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First, I’d like to say that it feels so good to be back amongst the loving energy you all bring here!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. I wanted to take my little doggie on a beach walk…he loves to run in the waves and he is a very good swimmer.  My partner said, “No way!  It’s the weekend and the beach will be full of dogs.”

I was disappointed (so was he) but reluctantly agreed, mainly because even though he is the friendliest little guy other dogs love to bite him!

As soon as we walked out of the path onto the beach, two pit bulls were running wildly towards us, and everybody and their brother was there…with a giant dog!

We made our way south, navigating surf, ledges, and huge dogs.  One beautiful, well-behaved yellow lab decided we would be friends as he rubbed himself on our legs.  He never took his eyes off his Momma as she took his waste bag up to the garbage can (one of the few who cleaned up after their dog!)

A few minutes later I saw a woman with three giant German Shepards.   Only one dog was on a leash.  One was standing guard while the other was retrieving a ball.  Immediately, my preservation instincts warned me that there was danger ahead.  I even said, “This is not good.”

Amazingly, we kept walking.  Our friend, the yellow lab, nudged us again as he walked on ahead of us.  In a matter of seconds the dog who had been chasing the ball turned and charged our friend!

It was swift…it was ballistic…and it was frightening!!  Our poor friend didn’t stand a chance, and the owner was too busy trying to keep the other two dogs from joining in.

I started screaming, “NOOOOO!” at the top of my lungs…it’s supposed to work if you are being attacked by a bear.  Suddenly our friend’s Momma flew into the middle of the dogs…everything happened so fast.  I started to run in after her (not sure what I was thinking…actually I wasn’t “thinking.”)  Thankfully, the dogs stopped!

There were so many things that were disturbing about the whole event. Take your pick: the nicest dog being mauled, the woman having three dogs she couldn’t handle…off leashes, her cavalier attitude after the event and protesting that yellow was not hurt, his Momma running into the melee, my instinct to run in!

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that I sensed a very clear and present danger, and I walked into it anyway.  And that made me think about life.  And it made me think about how I was involved in something with people who I never thought would hurt me.  And they did…

So my brain inescapably goes to the fact that, “You just never know.”  And while my first instinct is to not trust anything…I talk myself into “TRUSTING EVERYTHING!” And believing that every single event that takes place in our lives, is exactly as it should be.  It is up to us how we handle the pain and disappointment.

Poor Yellow did, in fact, get hurt.  He was limping off his left front leg.  I also got hurt…and I am nursing a broken heart. 

Deep in my broken heart I am TRUSTING EVERYTHING… and I know we will both be fine.


Lorrie <3





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60 thoughts on ““TRUSTING EVERYTHING”

    1. 😉 Thank you so much!! I have missed being here…and really thought I would be able to share the good fortune of what I had been working on…but life is unexpected and I nurse a broken heart instead. But it’s all good! I hope this finds you full of light and love! 🙂

  1. Welcome back Lorrie. I’m happy to “see” you and know you’re out having adventures, but sorry for the attack on the other dog. Enjoy the beach for me! 🙂

    1. Hi Brad!! Thank you…it’s good to be “seen!” 😉 Yes..the whole thing was very scary…I felt so bad for poor yellow! But it also made me so so happy I didn’t bring my tiny white doggie!! Hope things are super with you!! ♡

        1. Then I will send you lots of good energy so that you will find your way…it just reminded me of the saying, “Where there’s a will…there’s a way!” I hope so, Brad! ♡♡

  2. Lorrie, I’m so sorry you have been hurt and that your heart has been broken. It’s always hardest when it comes from those we trust and love.
    Now about the dogs… Oh my gosh. That was so very irresponsible of that dog owner. What was she thinking. That poor lab.
    Oh, and I didn’t know you had a dog. Nor a partner.
    Have you been creating a bunch?
    Have a lovely week, my friend.

