I Am Able


Swimming against the tide

Turning, taking breath

Pushing hard against the strong current

No chance to swim parallel

A steady stroke

Water flows over my body

I try to think it is cleansing

Washing away the thoughts, events, patterns

The negative vibrations

That have been in control

Seem to fight the change


They thought they found a home

And do not leave willingly

One arm over the other

Feet kick in a synchronous dance

Water coming hard at me

I push harder knowing that

The opposing forces create a friction

That erases what was there

Cleanses my body

My soul

My mind

And leaves me refreshed


My energy field set at neutral

I am able to create the things I want

I am able to vibrate at the level that feels right

Feels good

I am able to see straight into my soul

Not with eyes

But with my heart

And while my used vibration

Tries to hold on to the one voice in my head

The last wave of crystal clear

Ice cold water

Washes it away

I am able to see



Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

35 thoughts on “I Am Able

  1. Phew! I swam that one with you Lorrie, and sometimes it does feel good to all but expend the physical energy reserves; collapsing into simple presence, thoughtless, unconcerned, exquisitely refreshed exhaustion. H ❤


    1. Ah! Yes, Hariod 🙂 These bodies are made for moving and it always feels better physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to make them work. Not to mention it allows me to indulge in otherwise not so ‘healthy’ snacks every once in a while 😉 I’m glad we had this swim together! ❤

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  2. Your work is evolving rapidly as your journey into your heart deepens. Have you cracked big blue lately? You mentioned it was calling you…hugs from the west coast!


    1. Hi Lisa…what a beautiful thing to say! Thank you so much, I feel such an acceleration in understanding. And yes…Big Blue has a way of jumping off the shelf at the most perfect times!! Blessings to you my friend ♡


    1. Thanks Tiny! I am usually very inspired by water…at the pool…in the shower…the beach…etc. Ah! I guess it is the essence of life…we couldn’t live without it! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you enjoyed this! ❤

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  3. Life can often feel like we are swimming.. Good to see you are allowing the water to wash over you Lorrie as the current takes you along..
    I hope you continue to ‘Float’ above all of those underlying currents that can often drag us down.. I know you are more than Able dear Lorrie.. Sending extra loving ‘waves’ to wash over your spirit dear one..

    Hugs to you.. with Love ❤ Sue


    1. You are such a source of beautiful energy and inspiration dear Sue! Thank you for your encouragement. I am swimming…a bit against the current…but I am not fighting it. Going through a bit of a rough patch, but I know I will get through it. Hearing your words helps…it really helps! Much love to you and I hope that you a super wonderful!! ❤

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      1. Bless you, my next post may be of interest to you.. which should be posted shortly .. 🙂
        Having that Inner strength and determination to overcome brings about our intent to heal what ever ails us, whether it be mind, body or Spirit.. And I know you have that strength dear Lorrie… And you will find the right Mantra ( I am Able) or some other phrase which I know will help you soar over any obstacle in your path..
        Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤


        1. You are so wonderful, Sue! Thank you my friend. I completely believe in Mantras…and I particularly believe in “I Am.” Those two words are very powerful and most people don’t even realize how often they use them, and exactly what words they put after it. I try to be very mindful of what words I use…because I believe them to be very powerful. Thank you for believing in me and for encouraging me ❤ I am working through some things and I believe I will be successful!! Much love to you…I will get to your post in a bit! ❤

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  4. One element of this I love, Lorrie, is the contact between the tide you are swimming against and your own body. Your movement into the difficulty creates an intimacy, a surface where you meet with the opposing momentum that yields to freedom. I also love the way the body becomes the means of harnessing the will, and dispelling the mind’s strange, fuzzy-legged creatures. The pressure of leaning into our very lives can be like this I think. The movement can provide a singular clarity. Like we’re swimming back upstream to the Source… The clarity of purpose pushes the dissonance out of focus, and healing comes into focus… It is a beautiful analogy for the way surrender reveals…

    Much Love


  5. Now, that was exciting and refreshing. There’s a powerful energy in water, especially the ocean. Sometimes I feel like she is playing gently with me, caressing me, but other times she can be wild and rough, but always cleansing, always full of life.


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