The Screeching Wheel


If you give me what I want because you couldn’t stand listening to me spurt my words about why I need it, should I be happy?

Happy that I eventually got what I wanted, but you only gave it to me to stop the noise – stop the confusion

Shut Up!  You got what you wanted!


But I feel like I need you to see and to honor the reason I needed it – am I wrong?


The squeaky wheel gets the grease – my Momma always said that – and it was funny because she was not one to let her wheels be not well oiled – her wheels very rarely squeaked – and therefore – she didn’t get what she wanted!  But that was her expectation, so one might argue she got exactly what she expected – it just might not have been what she wanted.

So I say – we should be darn sure of what we want – very clear of what our intentions are and not let our wants be confused with our expectations.


Eventually after squeaking became screeching – I indeed got what I wanted – I think – and if that is the case then why do I feel so bad?

Oh, because what I really wanted was for you to see things my way and do things my way – to understand WHY I wanted it done that way – because of course my way is the right way….RIGHT?

Is what I really wanted was to be right?  To be acknowledged for being right?


Confirmation came that proved my way was “right.”

But it feels a little bad.  I don’t want to be the screeching wheel – I don’t want to have to be right – and I certainly don’t want to have to be acknowledged for being right! This feels a lot like energy I grew up in – energy that I have spent so much time changing.

I think there may be some more work I need to do here!!!





So, I’m a little “crunchy,” as my sister likes to say…it’s a perfect description!

And apparently, I’m a little spoiled too!  We have been without hot water for a week and 4 days.  Due to many mishandled situations from our service company this process has been prolonged, beyond my toleration point.

In the beginning it was, “Oh no! No hot water?”  Then I thought, “Come on, it’s not so bad.  You can do this for a few days.”

Then we got a call asking us to rate our experience with the service company on day 7.  My answer was, “It may be to your benefit to call back when we actually HAVE hot water…I’m sure my answers will be very different!”  The lady couldn’t get off the phone faster and it was a bit of a giggle for me – I thought I was so funny!

So after 11 days of heating water on the stove for a “bath” and 11 days of washing my hair outside…if the hose is full and you leave it in the sun you can have running water for maybe a minute…possibly a few seconds more…I am a little crunchy.  Okay, A LOT crunchy! (Not to mention what my neighbors think about my new hair care regimen!)

Well, the difference of opinion was how to handle the call to the service company today.  My way is finally what got their attention and, “Oh yes…the part just came in at 9:06 am and we will have some one out there today!”


<3 Lorrie

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*** A little update….service man is here right now…and the parts he got ARE NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM! UGH!!!



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38 thoughts on “The Screeching Wheel

  1. Good luck with your situation. I so resonated with the feelings you described here. I dislike being the squeaky then screeching wheel. It is now who I see myself to be, yet sometimes I do not know what other choice I have. as always, great writing

    1. Oh Kim (I just sent you an email 🙂 ) It was like a light bulb going off for me. I got what I wanted but it didn’t quench me…I guess when I think I am truly “right” I expect others to fall in line and do things my way…I don’t know…the service man just left and we still don’t have hot water so I think the lesson goes on…

      1. Oh, I have so been there, Lorrie. Thinking I have the lesson wrapped up- so therefore, it should just end! Your light continues to shine and I love that you have shared all of this with us. We relate from our trials, as much as we do from our successes.

  2. It’s a sad testament to the degradation of customer service these days that we have to screech! I’m not a screecher… though my family might beg to differ, but I am learning to hold my own with customer service issues. You’ve been patient FAR (11 days?) too long! Go get em. Sounds like the problem has not been solved.

    1. Thank you!! I’m not sure why, but you were able to make me laugh 🙂 The man just left…and the parts they ordered did not fix the problem!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly. There actually is a man who sincerely appears to not only feel bad, but he is trying to be proactive to fix the situation. By the way…Welcome!! haha I will be over to check your blog out! Thanks for the comment and reassurance 🙂

      1. I totally get it, though. You paid money for your “service” contract, so by golly-gee-whiz, they need to do their part. Someone would have to hide my phone to keep me from ringing in every hour on the hour to remind them that I have NO hot water, and greasy hair! I’m a nature girl too, but my clients might not enjoy my “natures gift” perfume. 🙂 Glad to make you smile, but know, that you’re gonna have to fight for this one to get resolved and you’re completely right for doing so.
        Thanks for checking out my blog! I read your bio, and you might also enjoy, my other blog about good, sweet and gentle things! (grin)

        1. Laughing again!! No worries…..the every hour phone call is an idea…especially being that the “nice man” gave up his direct line!!!! I will check out your other blog…happy to have “met” you!!!

