On the Edge

2015-03-05 20.07.51

Wandering on the edge of the horizon

The waves gently lap with a song calling it to rise

The sun sets in the opposite plane

And a misty reflection makes it appear to dance

A beautiful waltz on the edge of the world

The edge of my mind

The ascension accelerates the peace in my heart

Rising higher

Colors kaleidoscope in changing moods of pink and orange

The light of white reflects on the rippling waters

Caresses my soul with the gift of renewal

With the gift of friendship

The gift of love

Rising moon you steal my heart

And you whisper sweet everythings to my soul

Washed with peace I walk

To the beat of the rising full moon

On the edge of the horizon

2015-03-06 08.21.36


Lorrie <3


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48 thoughts on “On the Edge

    1. Thank you my dear soul sister! I was in the right place…at the right time. I had no idea it was a full moon (I am sorry to say…I usually notice these things) and I saw it suddenly dancing on the horizon…I let out a yelp of joy!! Hope all is super in your world beautiful Trini <3 <3

    1. Oh, dear Hariod!! That makes me so happy for you 🙂 It seems I have been posting a lot about hearing nothing…and now hearing everything. I believe I am in the middle of a great shift…and maybe I had to hear “nothing” before I could hear “everything!” Much love to you Hariod…I hope you have a super weekend <3

    1. Yes, Brad…”dance with spirit each day!” It was a lovely surprise for the moon to look like the sun!! I thought I would witness the sunrise on Sunday…the start of daylight savings time. Now I know I must…the moon reminded me 😉 Have a great weekend full of love, Brad <3

        1. LOL…people who know me would laugh at you calling me an early bird!! I have read so much about the early morning being such a sacred time…and I have made a decision to see the early morning more regularly…it has been gentle…and it has been happening “in its own time” hehe I can’t imagine there being peace and sacredness waking to a blaring alarm clock…so I set an intention to rise a little earlier every day. And you know what, Brad? It works!! Here’s to setting intentions! <3

  1. This posting was like a beautiful waltz! The waves here are frozen solid, but the thought of your waves and their gentle lapping is rather serene. Peace, Harlon

    1. I can’t imagine how cold it must be! I send you this serenity and I thank you for stopping by. I have been walking around your blog this morning, and I am so happy I landed there. I look forward to reading more of your journey…and as a fellow traveler on a healing path I wish you understanding. Much love <3

    1. And there is a place in my heart that has a prayer for you…and I released it to the energy of the moon last night! Much love dear friend…<3 Thank you.

  2. Yes that rising Moon brings indeed many gifts to us… and here is another gift, one of your beautiful poetry Lorrie… Wonderful.. and my your weekend be just as colourful and peaceful
    Love and Blessings

    1. Ah…Sue! Thank you so much 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoyed this one. I was so surprised by the full moon (a sign that I am not being very aware) and it was so wonderful to bask in that energy…to slow down and just appreciate life!! Much love to you, Sue <3

  3. whenever Miss Moon steals your heart <3
    Mr Sun will always bring it back to you
    across the edge of its bright beams at dawn… 🙂

  4. What a beautiful scenery your poem paints! So peaceful for the eyes and renewing for the soul. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lorrie, A beautiful piece of poetry & spirit! Thanks for the “right on” GREAT little comment on my excuseusforliving.com about “Turkey Reagan”! Phil

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