will), pray to God for forgiveness and strength. We have a continual cleansing for our trespasses in the blood of Christ! Go and try to do better next time temptation knocks at our door.

    The True Light


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