FREEDOM – A Collaboration with Harlon



The lonely wind whips through my hair

              As my heart bleeds real tears


              The sky is beyond my reach

              And my hopes turn to fears


              Broken mirror…tortured dreams

              Pieces on the ground


                I am damaged  

                Missing pieces, parts not found


                What I fight is all that’s true

                 Naked to the core of who I came to be


                What is that noise I hear

                I think it’s coming from me


                I have dug deep

                And the answers weren’t there


                The moment of feeling overwhelmed

                Disappears as I throw caution to the air


              All that caused fear evaporates

              As I realize the questions were all wrong


              The very thing I kept hidden

               Was in plain sight all along           




Lorrie & Harlon <3 <3


Ah!  My dear friend Harlon, from A PATIENT VOICE, nudged me out of my semi-retirement to work on this collaboration with him.  We wrote this poem over the last couple months (mainly due to my time constraints.)  It was a wonderful experience for me, as we seemed to just flow as if we were one…which I would say we are!

I have missed being here on my blog and visiting you all to see what you have been up to.  My life has changed in many ways, certainly in ways that don’t leave me a whole lot of time.  I hope to be a bit more present in the near future.  I really miss you, my friends and I think of you often.  I wish you many wonderful things, and most of all BLESSITUDE!! <3 <3


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70 thoughts on “FREEDOM – A Collaboration with Harlon

  1. This line: Recognition
    All that caused fear evaporates
    As I realize the questions were all wrong


    I miss you too dear Lorrie with your words filled with gentle, loving, whole-hearted beauty.

    1. Thank you dear Louise!! Yes…imagine the insight when we realize the questions we have continually asked…we’re all wrong! Ah! Now on to KNOWING…not questioning. Much love dear soul ♡

    1. Hi Kim!!! Thank you so much for the super wonderful welcome back!! I’ve missed you and hope that you are in good energy 🙂 ♡ I’m so happy you liked this collaboration…I love Harlon!

  2. Hey Lorrie,
    A beautiful poem you wrote with Harlon.
    I have been missing you! I hope you life is changing in ways that brings you joy and freedom.

    1. Hi Dear Mary!! Thank you so much for your kindness. While I may have lost a bit of freedom per se, I do have much joy!! I hope that you are full of Blessitude!! <3 It is so nice to see you 🙂 <3

  3. aww that really is so awesome. It shows affection, which I am really admiring.

    1. Hello…and welcome!! Thanks so much for your kind words. It shows affection because Harlon and I have deep affection for one another 🙂 Blessitude!

  4. Wonderful collaboration, and even better to see you here. I’d love to know what those wrong questions were and the new realization. Many hugs and blessings dear Lorrie!

    1. Ahhhh! Now there’s the million dollar questions!! 🙂 You know, Brad, if I told you then you wouldn’t have any fun discovering them on your own! HeHe 🙂 There is major truth in those words, at least my truth…and maybe, just maybe, the fact that there are ANY questions at all is the problem!!
      Thank you so much for your ever faithful support…it means the world to me! Hope you are adjusting to your “new normal!” <3

      1. Sounds mysterious Lorrie! And yes, maybe our questioning mind is often in the way. 🙂 I’m doing pretty well at keeping my focus on service for now and wondering what’s next, maybe moving back to DC to help with mom.

        1. You know Brad…I think if you listen with your soul…so many of the things you wonder about would be answered 🙂 Sending you love and light ♡

            1. All I can tell you, Brad, is to get real quiet…and close out the outside world. And then pay special attention to how it feels in your heart region (at least that is where it is for me.) I am sure you have had times where you “thought” about doing something…and then you had a second where you thought…or heard…that it wasn’t right. That little voice…that is the one that knows all 😉 Blessitude, dear Brad ♡

  5. So lovely, dear Lorrie (and you too, Harlon). Isn’t it often the way that the things that seem so elusive are in time found hidden in plain sight? There’s a wonderful analogy there for the spiritual journey, too. <3

