Somewhere in the middle

I created a bed of needles

No matter how I turned

I felt the stabbing pain



And all that was created in that energy

resembled daggers

made to not only hurt

but to keep all good away



Life was so out of focus

I found it hard to see what was really there

or what was a figment

of my imagination



Slowly, some of the daggers

lost their shape and grew soft edges

Meaning was expressed

with images that came from my heart



And before I knew it

the message of love multiplied

and a garden of beautiful flowers

was created



And I understood the significance

of the bed of needles

and can even see their beauty now.



Lorrie <3


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65 thoughts on “BED OF NEEDLES

  1. Beautiful words and I can see this in my own life, allowing the pain to sink in instead of ridding it. Your words have given me thought whilst shifting deep issues. Blessings always to you.

    1. Thank you for allowing me the gift that my words touched you 💚 This is why we dare to bare our souls, in the hopes that we may add something positive to another’s life. I am humbled…and so happy 😊

    1. That is it, Brad, in a nutshell!! To stay in our love energy ALWAYS…no matter what we face in our outer world. Thank you friend 💜 Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  2. A lovely and very clever analogy with the plant world, dear Lorrie, and also a fine reminder that close to all life’s needles there are petals of kindness, colour, light and love. H <3

    1. Ah! Hariod! I see a Haiku in your response!!
      Close to life’s needles
      There are petals of kindness
      Colour, light, and love.
      I request permission to use your Haiku embedded on a photo to post on Twitter – with a link to your website of course. Please let me know.
      And thank you so much for your love and support ❤

      1. That’s incredibly observant of you – I’m staggered! No need to link to me in the least; it was you who found, with a wee edit, something poetic amidst my otherwise prosaic words. H <3

        1. And you claim not to be a poet!! 😉 I will make the creative piece and would feel much better including a small link to your home. I do not have a strong Twitter following but I would bet that someone will find you who is meant to find you! Brilliant, dear Hariod 💜and

    1. Hi Meg, I’m so happy to see you and hope that all is well in your world…or at least that you can face the needles with love 💚 Thank you for leaving your footprint here. Blessings for a light filled weekend!

  3. Deep transformation is costly but the outworking of it is…priceless.

    You moved my heart this morning, Lorrie. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. I really like the sound of a heart that is moving…breathing in and out 😍 Thank you for sharing your energy here and blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  4. Such a lovely analogy of life’s ever varying journey! The pictures and words are so carefully crafted together. Wonderful!

    1. 🙂 Giant smile that warms my heart ♡ Thank you for your beautiful words…I’m so happy you enjoyed this creation. Hope all is super in your world. Peace ♡

    1. Oh, Thank you so much!! I appreciate your kind comment 🙂 I adore this flower and after zooming in the words just flowed. Hope you have a super weekend ♡

  5. Beautifully written dearest Lorrie.. And yes even our beautiful Roses have their thorns.. Nature teaches us many things if we look into its heart.. All things go to making the Whole.. 🙂 Loved your poem Lorrie and the wonderful way you used your images.. Excellently done.. Xxxx <3

    1. Hi Sue 😄 Thank you so much…this one was easy as it just about put itself together. Nature is the grand teacher and more people would do wise to pay better attention. Wishing you much peace, dear friend, and lots of love 💙

  6. At first look the first photo looked like a collection of mini orange lights then as you added photos the vision became clearer and clearer. It’s like your poem, with time we step back from the thing that hurt us and the view is much more pleasant. Loved the photos and the poem. Have a wonderfilled weekend.

    1. Oh, Marlene, what a beautiful thing to say!! 😍I love that you put words to the nuance I was trying to convey with photos and poem. I am learning that fear of fear is more debilitating than the actual thing we are afraid of. If we can lean in towards it, the power it holds over us seems to lessen. Thank you so much. I’m praying you are in a very good place 💚

  7. That was beautiful and colour to compliment it – contrasting with it.

    I also have a message today:

    We have 140 contributions to date, and I am trying again to rope in as many contributors to the Poets for Peace challenge (in place until this the end of August). The many voices in response to this have been fantastic, and I’d love you to add yours (again, if applicable) if you can. Feel free to use an existing piece of writing or a new one asking for peace and/or about the troubled times in which we live.

    If you are interested, please leave your poem in the comments section of Neha’s blog and it will be added.

    Thank you –
    Your voice matters.

    ‘We are so grateful to be part of this community where poets and creative minds from around the world stand together uniting for PEACE! This collaboration is open till August 31st and we hope to see more of you join in!’
    – Neha

  8. Ahhh, and so it is on this planet of contrasts 😉
    Love this, which perfectly illustrates the concept of illusion,
    “Life was so out of focus
    I found it hard to see what was really there
    or what was a figment
    of my imagination.”
    Aloha, Lorrie <3

    1. Thank you Bela 😊 Yes, we do live on a planet of contrasts, and I think that is a good thing. Without contrasts there could be no balance. Wishing you beauty dear Bella 💚

  9. It’s such a huge step when we realize we created the bed of needles ourselves, and then, that they can soften and transform. It’s like lifting layered veils from our eyes so we can see more clearly. I love how you used the images. This whole post is very creative and significant. Great job! <3

    1. Aw! JoAnna…thank you so much for your wonderful observation and for your incredibly kind words to me. You bring up such a valid point that we create the needles ourselves. That was very hard to digest in the beginning of my understanding of it. Thank you so much…much love to you 💙

  10. ….and Lorrie, I love when you write like this (and illustrate it so elegantly with your images). This is inspiring and for me quite motivating, to see the transition from pain to clarity. Thank you, you make a difference in my life and what more can a guy ask for. Love, Harlon

    1. Ah! And I just LOVE that we are connected the way that we are. I believe you do FEEL my creations, as opposed to reading and understanding cerebrally, and that makes me happy 😊 Yes, that movement from pain to clarity is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding. Much, much love to you dear Harlon 💜

  11. A beautiful metaphor of transformation, Lorrie. It is always amazing when the cage eventually softens into beauty, and we realize we have been misperceiving what is all around us. It seems you are catching these barbed moments from all sides and riding out the waves back to the splendor. I do hope you find a stable patch– a bit of clean air and gentle gliding. And I know you will.

    Peace and Love

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you my friend ♡ It feels good to use nature’s natural beauty to illustrate the things I am learning of late. I appreciate your wishes for me…and I really am doing well. I feel I have had such incredible opening and understanding through these hard times. I send all good thoughts back to you and share in your joy 😉 All my best to you ♡

  12. Oh, Lorrie, this post has such significance in my Life. Beautifully thought out and put together, dear friend. When we shift our lens of focus and realize we ourselves have created that which is in our lives, the beauty then can be seen. You have no idea how much this post touched me. Thank you, thank you!!! <3

    1. You are so welcome dear Amy!! I’m thrilled that it spoke to you, as I know it would because you understand the connection of life and nature! Blessings to you beautiful soul ♡♡

  13. Oh – so beautiful and full of wisdom, Lorrie <3 . We need to experience the needles to appreciate the beauty in life. Loved this!

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