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I looked at last year’s “New Year’s” post and I see my word for 2018 was “commitment.” As I reflect on a very hard year I see that I fulfilled my honor of commitment, just not in the way I thought I would. No truer statement that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

I have thought a lot about this new year, 2019. I know in my heart that the possibilities are endless, you just have to have the kind of vision that sees them. Heck, you just have to have the mindset that is willing to create them. If we can think it, we can create it!

So my goal for 2019 is to have a laser-like focus on the lookout for possibilities that resonate with my soul. I want to be a willing participant in my life. I want to pay great attention to the people and events that I draw near to me. I want a directing role with the ability to slap the placard closed and say, “Cut!”

I want to be “INVOLVED.”

Okay…so this year I have three words:





Lorrie <3


I send you all positive thoughts of love and light as we get this new year under way. I have not been here as much as I would love, but I see that changing as my life has changed in a huge way. 

Sweet Blessings, my friends <3

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55 thoughts on “NEW YEAR…NEW THOUGHTS (2019)

  1. This is all GOOD Lorrie.. Changing our lives with our Intentions knowing we create with our Thoughts..
    No worries at being here less.. The main thing is that your are present within your own Presence that is all that matters.
    Happy New Earth year to you Lorrie.. <3

    1. Thanks Sue😊 Yes, I am very present in my presence…perhaps the most I have ever been!
      Thank you for your encouraging words. I do believe this will be a wonderful year. And I wish you the same…that you are bathed in love and light and that you are able to walk through every obstacle with grace and that you learn whatever it is you need to know.
      Many blessings to you Sue💜

  2. Nice to see you back Lorrie. I like your 3 words and see you focusing on new possibilities. I have three words too but want to focus on one. To a year of beautiful possibilities! 3

    1. Thanks Brad! 😊 It’s funny because I really started with just the one…possibilities…then as I continued to write they just kept coming😉
      I do feel so positive about this year. I feel very aware of my energy and I am excited!
      I wish you so many blessings, Brad. I really feel good vibes from the poem I read today…loved it.
      Have a really good week 💜

    1. Hi Val! Thanks 😊 It feels like it will be a year of great transformation…I am excited! I hope you are well and that you, too, have a year full of empowerment! 💜

  3. It is amazing how possibilities often hide in plain view, we just need to be “there” and look carefully. I wish you many blessings in 2019 <3

    1. Thanks so much, JoAnna😁 I really appreciate your beautiful energy here.
      I hope that you and your family are doing well this very first part of 2019!
      Here’s to keeping a light burning in our hearts💜

    1. Hellooooooo, Ka! Happy, Happy New Year to you, friend! Yes…a directing role is an important part of the process. I hope that you are well. I hope that you are exploring ‘possibilities.’ And, I hope that you direct your life with the utmost care and love (I know you do!!)

      So much love to you! <3

      1. Oh thank you, Lorrie! I am really doing my best, every day! Thanks. Care and Love are essential and it can be a challenge to maintain one’s focus when others want to pull us into their worlds and cast us in the roles they “build” for us ❤️ but, ultimately we have to be directors and decide when and how that fits into it our “cuts.” We have to manage the scenes and the timeline and pick the starring cast. Etc. Depending on the production, there could be many directors and then need managing directors. Lol. You are inspiring my friend, as always. Best wishes to you for this New Year! All the love right back ❤️

        1. Wow…yes…being pulled into other’s worlds! There’s this thing called boundaries and I am experimenting with mine (or lack thereof! 😉
          Time just feels like it going so fast. I am doing so much better being in the moments…and that is a blessing of great magnitude.
          Sending a giant hug…and lots of light!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I was “being” yesterday and was thinking about how so often I sit and watch other people live life. (On YouTube and other social media) I want to live life too! It’s time! Thanks for sharing this post at just the right time for me. No coincidence! Be blessed in 2019!

    1. Hi Dawn! Welcome 🙂 I am so happy this post resonated with you. And I caught that you were “being” and you know what? That is important too! I think to strike a balance between the two is perhaps the most difficult, yet most rewarding.
      I’m so happy you stopped and left a footprint here. Blessitude!

  5. Being involved is such a great thing to aspire to. It sounds like an aspiration to be present, to be in the moment and take in a as much as possible. Hope all is going well in your life and have a wonderful year ahead 🙂

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