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A closed mind and heart

never brought a man much gain…

No, it is when he is able

to open his world

and allow the events

that lead to his discomfort

to be fully expressed

in his being

that enlightenment

is offered.

It is this

giving and taking

and playing and hurting

and loving and hating

where he decides


Yes, the art of opening

opening the conversation

of what it means to him

is where the most valuable learning

takes place.

So during the times

that hurt so bad you don’t know how

you will ever be the same

this is the very time

that who you are

is revealed.

The Art of Opening

like a beautiful flower






Lorrie <3



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76 thoughts on “THE ART OF OPENING

  1. Wonderfully eloquent and sagacious, dear Lorrie, with a fittingly beautiful artwork to accompany your words. I find one of the difficulties in doing as you say, which is to “allow the events that lead to [our] discomfort to be fully expressed in [our] being”, is not resisting the physical feelings that accompany our thoughts about the event. It seems that our hurt and indignation are seldom dispensed in mere thought alone, though we do indeed often reach to thought and speech alone and in the first instance to defend ourselves against the charges and mistreatment meted out to us unjustly by others.

    Sometimes, it seems, it can be more efficient to first absorb into the feeling with a passive mental attitude, exploring it, looking at what it actually is – muscular tension, nervous edginess, restricted breathing, and so on – rather than attacking what we assume, rightly or wrongly, are the causes of those feelings. Soon, we become composed, less heated and emotive, and can open a dialogue, or simply a monologue within ourselves, in a collected and self-possessed frame of mind. As you so rightly say, we learn “the art of opening the conversation [to] what it means.” This way, I find, we come to see things how they are rather than as they appear when distorted through the prism of our own aversion and ill will, and which can often give rise to yet more unhelpful and pernicious thoughts.

    I feel sure you already understand this very well, perhaps far better than myself, allowing for some variation on how I have expressed the matter, so do please forgive my indulgence here. H <3

    1. Hello my friend!! There is never a need for you to apologize for expressing your soul’s thoughts!!! I so enjoy your responses as they ALWAYS give me reason to explore the matter further!!

      The longer I live and learn, I become more and more amazed at the connection of the soul, mind, and body. I think for many years I tried not to FEEL anything emotionally. I buried thoughts deep in a well…a very dark, damp well that I have written about. I was down there also. What I learned by not exploring the emotional pain is that “the pain’s gotta go somewhere” (a Martina McBride song just entered my head while I wrote this ;)…’Loves the Only House.’)
      Anyway, I digress 😉 The fear we have in exploring the painful events in our lives can become paralyzing. What we don’t realize is that those events can only “hurt” us if we don’t look at them…explore them. That energy then manifests in the physical realm…our bodies. At least that is what I believe. I have had my share of physical pain and the more I learn about myself, the more empowered I feel to release the fear…and in the process…I release the pain.

      Thank you for your beautiful support…I am truly grateful for the connection with your soul. Many blessings…Blessitude!! to you. Hope you are watching the match 😉

  2. Heart-felt thanks for the lovely reminder Lorrie. I get to practice this with more financial losses, and the reminder that I need to find work and create an income. I love the image! <3 Is that something you created?

    1. Hi Brad!! I have been thinking of you and sending beautiful energy. I would say that you do have unexplored feelings that relate to your finances. I think the fear that paralyzes us is so much worse than actually exploring it. You know I have your soul protected in love!!

      And yes, Brad, I did create that crazy little art piece. It is an app that I loaded on my PHONE…and I think that was the 2nd image I created. It really spoke to me and I knew I wanted to share it. Others since, have not been as…synchronistic. Thank you!

      Sending you beautiful thoughts…and lots of light <3

  3. Beautifully expressed in picture and words, Lorrie. If our hearts and minds are not open, how can we ever embrace another human being? How can we ever appreciate the day-to-day beauty around us? How can we ever learn new ideas? How can we ever grow and mature into the person we are intended to be?

    1. Yes, Susan!! How is any of it possible without open hearts and minds…
      I pray every day to be ready to receive all that I need…all that I can. So happy to see you…I hope that everything is beautiful in your world <3

  4. I loved every word here right through the comments. The image above is beautiful. Light filled. I agree that you should explore feelings to exercise them and set them free. We were taught to not have feelings so they were always suppressed. Relearning to be open and loving and embrace whatever feelings came up was an arduous task but worth it. Have a wonderfilled week ahead, Lorrie.

    1. Hello my beautiful friend!! Thank you for your very kind words…and thank you for always offering me the chance to learn from you!! Yes…I agree…we were taught not to have feelings. I wasn’t allowed to cry as a child…imagine how hard it is to hold back tears in the face of fear! On second thought…don’t imagine it! Imagine a life where every soul is able to look inside…and outside…and learn every thing they need to learn <3 Marlene…I hope that you are in a beautiful place of light and love <3 Blessitude! <3

  5. I trust he hears this message Lorrie.
    A wonderful heart filled post … Opening comes from acceptance and feeling from a part of ourselves that yearns for unconditional love. For me, it is so much more than art. Unless art and survival go hand in hand.