    1. Oh yes, indeed, dearest Hariod!! And I would venture to guess that that is where “contentment” is found…in that same place!!! How are you my friend? I am long over due visiting your home. You have entered my mind often during my absence. There are times that I wonder what you would think or do given the circumstances I find myself in. I hope that you are in a place of contentment…I can almost feel that you are 😉 Much love <3

      1. Oh, I’ve had some nasty laryngitis for the past week or so, and it’s proving rather difficult to shift, but I am okay otherwise; thankyou for asking, my dear friend. Please feel no obligation to visit if you are taking a much needed hiatus from blogging, which it appears that you are. It can all seem a bit much at times, can’t it, the relentless offerings and the feeling they all must be acknowledged?

        That said, there is a loving and supportive community – one which we both share and delight in – awaiting us when we feel ready to face the music and dance, once again. No one is going away, Lorrie; so take all the time you need, and do please be prepared to put yourself ahead of any obligations to others which you may sense, should you need to. Taking care always begins at home, and once we are fully cared for within ourselves, we can head out to express our care for others.

        Much love to you too. <3

        1. So perfectly well spoken!! Yes, it is so true that we must take care of ourselves before we can begin to think about helping others. I have been so busy with a new venture that I am working 12-16 hour days…not exactly taking care of myself if you know what I mean. I have missed my blogging community so much, and I always think I can “squeeze” some time in…but we both know this forum can not be squeezed into small pockets of time. I have not been writing creatively, but I have been able to do a few creative art projects that I will share about in an up coming post. That all said, I really do miss being here and making the connections that have warmed my heart so and that have helped me keep moving on my path. I know there must be a balance…I am working to find it. I am happy, though a little stressed at times. But I am also so very grateful because I feel like I am LIVING LIFE…not just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. I don’t have all the answers…as the poem attested to…but I find the need to ask so many questions maybe just a little less important. Thank you my friend, for you always seem to say exactly what I need to hear <3 <3

  6. Ohhhhh Lorrie, so great to see you, and a new post. Congratulation to both you and Harlon on the collaboration. It’s a piece that takes one through the myriad of emotions that one can go through when self-evaluating, or analyzing what’s going on inwardly.
    I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your new experiences and all that is keeping you busy. I have no doubt that part of it is developing creatively.
    Have a lovely week, my friend.
    Hugs and blessings – Staci 🙂 <3

    1. Hi beautiful Staci! How are you my sweet friend? You are very astute to know that I am busy creating…and I plan to share some of it soon! I am doing well…not without some stress. For an adventure that was supposed to be just fun…it has had moments of stress I can not deny. But all in all many wonderful things are going on in my life and I am so grateful!!
      Thank you for your kind words about our collaboration. It is so easy to write with Harlon, and I think this one is very personal and deep for both of us. I hope that you are feeling much better…and that your broken bone isn’t hampering your creativity!!! Much love my friend <3

      1. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to see your creations Lorrie. Yes, please do post them.
        My foot is on the up and up, thankfully. The splint is off and the crutches are gone, however it’s still a bit weak and I have to take it slow. It’s just a matter of time though.
        Thankyou for the well wishes, my friend.
        🙂 <3

    1. Thank you dear Julie!! I have missed you also…and send lots of love and light <3 I am doing well…so much better…thank you! I hope spring is blooming in your neck of the woods!! <3

  7. Has the perfection embodied in the combination of peanut butter and chocolate been eclipsed!? Ha! Enjoyed this very much, Lorrie and Harlon, and saw pieces of each of you in this. Clearly some heartfelt sharing behind this, and so many “wrong questions” to wade through some days it seems. And just beyond, the grace… Hope your new venture is going splendid, Lorrie!

