In the quiet moments of night
Under a moon that knows all secrets
My heart cries tears that fall to the ground
And grow with the intensity of the tide
Pulsing with pain
In the light of day
They swell with the to and fro
the push and pull
the love and regret
the dichotomy of peace and torture…
Remnants of a broken heart

Lorrie <3

I lost a dear friend this week.

My heart feels so sad that I will never see her again. The very last time I saw her she looked so beautiful. I pulled up behind her in my car and I whistled, “WhootWhoo.” She turned around with the biggest smile, one I had not seen in a while. I said, “You look so beautiful!” She blushed, curtsied (as best she could) and said, “Thank you!”

She had many health issues and experienced physical pain daily. There is a piece of me that feels happy she is out of pain and that she has reunited with her wonderful husband in heaven. But then there is a piece of me that feels so very sad because I will never see her again. 🙁

The one thing it makes me realize is that we never know when BIG changes will happen in our lives. We need to live life with an awareness; we need to be in every moment. And if there are people who mean a lot to us we need to do all that we can do to help them, and for sure we need to tell them that we love them every day.

You all mean a lot to me <3 Thank you for your love and support!


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    1. Awww…thank you so much! So many people are losing loved ones…it is hard but I do believe she is in a better place. Hope you are navigating this strange time well and that you and loved ones are well!

    1. Hi Brad…thank you my friend. It was very shocking and she was unresponsive for three weeks. I have to lean towards it is better for her to be with God. Thanks for always being a good friend 💜

        1. I never quite thought of grief that way before, Brad…thank you…it is a new take. I suppose the more we feel…the more we are able to feel 🙂
          Wishing you a week filled with wonderful delights! <3

    1. Thanks so.much for reaching out, Miriam. I truly appreciate your kindness. I miss my friend butnitnia comforting to know that she is out of pain.
      I hope you are well…stay safe! Sweet Blessings💜

    1. Ah, Ken…thank you! She was an incredible lady…80 years old and so very strong. I never thought she would go just yet.
      I hope you are well…surviving in these trying times. I appreciate your condolences <3

    1. Hi Julie 🙂 Thank you! Comfort…and peace…YES! I am so grateful to finally know what that means. Thanks for your wish. Knowing what it means and finding it in the midst of grief is now the challenge.
      I hope that you and your family are well!

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lorrie.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. It is difficult to lose a friend suddenly. You have beautifully reminded us, to not take a moment for granted and love fully. <3

    Lots of Love,
    Lisa xoxo

    1. Thank you Lisa. Your words and energy offer comfort…and I am grateful. It is hard, and yet so many people are experiencing great loss these days. It helps to have the kindness of people like you to offer condolences.
      I hope you and your family are well. Hope you are doing the best you can to adjust to the new normal.
      Sending lots of love and light right back to you 💜

    1. Hi Inese, thank you so much for your condolences. Most important I thank you for always supporting me…it does not go unnoticed! I do miss my friend…she was a very cool lady…you would have liked her 🙂
      We do waste so much time, don’t we? I try to be in a state of awareness…and though I know I am much better than I used to be, there is still room for improvement!!!
      Hope you are busy painting!! Creating!!!
      Many blessings to you, friend. <3

    1. Thank you, Inese. You just made me smile…and I need to smile more! It fives me pleasure to know that the comments I send from my heart touch you in that way…truth…authenticity! You stay well too…and the same universe…has your back too! 😉💜

  2. What a beautiful poem and tribute to your friend… Yes make the most of every second of every single day…. Because within the blink of an eye all can change..
    I know that from years ago when My husband was rushed into hospital having gone to bed the night before saying he had never felt fitter… Then he had an ulcer burst he didnt even know existed and had a massive bleed internally..
    But for the beautiful good fortune of a wonderful GP who knew exactly what was going on, calling the ambulance and alerting the hospital for our arrival, and were it not for the second good fortune of a lady Dr at the hospital who performed emergency procedure whose expertise in the field was there at just the right time…. Within that blink of an eye things could well have been different..
    From that day to this, neither of us take life for granted… And we give thanks every day for those extra Blessings..