    1. Ah! Val…stunning thought…and yes…I believe it IS so much more than art! Sending you thoughts of peace and love. Thank you for adding your beautiful energy here! <3

  6. Lovely post and beautiful artwork, Lorrie!

    I agree in those moments when we can’t make heads or tails of things, we are able to make contact with an even fuller expression of ourselves– if we can hold onto the moment and truly let it open us like that flower. As Hariod said, if we can just encounter it, without words almost, without running to the endpoint of defining its cause, its effects, its meaning, then my experience is that somehow a way of holding it emerges that we hadn’t previously considered. A little feather of grace comes into view! You have captured this moment perfectly.


    1. Hi Michael!! Thank you my friend. I love when I see you have left a footprint in my home 🙂
      I think the key here is “allowing” ourselves to be opened…I find myself “trying” so hard sometimes…allowing what we are talking about here can not be forced…can it? (Wow…my phone is typing things I did not type here…when I look back it doesn’t make sense and when I try to recall my words…I can’t!)
      Anyway…I think we are all talking about the same thing…and in its perceived beauty while we are in the moment…we don’t need words to describe it!
      I think of you…and always keep you in my purest thoughts ♡

  7. Lorrie, the image so captured me! it was very strong, yet balanced at the same time. I think there is a very important message in your words, Lorrie- it can be such an act of bravery to open one’s self up.

    1. Oh…Kim!! Thank you…coming from you I am very humbled. ..I love your art so!! I just played with the app and there was something about the image that I liked…and then I realized it would complement my poem 😉 And I agree…it does take courage to open up…or maybe the courage part is getting over the fear. Blessings to you ♡

  8. Poetic words conveying strong messages and bright uplifting colours that never hurt …
    Wishing you always well within 🙂 Doda *

    1. Aw…thank you! I’m happy the words (and bright colors 😉 ) spoke to you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a super duper week! ♡

    1. Ah! Michael….thank you for that beautiful observation. I am honored to have the message flow through me. Blessings for a wonder filled week ♡

  9. This beautiful post has so much wisdom, Lorrie. Thank you for sharing! I hope you’re doing good despite the rains today <3

      1. It just blessed me so much that you are able to see the potential for growth and discovery of wonderful new things, and to be enriched. I see new stages of life and am not as eager to move forward as I should, because, I pine for things I no longer have.

        Then sometimes I am able to look around and see goodness and mercy continually surrounding me. I just wish I could do this automatically all the time. You inspire me as you allow so many challenges to deepen your understanding making you full of empathy and grace. <3

        1. Theresa, your response here has touched me deeply. I’m not exactly sure how I want to respond to it…because part of me is so happy…and part of me is so sad. I know what it is like to pine for things I no longer have…and have done that for much of my life. The fact that I could do it, and that you can do it is what makes me sad. The part that makes me happy is that once you have a taste of how incredible life can be when WE control the thoughts we have…the way we decide to walk through a darkness…when we learn that what matters is not always what is HAPPENING, but rather how we REACT to it. I am by no means an expert in this…in fact I am quite new to it. But I can’t argue with a heart that hurts, yet still loves…as opposed to how I used to respond which was to shut the love down…especially to myself.
          Here I am crying as I write this, because you have made me reinforce this new way of life in words. Maybe I was not even sure of where I am in the journey. And of late I have had much to practice on.
          I send you lots of love and the incredible feeling of love that swells through my being! Thank you for your raw and honest response…and I pray for you! <3 <3

    1. Hi Meg!! So good to see you…how are you my friend? I hope your world is full of light and childlike wonder!! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 ♡

  10. Hi Lorrie, a closed heart is like a cancer. Like a place where bitterness and hurt is trapped and then festers into only unhealthy stuff. I’m all for crying. Supposedly when you cry, a ton of chemicals are released from you. Harmful chemicals.
    This is a lovely art piece Lorrie. Is it an original of yours? I think it is.
    Love and blessings.
    🙂 <3

    1. You said it, Staci!! I have learned through the years that it doesn’t do any good to try to keep things closed. ..especially the heart and mind! And crying is an unbelievable way to release. Thank you my friend, for your beautiful support. And yes, that is an original art piece; ) I have been playing on my phone with an art app. I love doing it…and can’t help but think that it will help me when I put real paint on canvas 🙂 Have a beautiful week ♡♡

      1. Wonderful Lorrie. Oh yes, there are a number of apps now-a-day that can do some pretty amazing things. I’m sure it will be helpful for when you go to do so with real paint. You know Lorrie, I’ve never done anything on Canvas. I really must take the plunge and do something soon. I guess it’s fear of not being able to do so well on an actual canvas, instead of paper. Hmmmm… Gotta beat that, I guess.
        Have a lovely day and rest of the week, my friend.
        🙂 <3

