The Keys of Life


One step beyond time

on the keys of life

the beautiful music we played

when we sang

and danced

and laughed

and ran through the years

wind in our face

hair flying


no worries

no struggles


Yes…play a song for me

on the keys of life

dance backwards

and the years erase

the lines on my face

the scars on my heart

The soul becomes free

to sing like a bird

in opera tones

without constraints

a life lived simply

on the keys of life




Many blessings my friends…may you all play beautiful music on the keys of life!!

The Zentangle”esque” art started with the floating “ribbon” piano keys.  They appeared in my mind, the way many words do, like a neon sign behind my eyes.  I sketched the keys and the rest is history.  The art was created over the past month and a half.  I had a bout of insomnia a night ago and the art finished itself…and the poem flowed from my pen.  Have a blessed Monday!  <3 Lorrie

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42 thoughts on “The Keys of Life

    1. Yes, Brad!! I had a vision of you dressed in period clothing ready to dance a waltz! How strange 😉 Maybe we knew each other in another life!! <3. (Your clothes were blue)

    1. Beautiful Amy…Thank you for your kindest of words. The amazing part is I don’t feel I am doing any of it…I think Spirit moves through me with both the art and the words. I am Blessitude! Much love to you <3

    1. Oh Hariod! This is one incredible association. I am humbled. Stevie Wonder is a gifted man…a blessed talent. To be compared in any way, well… I am kind of speechless! But I thank you…I thank you for our connection here…you mean a lot to me. And I loved listening to the song…his voice is so clear! 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you so much. It is my third drawing of this kind…I like this art form…I guess the “Zen” part of the name truly does describe how relaxing and the almost meditative state created while drawing it. I’m happy you stopped by! 🙂

  1. I have not had the pleasure to read onw of your poems for a coiple of weeks and this was so beUtiful Lorrie. And I love the graphic. Happy new year sweet soul.

    1. How are you Lisa? I hope to be back a bit more consistently. ..December was a tough month! I hope all is well with you and your beautiful family…that your holidays were healthy and happy. I wish you all good things in the new year! Thank you for your kind words <3

  2. My turn for speechlessness. I love the winding keyboard, a little loop-de-loop of clarion sounds dancing across the page, a ribbon of latent order wondering just what to be next! Such playfulness does indeed erase the scars and soothe the heart.


    1. Ah!! I love your interpretation…”a ribbon of latent order wondering just what to be next!” I get excited to think of the poem you would write!! Thank you Michael…you brought a giant smile to my face here this morning! <3

    1. You are so sweet to say…but honestly…I really feel the “art” and “words” come from a divine place…I just use my hands to express it!! Thank you!!

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