    1. Thanks dear Staci! I know…I couldn’t believe that woman…and then she took no responsibility. But at least she left the beach. My broken heart will heal, this is know. But I won’t be working in glass art, sadly. But who knows…maybe one day 🙂
      Hope all is well with you and that your foot is doing well!!♡♡

      1. Some people just really only care about themselves.
        I hope your heart does heal quickly Lorrie. No glass art? Hmmmm… But why? I thought you were really enjoying it. I’m sure that you will be feeding your creative side some way though, right 😉
        My foot is much better, thank you. I’m well too, although it is getting a little chilly here and that always sends me on a bit of a downer. I’m a heat and sun girl. I do better that way.
        🙂 <3

        1. Me too, Staci!! Me too 😉 All is good…I am doing well…and always creating something!! I will do a post soon on a glass piece that I made 🙂 Hang in there…I will send “WARM” thoughts to you…always ♡♡

  3. Trusting in the not knowing is powerful and empowering Lorrie.
    May your path forward be filled with much more pleasant surprises and insights!
    Hugs to you my friend ❤️

    1. Hi Val, thank you so much. Your beautiful soul connects in a very real and loving way. I am so grateful for you! And a giant hug back 🙂 ♡

  4. We take chances. Sometimes we get hurt, and sometimes we get joy. But we always learn. Where I live, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach except in the winter, and then they are supposed to be on leases. We do have fenced dog parks where there is a small dog and a large dog area. I hope your next walk on the beach is much better and you and your friends mend well.

    1. Thank you my beautiful friend! This is one of the few dog beaches in Fl. So many are off leashes (most.) We already decided to walk north on the weekends…no dogs allowed there. Thinking good thoughts for you…enjoy your conference…and then…wow…semi-retirement! WHOOHOOO!! 😉 ♡

  5. This brought back a lot of memories for me. I am so sorry you had to have experiences that hurt your heart. Dealing with uncontrolled dogs is a frightening experience. I never want to experience it again. It happened right outside my home. I threw myself on my little puppy to keep the other dog from biting her again. A doctor across the road owned the dog and one of the children was trying to get her back with no luck. The boxer was intent on killing. I have always wanted to trust completely. Now I know I should only and always trust only my gut. It sends out signals, I just need to listen to them more willingly. Having a broken heart is something I can’t help you with. Mine was so crushed, I’m amazed sometimes that it continues to beat. So as long as it continues to beat, I’ll put on my smile and see who I can pass that smile onto. I’m glad your little dog is ok and I hope the yellow one is too.

    1. Oh my, Marlene!!! Sorry to bring back a bad memory for you…it is truly horrific!! I really dislike when anger erupts into violence…growing up it was people…and those dogs made me feel exactly the way I would back then 🙁
      I agree with you…that we need to trust our gut instincts…I did not that day because I KNEW it was trouble and kept walking. As far as my heart…I know I get better every day…and I know if I continue to use it there will always be the possibility it will get hurt…and that’s ok…because better to have loved and lost…..you get my drift 😉
      Love you…hope your eye is better and better and that the glasses will be awesome ♡♡

  6. We just have to do the time, don’t we, dear Lorrie? That seems to be the only thing. Distractions don’t work; philosophising it away doesn’t work. The only thing I would say – and it may seem perversely paradoxical – is that one can still be contented with a broken heart. I’m not saying one can be at all happy, obviously, but contentedness is another word for pure acceptance (perhaps in your terms ‘pure trust’?), and I sense you know this.

    Hariod <3

    P.S. Love the clever new logo. It is new, isn't it?

    1. Thanks my friend!! It was on my other theme…but I think it looks better here 😉 Thank you Hariod!
      Yes…I agree wholeheartedly with you…and the amazing thing is that even though my heart is broken I am grateful for all the good things that happened. And in the end I know that if this chapter in my life was supposed to be fulfilled, then it would have been!! It is more the loss of a 10 year friendship…one I NEVER suspected would end that has me a bit rocked. But as the “stages of grief” progress…I find myself moving into “anger” and I really don’t like this part…so hopefully it won’t last long 😉 It is in this stage that the ego takes over and refuses to take ANY responsibility. Thankfully, I have analyzed it to death and I accept my role, however small (miniscule…hehe.)
      I hope you are well…angered that you will be catching some of the French Open…how about that Murray/Stepanek match?

  7. So sorry Lorrie! That sounds terrible. I get disgusted with people who don’t take responsibility. She should pay the vet bill for Yellow at the very least. What a nice dog. So hard when trust gets bashed. Interesting that you had that oh oh feeling before. Why don’t we pay attention to that? We want to trust. So great how you took it to another level, trusting that everything is perfect.

