My Sea, My Passion!


I look out to sea and the smells of the fine mist stimulate that place in my heart where truth is seen.


This sea I love, full of raw emotion, stokes the fires of the sleeping embers in my soul.

20160123_181429 (1)

I need this place.  It reminds me of my passion.  I feel it in my DNA.  I feel it deep inside every cell that makes up my body.


Her mood changes, just like mine.  One moment smooth, calm, a glass-like structure.


Other times she unleashes the burning energy with incredible force!


Her passion on display, she knows where she is going…and she is connected to all of life!


I wish you all the blessings of hearing your passion <3 <3


Lorrie <3




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62 thoughts on “My Sea, My Passion!

    1. I thought of you this weekend, DeBorah!! It is weather like you just had that makes me sooooooo grateful I am not there in the winter any longer!!! Sending you warm thoughts and light…and thank you for your beautiful support! <3

    1. I understand EVERY word!!!! <3 Thank you my beautiful SoulMate!! You are forever in my heart <3 <3 <3 I am sending you much love across the incredible sea we both love so much…and my thoughts are all positive for this week <3<3

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful passion. It’s wonderful to be in a place you love. It was a hard choice for me between the mountains and the sea. the pull to both are equal. Since my husband is a mountain man, we chose the mountains and I love love love it here! I do miss the ocean, though, so much. I can go there in my imaginings, but I miss the way I feel when I am there. I have been feeling a strong pull these days, to visit ocean. So, I need to do some planning. Thank you for sharing your ocean, Lorrie. I am so glad you are there.

    1. Ahhhh…yes, Mary. I hope I was able to offer a little ocean energy into your memory!! I understand what you mean about the “pull” an area can have. I know that I am a sea girl, but I have a very real mystical “pull” of the mountains in my DNA as well! I will be visiting mountains soon and that excites me. But I know that they are a “nice place to visit…but I wouldn’t want to live there! 😉 I hope that all is well in your world. A giant hug….and lots of love <3

  2. Delightful analogies here dear Lorrie – says one wave to another. 😉 The photography is wonderful, and made me think of the many years I spent living on the West Coast of Britain in various locations, observing nature’s mood swings with delight and awe. H <3

    1. Yes, Hariod! It creates such passion to witness the changes 🙂 I feel so alive when I am near the ocean and my emotions can range from serenity, to bursting passion!! I love “observing nature’s mood swings with delight and awe,” that pretty much explains it! I hope that all is “delightful” in your world and that love shines a beacon on you! <3

  3. Hi Lorrie, oh how my heart sang when I read your words. We are truly kindred spirits. The sea calls to me. Although I currently live 2 hours away, I cross the coastal mountains every couple of weeks to see my dear Heart. As I retire in June, my dream is to live near the mighty Pacific….with trails outside my door. I Am One with the space, the openness, the delight of vibrant sea air.

    1. Yes! I can feel your energy through your words!! This is how alive it makes me feel and I am so grateful to be able to be so close to her! I wish for you exactly what your heart desires dear friend. The creative energy I receive from the sea is Divine!!! Many blessings and love to you <3

  4. Lorrie, I, too love the ocean. Here in new England it doth look different though. Anyway, you capture the link between person and ocean beautifully! And the photos are splendid!

    1. Hi Michael! I bet it looks different!! I wonder how much snow you are ‘enjoying?’ Stay warm, Michael…in body and thoughts. Thanks so much for your kind words <3

  5. Ohhhhhhhh, the sea. I envy you for living so close to it. I guess I can’t complain. I live in a beautiful place surrounded by tropical trees and colors. I live in community with amazing people and have constant relationship.
    I share your passion of the sea, my friend.
    Have a beautiful, and passionate week Lorrie.
    🙂 <3

    1. Oh beautiful soul! 🙂 I know you love the sea…but I also know you love ALL of your life!! Such a wonderful zest for life my friend. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts ♡♡

  6. Lovely Lorrie! This is a beautiful and passionate ode to the ocean and her wild power. You captured her essence so wonderfully, I could soar with you and her in a dance of divine passion! 🙂 Like many of your friends here, I love the ocean and will find a way to visit.

