I Feel the Need to Create!!!



I feel the need to create!

A wave so strong

my every waking moment

recognizes and understands

the capabilities that lie within.

My hands and heart and mind and soul are connected.

Connected in Peace

to the one eternal flame

the very thing that we came from

the thing we all go back to

the thing that we ARE…

The Magnificence of Creation!

And I create…

It seems there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do!!  I am full of Blessitude that I am alive in this energy, and that I am able to engage my creative spirit.

I have started working in glass as art.  It is exciting and a little scary at the same time.  I am very focused and I have a healthy respect for the dangers of the medium as I turn my fears over to the Love of Creation!

I am showing you my second decorative plate in various stages of completion.  The first plate I made, I used mostly pre-cut glass pieces.  However, “Sunflower Salutation,” is all hand cut by me.  When I say ‘hand cut’ I mean either cut with a hand tool, or the power wet cutting tile saw pictured below.


I started with a design and then systematically cut each piece of glass and placed them, like a puzzle, on the two 12 inch round base pieces I cut. The bottom round is white, the top one is clear with blue streaks.


 (I just realized I fibbed a little…I did not cut the little Millefiori glass I used for the center of the flower 😉  )


Being new to the art form, the project was not without a few problems.  The most obvious is I did not know that the lighter of the yellow glass I used for the petals was a ‘stryker’ glass…that means that the color of the glass changes when fired in the kiln and the resulting color can be very different.  It almost took my breath away when I saw it turned orange!


This is the plate after fusing in the kiln.  A bubble appeared and I am not sure why.  I should have the answer to that question this week.  Apparently, I have also found of late, sometimes there are no answers as to ‘why’ something happens.


And that is the plate after ‘slumping’ it into a mold.  I love this process…I love this art form…bubbles and all 😉

Thanks for looking.  Wish you all a week filled with eyes that see beauty!!


Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

98 thoughts on “I Feel the Need to Create!!!

  1. It’s beautiful, Lorrie! I love the way the colors surprised you… So much of the glory of the creative process, it seems to me, lies in these moments of discovery. I really like the orange that came out, but knowing it was unexpected gave me that twinge of delight, and you realize the whole universe is creating through you. So often the best creative moves are unexpected, and revealed only after the process has come to fruition… You are off to a glorious start in this medium!



  2. What a beautiful piece of arte Lorrie! It radiates such beautiful colors! You feel the need to create because you are “Connected in Peace/ to the one eternal flame”… I know there is an incandescent Sunflower in your heart that looks like the one you have wonderfully created! Congratulations Mrs Bowden… & much loive to you my dearest friend, take care! ♡♡♡


    1. My dearest Frédéric ♡♡ Thank you for your beautiful words my wonderful soulmate!! I love the idea that there is a sunflower like the one I created in my heart…wow! That is such a wonderful way of thinking about creation…the things we create in this world are the things that live in our hearts!! Ah! I have been so busy, Fre’de’ric, hardly a spare moment…but it is all good. I will write soon ♡♡♡ Sending you much love and light ♡


  3. I LOVE the piece, bubbles and all. Art is not perfection it’s about creation and you have just done that. I love fused glass art. Wanted my daughter to get into it. I can’t handle one more hobby. 🙂 The need to create is innate in all of us. Not many do it so successfully. They will get more beautiful with each piece.


    1. Oh…Marlene! Thank you for the kind words…and the reminder that it is the journey…not the destination 😉 I appreciate you so much…and just a warning…fused glass is very addictive 🙂 I hope to post soon and show my 2nd creation. I hope all is wonderful in your world ♡♡

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