    I know you will miss your friend terribly… But I’m sure her reunion was a happy one with her departed partner…

    Sending Much love Lorrie…. Beautiful Poetry… <3

    1. How scary that must have been, Sue! It for sure was not your husband’s time to go. And he most definitely has Angels watching over him!
      I am aware of those “moments” that can change everything and I, too, try to always live in a state of gratitude for all the things in my life.
      Thank you, Sue, for your condolences. It means a lot to feel your love and support🙂💗
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

        1. Thanks, Sue. I am recognizing how the grief has taken a toll on my body…and energy…and trying to restore the balance and peace. I did not have a lot of experience with dying until recently. I am certain it never really gets easier…but I suppose some familiarity helps.
          Have a wonderful weekend 💜

    1. Hi beautiful Ka! Thanks my friend. I can feel your love…and your comfort. I know she has gone home and she is out of pain…it just feels sad and I miss her.
      Many Sweet Blessings dear heart 💜

  3. An incredible tribute to your friend, Lorrie ~ heartfelt and with words for all of us to cling to as well, “We need to live life with an awareness; we need to be in every moment…” Keep strong and wishing you a great day ahead.

    1. Awww…Randall…thanks for your words of comfort and support. I miss her for sure…but know that she is in a better place.
      I hope you are well and that you and your loved ones are making it through this pandemic with more love in your hearts…and an awareness of each moment. Sweet Blessings💜

  4. Lorrie, such kind words and i love the memory you have of her. It still doesnt seem real that she is gone. Like you, im torn between joy she is no longer in such pain, but regret missing her in person…I know we were real friends to her because we could talk about anything. She knows this. Im grateful for her time with us and i know she is too.

    1. Ah…my dear, dear friend <3 Yes…I am grateful for our time with her and I do know how much she loved you. You were a rock for her and you stood by her side and helped her the way she needed it most.
      I know her life was not going to get easier, that's for sure. And I do believe she is with God (and Bob!!) in Heaven. As for the rest of us we are still here walking our journey and doing the best that we can.
      Thank you for being you…for a pillar of strength and support to me. Much love…and light always <3

  5. Dear Lorrie, perhaps now more than ever there is such power in your expression that we need to remind ourselves to live life with awareness and to be in every moment. And to be kind and tell the people we care about that we love them.
    Such a wonderful and uplifting posting…whew I needed that.

    Thank you!

    1. Harlon…I am so glad you can feel the urgency in my energy. I see so many things around me that just don’t feel right. They don’t mesh with truth…and kindness…and decency. And it is easy to lower my energy because I want to stand up to all that does not seem right…but I have to stop myself and remember that all I do is add to that energy if I go there. The only way to overcome the darkness is by continuing to shine the light!
      I am not perfect, that’s for sure. But I do know what I want to share in my life….and what I wish to be a part of…and conversely…what I DO NOT wish to be a part of.
      It is not easy.
      Perhaps the biggest challenge of my life.
      I think my entire life has been preparing me for this time and while I am not exactly sure what my role is…I am sure what it is NOT!!
      Sending so much love. I truly send light and healing energy to you, my friend! <3

  6. I’m so sorry you lost your friend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of her with us. I bet she’s smiling down on you now and then. And thank you for the awareness that we need to appreciate every moment and love those people in our lives right now. I suppose that’s one good thing that comes out of death – appreciating life. I’m sending love and hugs to your beautiful spirit, Lorrie, and wishing you moments of peace.

    1. Hi JoAnna!! 😊
      Thank you! Really, thank you for your compassionate response. She was a great lady and I can feel her at times for sure. The really cool thing is that she helped me find my dream home this summer! One of the last times we spoke we were so honest…she was sad that I was moving (not far away) but she was so happy that I was so happy in my new home. We both said we loved each other and we said how important our relationship was. Wow! To be able to have that conversation…before we couldn’t!
      Its so important, and I think the climate of our world right now shines a spotlight on it, that we reach out and touch those we love (at least metaphorically.)
      Thanks for your wish of peace…that’s. Areally nice wish! I send the same love and light and wishes back to you. I hope you are well!! 🌞💜🌻

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