I Remember…An Odyssey ~ Safe

This post is a part of a series of writings during a time of deep healing and transformation.  The following are links to the other writings in the series in chronological order:  Introduction & Haiku, The Funny Thing About Truth, The Journey To…, He Said I Have Anger, The Long Sleepless Night, Broken Arrow, Safe, Alone, On The Verge, Shred, The Thread, Vindication, Another Inch…Perhaps a Mile, Emancipation, Forgiveness

*Disclaimer:  Some of this subject matter is sensitive in nature.  Please read and explore in safety.



Safe from the sounds of the outside world

Locked away from the energy of others

I am calm

Protected from jealous whispers

And winds of change

I walk

I walk and I hear the voice of my soul

And I feel

I Feel the caress of great love

That erupts from the base of my understanding

From the beginning of time

This love washes me with gentle spring rain

And it cleanses my mind

It cleanses my thoughts

It flows with gravity

And leaves behind a blossom

A blossoming soul with soft petals

And thorns

Thorns that protect


Lorrie <3



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18 thoughts on “I Remember…An Odyssey ~ Safe

  1. Dear Lorrie, I am in awe of the brave and honest journey you are taking in self-awareness and self-acceptance. The petals and the thorns are all part of the wonderous flower that you are. As a kindred observer, I am blessed to witness this and to observe that every layer that you peel back is truly beautiful. Peace and love, Harlon

    1. Hi Harlon, Thank you!! Thank you so much for your incredible words. It does feel like I am peeling back layers, all to get to the essence of my being. Strip it bare of the ego, the pain…and get to core of my being. I suspect there is a love there like I have never known….or maybe like I have ALWAYS KNOWN!! <3

  2. This love wash me with gently spring rain… Water is such a beautiful and tender tool to cleanse yourself. Sending love and hugs Lorrie. When I meditate, I often imagine a stream of Ivey cold water pouring into my crown chakra and running through all of my energy centres, purifying them and washing away all that no longer serves me🌸🌸🌸

    1. Wonderful, Lisa!! I can just think about that the minute I read it and it felt so good…can’t wait to actually meditate on it!!
      Water plays a major role in my creative life…most of the deepest spiritual connections I have had have been when I am near water. Thanks for walking with me…I feel your presence ♡

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