    1. Hi Brad! Ooooh…’a dance of divine passion!’ Yes…I like that very much 🙂 Thanks for always showing me a bit of your soul, Brad. I hope you are dancing with life…just watch out for those deep dips!! 😉 ♡

  7. It’s interesting how everyone feels more connected to life at the ocean. The water in us calls to it or is it the other way around. I long for a trip to the ocean. Love the photos and your rich words.

    1. Yes, Marlene…the vibrations of our water…the seas water…hard to know which one comes first. But just like the ocean is affected by the moon…I will forever be romanced by the sea! Sending you a giant hug from the east coast 🙂 ♡♡

  8. I feel the passionate energy Lorrie. It touches all the senses!
    Yep – the ocean opens us up to our true nature and connection with Source.
    I miss it … and hope to be close to it one day 💛

    1. I hope that for you as well, Val! There is something about it…the vibration…you are correct!! It is an instantaneous connection to Source for me!! Thanks, Val. Stay toasty inside 😉

    1. DeBorah…Thank you so much for thinking of me. You have truly been such a wonderful source of support to me. I want you to know that I appreciate you 🙂 I love this idea, and I thank you so much for presenting it to me. I will check it out and hope to participate! ♡♡ Hope the streets/sidewalks are getting clearer!! ♡

  9. You’ve nailed it! That feeling I get of being connected with the ocean – our moods, the flow, and the fact that our bodies are made up of mostly salty water…. Beautiful post, Lorrie!

  10. The ocean is such a beautiful expression of the power within us, and of how it moves and changes but always expresses connection. As others have said, you’ve captured this exquisitely with your images and words here, Lorrie. I loved the brighter blue ones– the calm and twinkling expanse… That feels like the ground to which we return.


    1. Hello my friend! Thanks so much for adding your energy here. I also adore when the ocean is that color…ah! It has the ability to take my breath away…on a good way that is!! I am amazed at how much this body of water can change…and yet it is the same ocean….you so beautifully stated it ahove!

      I hope all is well, Michael. I am sitting in a canyon in the dessert…far far away from my beloved sea. It only makes me love it more 🙂 And yet there is beauty all around me…a much drier beauty…but beauty all the same!! I am so grateful to include ALL of nature in this category!! Blessings ♡

  11. The ocean in all her moods dear Lorrie, captured so well with your images and enlightening words.. The ocean is part of us, we are made up of over 70% of water, and I feel her pull often.. I wish I lived nearer the ocean.. For she cleanses the soul and refreshes the spirit ..

    Have a beautiful week dear Lorrie and thank you for being YOU xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Sue. I’m so happy you resonated with the beaury, and the energy of the sea! I just returned from a trip to the dessert/mountains and my first thought this morning was I need to see my sea!! 😉 I felt the serenity and silence in the canyon…and it did offer an opportunity to be still and look within…but I need to see, hear, smell, and feel the energy of my beloved ocean. I will make time to be there today, amidst the chaos of returning from a trip! 😉 I hope the rest of your week is beautiful!! ♡♡

  12. Glorious post, Lorrie, and the pictures had my spirit soaring!! How I Love the ocean! Thank you SO much for sharing your view of the world and giving us the Passion shown here. <3

  13. Lorrie, I love how you have captured the healing energy of water and also captured the passion it can give us to live our lives on land. Sending a gentle wave to you, Harlon

  14. Nice site. I love the sea as well. I have a novel, Child of Duende, coming out in March and it’s about a little girl who is named Duende, the spirit of the earth, and she travels below the sea with a nature spirit on the coast of Spain. My Journey of Spirit and Healing Blog is the story behind my novel. You may like it… I look forward to reading more of your posts…or seeing as well. Thanks.

    1. Hi Michelle! Welcome to my home…and thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 Your book sounds wonderful and congratulations for such an accomplishment!! I will be over to check out your site soon. Thanks again for being here…have a beautiful week! 🙂

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