    Peace and Love

    1. Thank you dear Michael! Yes…I would suspect that you would be able to feel both of us in this poem…you can probably even detect which words belong to each! And oh yes…”the grace,” that most wonderful feeling of perfect bliss…that place where questions do not exist…except for maybe “how can I stay here?” And the moment that question is recognized the peace slowly fades because it isn’t something we can conjure up, and it isn’t something we can hold in our hands. Well, I see I have gone off on a very large tangent 😉
      Thank you for your support and love…I am so happy to feel your energy ♡♡

  8. Hi Lorrie. Was happy to see your posting. Looks like the start of a journey. Hope this new chapter you’ve entered will be exciting. God bless. – Carol

    1. Hi Carol!! It is so nice to see you 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful wish…I am in an exciting chapter of my life…with MANY changes. The one that I find is sad is that I am not here as much as I would like to be. I am so happy to connect with you…wishing you Blessitude ♡

  9. I just knew you were back even before I checked. Just like I know that all the best pieces will come together – old pieces or new pieces – it doesn’t matter. What matters is you are you and you are loved. Be good to yourself, Lorrie. You’re worth so much! <3

    1. You dear sweet heart…tears have welled and gently roll down my cheeks. Thank you for this blessing of love…this connection of souls! I’m so happy you could tell I was here 😉 Your reminder is a blessing to me in this moment as the wealth of change that is taking place has left me a little barren in the self love department. I am so grateful for our connection…and I am full of Blessitude. I send you so much love and beautiful energy. May you walk in this day with the knowledge that you have touched my soul!! ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you so much, Kirt!! 🙂 Yes…in the.midst of a major happening…but reveling in my faith and so happy to have it. Sending you lots of beautiful energy.

  10. Wonderful to see you here, dear Lorrie!! And what an enjoyable collaboration this is. Deep questions that we wrestle with can indeed hide their answers in plain sight <3

    1. Oh…Tiny! Yes…it’s almost like clicking the Ruby slippers. Thank you so much…it was great to catch up a bit. Hope your world is full of understanding ♡

  11. This is a wonderful collaboration between you and Harlon dear Lorrie.. It digs deep into the core of those emotions we travel through upon our earth journey as we go through life’s often turbulent learning curves and paths..

    But we are also often guided to those who totally understand us, and into a fresh set of circumstances, that at first we are fearful of following simply because we are unsure of ourselves and the fear we often associate with the unknown..

    I am sure given time to adjust to what ever is flowing through your life right now dearest Lorrie.. Your time will also once again open up to allow the flow between WordPress friends again when it is meant to happen..

    In the mean time dearest Lorrie.. I send you Love and warm wishes to your journey.. May your life have turned an important corner as new doors present themselves to you..
    For you are Blessed..

    Love Sue <3 <3 <3

    1. You are so beautiful and I thank you for the gift you have just given me! Dear dear Sue…your words have such love woven through them…like the fabric of life..and I am grateful for your knowing soul. I have gone through a great loss in the past week…a very strong and long friendship that I thought was for a lifetime…my venue for my creative expression in art glass…and a business that I spent all my waking hours creating for the last three months. It is very…very sad. But I accept all that happened and I can be at peace knowing that this is where I am supposed to be. Sometimes we are blinded by what we think we want, only to be shown the true way of our soul!
      Thank you my friend…I send you so much love ♡♡♡

      1. I some how knew that it centred around your art-class and the glass making you were speaking of.. I should trust my senses more to speak what I see.. Since putting my mediumistic skills to one side I am rusty lol..
        I am saddened to learn it also involved a loss in friendship also.. You know Lorrie in acceptance we over come much.. And you know also, that nothing is ever ‘really’ lost… For it is all as it should be.. Breathe deeper and freer dear Lorrie .. For in doing so you have moved one step closer to ALL that you ARE and always Have been..
        Love and blessings xxx and always LOVE .. <3

  12. I felt so much as I wrote this. I am so glad I got to read it. I hope you will write again soon. You have so much deep feeling and love that weaves its way through all that you write.


    1. You dear sweet soul! Thank you for the love you just sent me…I am holding it very close to my heart ♡♡ Blessitude. ..have a super week Theresa!

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