    Much love and hugs

    1. Hi Mary! I have to respond to your question with a giant I DON’T KNOW!! For the past two years I have tried to increase my awareness of my intuition…and for me that is not very hard…my intuition is very strong. My problem is HONORING it!!! I clearly had a very strong danger signal and could easily have turned around…what if that giant dog had attacked us instead of poor Yellow?
      Anyway…I will keep trying. And I will continue to heal as well.
      I hope that you are rocking the light in your world…much love ♡♡

  8. What a scary situation….not impressed with the way the three dog owner reacted….sad! All of that said….everything that happens can help us if we allow it to…even the “crap”. We learn from different situations even if it’s the hard lesson of not expecting more from someone then they can give…keep after it….love your attitude and that’s more than half the battle!!

    1. Ah, Kirt. Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder. Your words caress my heart and make me know that I am on the right track. And you couldn’t be more spot on…I did expect more and deep down I think I really knew that this person was incapable of delivering. Very sad, but as you said…WE control our attitude…and therefore it is up to me whether I decide to wallow in self pity…or if I move on…say a silent prayer…wish them well…and walk forward! Thanks so much…Blessitude ♡

  9. Wonderful posting – I could feel a bit of a weight of the world that may feel is on your shoulders sometimes. Damage and trust are a challenging dichotomy. I think that you can live with the damage, and allow it to heal, and it will as you open yourself up to new healing moments – perhaps a less congested beach walk. There may be a bit of a scar but scars are great reminders of the battles we have fought and won, because we are still here. Moving forward with an open, caring, trusting heart is a brave thing to do and you are amazing and rising and shining. There may be moments of feeling cautious but the trust that was betrayed is in the past and you don’t want to miss out on anything amazing that awaits you in the future, where you have a bit more wisdom in your purse so that you can activate your super-powers if and when called upon. Maybe a good mantra for you (and me too!) is WALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK. Love and hugs, Harlon

    1. Ah! Thanks, Harlon! I love the mantra…hehe…and I would venture to guess that on my “soft” less congested walk today…I find a “big stick!!!!” It makes we want to get out there right now 😉
      I am grateful for your wonderful advice…and I agree that it is experiences like this that can close our hearts to receiving…leaving behind a “but I may get hurt” mentality. I don’t want to do that…I have worked so hard to “open” that it would feel like such a giant step backwards.
      So…here’s to living…and experiencing EVERYTHING…and TRUSTING EVERYTHING! Much love to you my wonderful friend ♡♡♡

  10. P.S. Love the new theme, if you notice me changing mine to match yours, then I will rely on another cliche, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. xo H

    1. Thank you!!! It felt like time for a change (in many ways 😉
      I love that you want to use the theme…I think it is a good one. I like that the sidebar/menu can be accessed at the top on a cellphone/tab…and that it showcases photo & words on a computer. Can’t wait to see how you use it 😉 Love…love ♡♡

  11. aww Lorrie, I am so sorry you had to go through that…I had a similar incident with Oreo once when I was walking him at a regular trail…the other owner who had a bigger dog actually asked ME if oreo was friendly…But Oreo is pretty good at sensing energies and did not want to play…anyway the next thing I know the big dog had oreo in his mouth and was shaking him around…scariest moment in my life…thankfully the owner was able to make him drop oreo…I don’t blame that dog anyway but blame the owner for not being responsible…much like the dogs you faced without leash…but I am glad you and your pup are ‘okay’ in the larger sense…much love and hugs! Trust is fragile, trust yourself and trust that you have the strength to get through this <3

    1. Oh…Neha…how TERRIBLE!! I’m so happy that Orem was okay…such scary moments! Thank you for the wishes…I will be fine…it just takes some time to sort through the ickyness. And my little Mister was not on the walk…thank Goodness!! I felt such strong feelings for a dog I had just met…can’t even imagine if it was mine!!! Blessitude ♡♡ Have a great week!