        1. I did not know!! Oh my friend…yes…work on a canvas!!! Your work is so beautiful I know it will work on canvas!! 😉 Thank you for the incredible support…I am investigating the art my soul wants to do 😉 ♡♡

          1. Awwwww, you’re too sweet Lorrie. Thank you so much. Actually, I’m thinking of doing a canvas at my oil painting class. I want to do it of my husband’s film production company’s logo, and then give it to him for his birthday.
            And you’re more than welcome, my sweet friend.
            🙂 <3

  11. Lorrie, this painting is so lovely – your use of colors and form are striking in their simplicity. That said, the subject of your post is close to my heart, having lost a very close friend most recently. Your words “during the times that hurt so bad you don’t know how you will ever be the same this is the very time that who you are is revealed …” are relevant, in that a situation that brings us to our deepest vulnerabilities is one in which we are able, if willing, to attune to aspects of ourselves we are not always aware of. At least that has happened for me, and I continue writing poetry after her passing that reflects these raw depths. Although I’m biding my time in publishing one or two to my blog – people tend to like more upbeat, sunshiny stuff. Although I get that part, the raw stuff helps me, the reader, to understand that I am not alone in lonely places, as well. So I presume those who might benefit will do so. Aloha.

    1. Oh, Bela! Thank you for sharing with such deep compassion. I send you thoughts of love for your loss and hope that your heart can be held with kindness during your bereavement.
      I hate to compare my loss as it was not final due to death, but rather final during life…which seems ridiculous given the fact that I am certain you wish you had another chance…and then there are those who have that chance and do not take it. So while the loss is different…it is still loss…and it hurts.

      I just love that you recognize the place that, while vulnerable, reveals pieces of our souls that we may have not been acquainted with. There is something beautiful about this discovery that can transcend the pain…at least to some degree.

      I love that you are writing because, for me that is where I find the pieces. And as for sharing what you find, I believe you will know what is right to share and when that time will be. I have some very, very dark places and I have written extensively which has helped me heal. But nothing helps me more than sharing my words with people. In the beginning of my blog I did not share that stuff… I thought I had to be upbeat…happy. I struggled to push “publish” the first time I published a “dark” post and I couldn’t believe the response I got! I have found an incredibly kind, loving community here and people are so full of support. I worry sometimes, because it seems like no matter how I change my outlook on life, there continues to be events and struggles that color my words darker…but, that is life!

      I hope you decide to share your truth for I know that I would for sure benefit!! I am so happy we have connected 🙂 May your day be blessed with love <3

      1. Thanks so much, Lorrie, for your thoughtful response. I think some of us are meant to sense the underbelly of life, and others perhaps not so much. I’m so glad to have found a few who ‘do,’ in this wp community. Facebook is about happy/happy. But at least here, we are fellow writers. And by our very nature, we explore. Aloha, and carry on! <3

  12. Lorrie, that was a double delight. Firstly, I can’t tell for certain if you had anything to do with the image for this posting, but it is absolutely beautiful. It’s really stuck with me. And then the posting, yes. I love what you write about what I am thinking, it saves me some work. BFFs 🙂 Harlon

    1. Happy to oblige my wonderful friend 😉 Yes…the art is mine…hehe. I made it on my PHONE with an app that I downloaded. It’s funny…I have been wanting to paint for a while…even started two paintings…a little bit…but have not finished them. I like the idea of sitting on the couch and if I feel the urge to “MAKE” something I can pick my phone up and make a painting…no mess…no fuss…and more importantly…I don’t have to find a place in my teeny tiny condo to store it!!! 🙂 Sending the warm feeling of love <3

  13. Vulnerability is the key
    That opens the heart
    To life’s mystery
    So let the heart be ripped apart
    A caged bird is never free
    Lessons from pain and joy both start
    With an open heart

  14. I’m fascinated that you painted that on your phone! I love the colors and the varied textures! So very cool! The poem is strong and beautiful and fits well with the painting. It takes courage to open, to face the pain and the fear, but ah the beauty that can come! You’ve expressed this well in words, colors and shapes!

    1. Thank you so much, JoAnna!! 🙂 Not quite a “real” painting…but it’s a start…in a strange way it feels like this little phone app is like “practice,” for color…blending…but I know nothing takes the place of getting “down…and certainly dirty!” Blessings my friens…hope the storm didn’t hit you hard! ♡♡

  15. Dearest Lorrie, I can say no words that could equal what Harriod has so eloquently said my friend.
    Such an amazing post as you echo my own thoughts..
    Love to you Sue xxx

    1. And that is why our energies like to mingle…I suppose 😉 I so appreciate your beautiful, clear energy leaving a mark here, Sue! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday…and hope the historic vote of this week turns out to be favorable…as the US is heading for its own historic vote. Sending love across the pond!!

      1. I think dear Lorrie we both now understand all is as it will be.. And what ever the outcome in the weeks and months to come, it is so we each question and find our True selves xxx <3

        1. Yes, Sue!! Thank you for reminding me. Sometimes it is hard to accept things and the urge to change them is real. Better to accept and move on!! ❤

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