    1. Hi Kim…I am sure it will! And…believe it or not…I am grateful because it has shown me something inside that I need to work on. And as always the best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to think of somebody who has something much worse going on. I am aware….it is only a lack of hot water and I have made “adjustments!” (although I am toying with the idea of a little trip to go to a hotel and take a 30 minute shower!!! LOL)

  3. This is such a great lesson Lorrie!! As you read these caring and helpful responses and keeping tuning into yourself …. let it become lighter and lighter and into the place of who cares 🙂
    At this point you have a choice.
    1. To withdraw and wait and see while connecting with your inner self.
    2. To realize that when dealing with the world we live in, there is a time when assertion and clarity are important so that you are heard without needing to screech. As a former Customer Service manager and genuine nice person (like you!) here’s how I would approach the company.
    “This is a situation that is no longer acceptable. I have been very patient and understanding. I am a nice person who cares about other people, including you. This is not an easy job for you. Now I am coming to the end of my tether. It is very important for me to know when I will have a hot shower. The level of service is simply not acceptable. May I speak to your supervisor? ”
    To supervisor
    “I appreciate that there may be many people who are having similar problems but I want to tell you how disappointed I am with the level of service and lack of responsiveness. I had expected more. This is no longer acceptable. Can you please look into the situation and investigate what is going on? … When will you get back to me with an update? Thank you so much I really appreciate your responsiveness and professional approach.”
    Val xo

    1. Thanks Val!! It is great to have your expertise as a customer service manager to give me insight. I think I may have been a little ambiguous in my post. My screeching was to my partner who was handling the company in a very passive way…so I was really the one who thought we needed to be more…well…screeching!!! haha (and so my partner was the recipient of mine!)

      I know that most people want to help, and that if you are kind but firm in your expectations, they will usually try. I do feel we have “the Parts” man on high alert now, and he seems to have empathy. But honestly, if this goes on much longer I will go to their establishment and not leave until it is resolved! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your ideas!!! <3

  4. I could just feel the frustration as I read the The Screeching Wheel — and then as I learned as I read on of why so much frustration was coming through, I understood. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to to without hot water but reading your blog made me feel what you were writing. Hang in there!

    1. Hi Tammi! Glad I didn’t scare you away! 🙂 I’ve had a few things come together in a perfect storm…it’s not just the water. But I promise I will turn this energy around (having hot water would help!) Thanks so much for reading and for your support! 🙂

  5. You go girl! I’m so glad your “crunchiness” got them to take care of business! Sadly, sometimes “crunchy” is all that some people understand it seems. Hugs and love, N 🙂

    1. Thanks Nathalie!!! We still don’t have hot water but they are working on it!! It is fine…the hot water heater was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg (haha) Other things in life made that seem much worse. Thank you for you beautiful support!! <3

  6. it’s like camping. a few weeks ago, i went without for 3 days before i got someone to come fix it, but they couldn’t , so it was 2 more days , before they could get a new one. then it was pouring & i’m on the fourth floor

  7. Well shoot! I love “extra crunchy” raisin bran cereal…now after this story, maybe not so much…haha! I know this story goes a ways back, but I hadn’t read it before. Love your answer to the water/power survey lady!

    Steve 🙂

    1. 🙂 it was a chuckle to remember how fast she got off the phone!! Incidentally, the heater they “fixed” broke again this summer!!! It was time for a new one 🙂

      1. Things wear out…water heaters, a/c, heaters, etc. I’ll bet that time of being “crunchy” was awful! I see these people in other countries washing their hair in buckets and operating those suicide showers everyday. Wow, we have it good in the USA!

          1. So it seems you are on the blog a bit more these past days. Good for you! I hope to read more of your posts in the very near future.

            Enjoy your day, Lorrie!

            Steve 🙂

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