  12. Oh my Lorrie..
    You trusted in your instinct to go try help a four legged friend. Yes a dangerous situation when dogs not under control or on a leash leap into a fight..
    Your Instincts kicked in well before, telling you the situation was not right.. Yet yes you went ahead anyway.. But isn’t that life!.. I know from my own Life experiences I have jumped in with both feet, only to regret it later down the line.. But if life was smooth sailing and we avoided these life lessons and tests, then what would we learn?..
    I know I have asked my guides often of this.. Why could I not SEE.. The answer back, you have to learn through your own choices 🙂 there are no mistakes, only detours along our path.. 🙂
    The painful heart breaks in my life have taught me so so much more than the days when life swam along smoothly.. And I have gained yet more TRUST within my BEing. Because its taught me in hindsight that my instincts were correct at the time.. And I needed those experiences… And not only myself.. But others too needed that within their experience.. We forget Lessons are a two way thing..
    I hope the Lab healed quickly.. And I hope also dear Lorrie that your heart although I know will still be sore as you think how you placed your trust.. It has left you freedom to develop into your own new creative excellence that is and always Has been within you .

    Love always, and I am a bit late here too as my computer had issues..

    Love Sue xx <3

    1. You are so beautiful my friend!! The wisdom that flows from your soul is encouraging and loving…and I am so grateful for our connection ♡♡ I couldn’t agree more, Sue…the times that life is just flowing…free sailing…while nice and wonderful…just don’t teach us the way we are taught during the hard times.

      I embrace your words…I embrace LIFE…and I am grateful for all I learn. I have to say I do still wonder why I don’t heed the advice from my soul…the danger feeling to me was soooooo STRONG!! But then again…maybe my forceful voice helped the dog to stop hurting “Yellow” and if I hadn’t been there it could have been worse…I will never know. But I do know that life is amazing…broken heart and all…and I will survive…and THRIVE!!! And it is all helped by beautiful souls like you Sue!! Thank you, my friend, my sister, my soul traveler ♡♡♡

      1. I know dearest Lorrie, you would be giving me those self same words of advice.. Is this not why we connect? for we once agreed to be here for each other.. And I am sure it is so, as we step into each others orbit from time to time.. <3 Love and Mega Hugs.. Sue x <3 <3

  13. Oh, my! That incident could have been a lot worse, so glad the dogs stopped and none of you were injured. I hope the yellow dog’s injuries were not real bad. I have to admit I get a bit angry when I see people that do not have control of their dogs one never knows what might happen. Glad you did not take your dog with you. Trust comes hard sometimes and once our heart has been broken it is really hard to trust again, but we can get there if we just keep on trying. It was many, many years before my first broken heart healed enough that I could trust again. I am a lot more cautious now and follow my instinct a whole lot better than I did. Before that I pretty much trusted everyone and everything. You are always in my thoughts and prayers sweet Lorrie for your broken heart to heal. I do hope that you are beginning to feel better. Love, hugs and blessings

    1. Ah…THANK YOU dear Maggie my friend!! Your words have touched my heart…I am so grateful for you!! Yes…I am happy my little guy was nowhere near that scary attack…and I pray for “Yellow” also…I have not seen him since that time…but I don’t think he is a “regular.” I am adjusting every day…I don’t want to close my heart to possibilities…but this betrayal was so unexpected…so deep. I know I will be fine…I know that every day the pain lessens and I know that nothing will stop me from LOVING…I will work on the TRUSTING part!!
      Thank you dear friend…I hope you are well!! Much love ♡♡♡

  14. Aloha, and thanks for the follow – nice to have another interesting blog to read!

    I don’t know why we override our instincts – I do this less these days, thankfully. But when it comes to defending animal friends, it gets more challenging. And you knew, didn’t you, that no matter who was to blame or how differently things might have turned out ‘if only,’ they simply worked out the way they did, and best to trust in the greater plan, vision, whatever. Good for you! Makes life a lot easier to enjoy 🙂

    1. Hello!!! May I call you Bela…? Thank you so much for stopping by and for commenting 🙂 Yes…yes…yes! Your insight is so spot on…and something I am studying every single day. I love your comment “Makes life a lot easier to enjoy,” as this is exactly what I am finding! Imagine a world where every soul delights in the perfect plan and listens to the voice of their soul!! Ah!
      I look forward to exploring your home some more…and I wish you Blessitude! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I think the lab was visiting the area…not a friendly welcome! I pray he is fine also. And I am working on the broken heart…it somehow allows me to FEEL so much more! Blessitude <3

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