I Remember…An Odyssey ~ The Journey To…

This post is a part of a series of writings during a time of deep healing and transformation.  The following are links to the other writings in the series in chronological order:  Introduction & Haiku, The Funny Thing About Truth, The Journey To…, He Said I Have Anger, The Long Sleepless Night, Broken Arrow, Safe, Alone, On The Verge, Shred, The Thread, Vindication, Another Inch…Perhaps a Mile, Emancipation, Forgiveness


And sometimes you have to see with your soul

Look beyond what’s in your eyes

Forget what’s in your mind

Rely on the love that comes from The Source

From The Divine

Yes…sometimes you have to trust

Forget about your fears

Turn off the what ifs that plaque your worried mind

And live inside your heart

Believe that life will offer you the keys to unlock the path

…the way

Freedom to explore the gifts that you’ve been given

The lives you’re meant to touch

The souls that you complete

The odyssey that blossoms

The journey to…



Lorrie <3




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39 thoughts on “I Remember…An Odyssey ~ The Journey To…

    1. Hi Andy…I’m so happy you feel peace and inspiration…oh…for us all to wake and feel this way. The ride does get a little rough but I always hope to bring it full circle!! Glad you like the pic!! <3

    1. I know, dear friend Brad. I think that is a really hard part. But once we can sit in faith…and trust fully…everything works out the way it is supposed to. Then of course, it may not work out the way we WANT it to…that is a different animal 🙂 Many blessings <3

    1. I’m happy the flowers brightened your day 🙂 I took that shot out of my car window, with cars behind me beeping because I was “taking too long!” I’m also glad you found peace in the poem <3

    1. Incredible, dear Staci!! “Peace that passes all understanding.” I believe that sounds like a poem will be constructed around those words…yes? Thank you dear friend <3

    1. That is a beautiful thing to say, Val….Thank you! I love when we are impacted deeply on another level. I recently saw a man who could make me cry the moment he opened his mouth and the first note was sung! I went back to see him again….and even though I expected it this time…I cried again!! Many blessings <3

    1. Hi Natalie!! How are you my friend? Thank you so much. I think about you and say a prayer every day that your rehabilitation of your knee is going great!! I know it is hard work…but I KNOW you can do it!! <3

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