The last grain of sand
floats slowly to the bottom
as it twists and turns
and takes its sweet time
It knows the gravity of the situation

Suspended in air
All that was and could have been
Time will always win

All The Time In The World

We’ve got all the time in the world – But do we?

Would you live your life any differently is you knew exactly when it would end? Some people do.

What gets me is that none of us know when we will die and yet we live as though this life will go on forever. With such uncertainty I would think we would treat it more tenderly.

I have never seen a year fly by faster than this current one. I look at the calendar and I’m astonished that the 10th month is almost at end. The holidays are just around the corner! (That’s a whole other story.)

I feel this urgency to do all the things that I want to accomplish in my time here. Maybe it’s because of my melanoma scare, or maybe because a friend who was only 63 just passed from a brain aneurysm! Or maybe it is just that as we get older we have to come to some agreement with our own mortality.

The thing I am painfully aware of is there are fewer years ahead of me than there are behind me! That makes a bucket list of paramount importance if I want any chance of completing it.

I have been very busy lately with various projects and that seems to help with this anxiety I feel about time. I have actually been FINISHING things that I start and that makes me think that maybe this musing about time isn’t such a bad thing.

I wonder if I am the only one who feels an urgency about time. Maybe it is something in the air.

I leave you with three wishes:

1). I wish for you to live your life totally aware and in the moment so that you never have regrets.

2). I wish for you to have relationships where you treat others the way you would like to be treated, and they treat YOU that way too.

3). I wish for you to do all the things that bring joy to your soul and a smile to your face!


Lorrie <3



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28 thoughts on “ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD

  1. Thank you for the lovely wishes Lorrie. I’m glad you’re living with a sense of urgency and gusto. Even though I see time passing and have neglected many of my dreams, I can’t seem to find the motivation to make changes or even dream much anymore.

    1. That breaks my heart, Brad…
      But…I also know that we go through times of ebbs and flows and I truly hope that inspiration will take hold of your heart and lead you toward your dreams. I know that these things can be helped along if we are willing to try to make the changes. I do wish for you to feel your purpose and to find the inspiration to change. I am always here for you!!

  2. Oh, Lorrie, your post is so spot on. Yes, we live as if we have all the time in the world – when our time on earth is soooo precious!
    But I don’t think for myself “pressure” is living my best. It’s kind of a balance – of appreciating the small moments and setting goals to feel productive and make a difference. I am honest to say that I struggle with this sometimes.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I related to what you wrote 100%!!!
    Sending you much love and hugs!

    1. Hi Judy 😊 Thank you for your ever loving support. I hear what you said and I do believe it is a balance of pushing and being that is the hardest thing for me to find. I am much better than I used to be…but it is still a challenge.
      Our time here is so precious and I think about all the years I wasted…but I know better than to regret that because every single thing that happened has brought me to this place and it isnanplace that I really LOVE!!
      Sweet Blessings my friend! Thank you again…and have a wonderful week! 😊💜

      1. Exactly, Lorrie! Nothing was wasted because it brought us to where we are today. It left us with great appreciation, wisdom, and compassion. 🙏 Blessings to you also. Never stop writing. You have so much to say! 😘

  3. Time is the relative motion in consciousness compared to the relative motion of the background of experience
    – PA 2011 … I wrote this after reading Greg Braden’s book “Fractal Time”. I know what you are saying. Since retiring from my full time work I find these questions of yours come up a lot. I’ve found I value life experiences so much more know, even if I do speculate on how it is going to end. In end of the movie Kingdom of Heaven Bailen has a conversation with the Hospitalier who when asked about going off to war to face certain death his reply is “all death is certain”… I think we just don’t appreciate that fact until we place time in it’s true perspective. One more thought – Eternity is not the everlasting, it is the ever present …

    1. Ohhh…I like that quote…the ever present! So many meanings there. And I never saw that movie but what a great line that is too: “All death is certain” vs. certain death.
      I can’t say I never thought about death before…I just thought about it differently. And I get what you mean when you say you value life experiences more now – I think that is the crux of what I was trying to convey. It’s not a fear of death, it’s just an understanding that time here is limited. And the most ironic part is these thoughts all come at a time when I really love my life – when I have healed so much pain and can actually begin to live from my soul!
      Thanks for adding your thoughts here, I do appreciate it 😊 Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Thank you for those wishes Lorrie💕 I will return them to you with a big hug. As I get older I find more time to appreciate life and what matters most… And to accept the reality of life and it’s cycles. There is no time for regret here.

    1. Love that, Val 😊 For some reason I knew from a really young age what regret was all about. I’ve done my best to work on the things I can and to let go of what I can’t control. It hurts when I see others who are headed toward regret…but alas…that is their journey and I have learned I can’t control it😉
      Thanks for the hug!! Sending one back (())

  5. It is a gift to remember the preciousness of life. I have found myself more awakened by my own health diagnosis in the past or a close loved ones death. Everything is going well here, I hope the same for you. Enjoy the moment!
    Many Blessings to you, Lorrie, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa 😊 I couldn’t agree more! Someone said today don’t I wish I was 10 years younger…and I thought…NO! I like where I am right now 😊 And then they said…well you could have the same awareness just a younger body…and I thought…Hmmmmm 😉
      Happy to hear things are well. All good here with a minor struggle or two…but it’s all good 😊💜

  6. I think the older we get, the more we realize just how precious, and fragile, life really is. You’re right, we need to remember that every day really could be our last, and make our choices accordingly. Have you ever checked out the blog, White Haired Grace? I think you would really enjoy it and relate to it. I know I do!

    1. Hi Ann 😊 No, I have not seen that blog but just based on the name alone I am certain I will love it! Thanks for recommending and thanks for adding your voice here. Life is a precious gift and I am a little ashamed of the years I didn’t realize that! But since I am done beating myself up…I will just let that go 😉
      Have a great week, Ann 💜

  7. Such a good post! Every day is precious. I don’t think anything is ever ‘wasted’ on our journey. It is the journey itself that matters…the ups and downs, and everything in between. If everything was always perfect, and we did not have to strive and learn so much, would we ever really appreciate the beauty and wonder of life? And through our experiences, we have so much to share with others…we can help them feel that they are not alone in whatever difficulty they face.

    1. Hi Linda 😊 The journey is real…and yes I agree with you – perfect would be so boring 😉 I do believe that however far we swing one way we must also swing the same distance the other. There is a balance to all of life and for every struggle I think we can experience love to the same degree. Thanks for adding your energy here 😊

    1. Maybe 60 is the age when it really speeds up, Inese. I swear it feels like half the time in a day and the week flies by so fast. It makes me think that a year is not very long at all.
      Yes…hope all is going well in your part of the world. Keep creating!

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