Morning in the Canyon


Morning’s first light

so crisp…so cool

rays like fingers

reach over the mountain

cottontails scamper

the only movement observed

except for what moves in your heart

Quiet stillness

Yes…this is what I was craving

though I had no idea

Put me in a place

that makes me shut down the noise

makes me turn inward

no distractions

forced solitude

Thank you for this beauty

for this respite

the landscape of my soul is quiet

and responsible

I look inside

and I notice places I haven’t seen in a long time

Like going home after an extended trip

This moment of stillness

evaporates the incessant meaningless sounds

and restores my balance

restores my connection

restores my faith and hope




Lorrie <3


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45 thoughts on “Morning in the Canyon

    1. Thank you sweet Angel!! It was truly miraculous and I am so grateful for those moments! Sometimes we know when we are in the middle of something special exactly when we are in it…and it is beautiful. Much love to you dear Trini! <3

    1. How are you my friend? I send you lots of love. I was browsing through photos the other day and came upon our leis on the boardwalk…and I got a giant smile!!! <3

  1. Beautiful, Lorrie, the way beauty can strike the moment like a Zen teacher’s slap, and send our strange thoughts scurrying. The way we can come home to ourselves after we’ve been away. The way the world is always just such an invitation… Thank you for the lovely moment…


    1. Oh, Michael…I’m so happy it was a moment like THAT for you!! I am very grateful my words had that impact. It feels good to know that the moment I had was conveyed to you here. Thank you <3

    1. Oh…I can interpret it so many ways, Kim. Not the least of which would be the extended trip I took from connecting with my soul! I keep you in my prayers dear friend <3

  2. What a beautiful post and feelings you’ve conveyed here Lorrie. I’m delighted that you found this blessed peace and stillness. May it nourish and restore you more and more. It might be time for a morning in the canyon for me too! XD
    hugs, smiles and sweet silence to you my dear one…

    1. I would highly recommend it dear Brad!! 🙂 I am still amazed at how quiet it was!! I rarely have experienced that sound in my life …usually my nature meditations are near the sea…there is always sound. It was very special and I do feel restored. Thank you my friend 🙂 I hope all is wonderful in your world!! <3

      1. Thanks Lorrie. Did you physically go to a quiet canyon area or just your inner sanctuary? I’ve experienced some amazingly beautiful, quiet and remote areas, but it’s been a long time. 🙂

        1. Hi Brad. I was both physically there and in my inner sanctuary!! I was on a business trip in Tucson Arizona. I wish I had a little more time for pleasure as I would have explored that canyon and mountain on foot! (Even though there are MANY things…snakes…mountain lions…to name 2! that would have scared me to death!!) They say people are either ocean or mountain people…I have always known it is the ocean for me. But I have to say I may need to explore a mountain or two and keep my options open 😉 <3

  3. This is beautiful Lorrie, To find the silence within the solitude of the Morning Sunrise. Beautiful images.. and what a wonderful sight to greet one.. Many thanks my dear friend… I can say your words held a cleansing effect as I allowed the silence to bring back the balance..

    Love and Hugs dear friend.. xxx <3 Sue

    1. Right back to you Sue!!! I’m so happy these words could help you to cleanse…sometimes we have to release to make room for the good 🙂 I was so grateful to wake every morning and wait for the sun to crest the mountain. I was very aware of how blessed I was to be able to bask in that beauty. Here’s to cleansing…and growing <3. Much love to you!!

  4. Oh your words are grace itself! And it’s so obvious that they come from an authentic place. Very beautiful and very pure. Thank you for sharing Lorrie. 🙂

    1. Oh…Anjali…Thank you!! I’m honored by your words and heartfelt expression! And I just love the word “Grace!” It keeps coming up for me 🙂 If I were inclined to have a word of the year I think it would be Grace! I’m really happy you stopped by and that you were touched by these words <3

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