Have you ever faced a decision about whether or not you should do something, and even though all warning signs pointed to “Don’t do it,” you did it anyway?

This past week I went for a walk with my girlfriend. We ended up at a local lake and as we walked to the concrete butted edge, I saw a silver shimmer at the bottom of about a foot of water.

We stood on the edge of the concrete and bent out as far as we could dare, and both agreed that the shining object was a ring – a ring with stones at that!

The edge of the water had slimy rocks that were certain to be slippery, and the height of the concrete abutment was at least five feet. All of the above made for a questionable journey to capture the ring. Not to mention that bodies of water in Florida certainly present the possibility of meeting up with characters I have no wish to meet up with – i.e. alligators, snakes, and iquanas – oh my!

In our hearts we knew we shouldn’t do it. Suddenly, a sound behind us made us both turn quickly and almost lose our balance. To our surprise, a very kind couple had snuck up behind us to see what we were looking at. We pointed to the ring and even thought they could both see it, they cautioned us not to retrieve it. They said it was too dangerous to navigate the wall and the slippery rocks.

Deep down I agreed, but it was not the answer I was looking for. The SHINY OBJECT (like ALL shiny objects – I suffer from SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME) had the best of my attention and the great story of how we found the ring would be something we would remember for the rest of our lives…especially if we weren’t eaten by a hungry alligator! ( No kidding, an 85-year-old woman was killed while walking her dog alongside a similar lake just a couple weeks ago!)

The man assessed the situation and knew that we were beyond help, so he said, “If you’re going to do it, you better leave your sneakers on – that way maybe you won’t slip.”

I thought, “Great idea,” but then I looked down at my shoes and said, “No way! These are brand new shoes!”

The couple promptly wished us luck and went on their way. I had the distinct impression that he thought he should get his cell phone ready to call 911!

I took a moment and started to think about how the Universe communicates with us. Was it possible this lovely couple was sent to warn me not to act like a teenager, especially when I am able to secure a senior discount at most establishments?


Not quite ready to give up, I had a brilliant idea. I thought I could use my cell phone, and my girlfriend’s shorts to frame exactly where the ring was. Then I could zoom in on the photo just to completely make sure that it was, indeed, a beautiful ring. As you can see in the photo below, there wasn’t even the remote possibility that the ring existed. It made for a pretty cool abstract photo though.

It’s hard to believe that even though I knew the dangers, I was still considering lowering myself onto the slippery rocks. Well, apparently so were my guardian Angels, because they sent ANOTHER COUPLE, who tried to talk us out of our great adventure!

Well, sometimes we listen, and sometimes we don’t. And then sometimes the Universe has had enough of our foolishness and decides to completely take the decision out of our hands.

I turned back to the water, and what was clearly sparkling just a moment before was completely gone! Poof! Vanished in the ether!

I changed position – moved from right to left. I bent down, stood up, squinted – took my glasses off – and NOTHING!

I can analyze this escapade scientifically…the sun changed position enough to no longer shine on the SHINY OBJECT at the bottom of the pond. And I can analyze it spiritually – my Angels couldn’t believe that I didn’t take the first message into consideration, so they stalled me just long enough with the second couple – for the sun to change position. I tend to think it was the latter and know that I avoided a sure disaster.

So I am wondering about times that you have had instances where your Angels or the Universe have warned you? What did you do? Did you listen, or did you ignore the message(s)? And, have you ever had the decision taken away completely by those who know better?

Now is the time to analyze WHY I was willing to ignore the very clear messages – it couldn’t just have been SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME – could it?


Lorrie <3


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  1. Thanks for the cautionary tale and chuckles Lorrie. I’m very familiar with ignoring my intuition and guides. Sadly, a lifetime of doing so has left me with very poor navigation skills. I’m glad you finally listened despite the call of shiny objects.

    1. Haha…Thanks, Brad 🙂
      It truly amazes me how we can ignore something so strong!! And for the record, Brad, I only listened because I couldn’t see the shiny object once the sun stopped shining on it!!
      I do think it is something that will improve with practice…

  2. This was a very interesting and compelling story, Lorrie! I had no idea how it was gonna turn out except you were telling the tale and that had to be a GOOD thing!!! 💕💗💕💖✨⭐️. May you find that you, are in fact, thee shiny thing!

    1. AH!!! KA!!!!
      What a wonderful thing to say!! You just touched my heart, friend <3
      I seriously thing S.O.S. is a thing...I wonder if there is a DSM code for it??
      Hope things are going super wonderfully for you, Ka! It has been such a busy, emotional time for me...I wonder if it's just me...

      1. I don’t think it’s just you my friend! There is an abundance of energy right now and you might be feeling very distracted. But! You are the one in the center—which is a very good thing! You are IT! And I mean that. Hugs 🤗 during all of it 💜
        Love you always

        1. Thanks, beautiful Ka! 🙂 Distracted doesn’t begin to describe it!! But I feel it changing a bit…and I think I weathered it fairly well by not getting upset about it!! I was able to find a way to BE with it all…to notice it all…to not make judgments…and to find the quiet place inside (most times anyway!)
          Much love to you too…you always make me smile! <3

  3. There’s also the question of why you happened to look at the shiny object in the first place, Lorrie… we’re you being tested to see just how many warnings you would ignore? The thing is, when your mind’s focused on something, everything else seems to fade away slightly.
    Fun tale, and I’m pleased you didn’t get wet (or eaten!) 😄

    1. Yes, Tom!! That’s a very good question. To be honest…the most amazing thing is that I have been working really hard on trying to hear…and listen to my intuition!! Guess I had a big fail there!!
      I agree about the mind and focus. There are times when I am in that zone and don’t hear a thing!!
      Happy to report my new sneakers still look new, and although I’ve come upon a deceased snake or two of late, I didn’t meet any scary creatures that day!
      Sending all good thoughts!

  4. Oh Lorrie.. Loved this storey.. and I was thinking NO… even before the second couple came along.. LOL…
    I can testify that when the Universe tries to warn us of an impending mistake… Si when I didn’t take their signs and there were plenty they gave me I regretted my decision to ignore the Universal Warnings..

    My own story was I was going for an interview in a city I didn’t know not the lay out nor did I have a map and it was years before Tech Sat-Navs were in use, telling us to make a U-Turn. Lol .. My Shinny Object was the Salary I thought was a WOW factor lol.. 🙂

    I got lost, getting there and stopped several times to ask directions.. I knew deep down this job wasn’t where I wanted to be.. But my firm had given us all 3 months notice as it was closing down for good.. Ego and not wanting to be unemployed drove me on…
    I knew I should just turn around an go home…

    I came to a street with parked cars on the other side of the road and a car not giving way on the other side thought to accelerate and over take the parked cars, thinking they would nip in quick before I got to the parked cars on my right of way.. Well he mis-judged and his car wing mirror hit my wing mirror which through the glass of my wing mirror out onto the road to smash to pieces…

    I looked back in my review mirror.. I stopped, he speeded off, knowing it was his fault.. I should have taken the hint then.. but no… I found the place of the interview I got the job. and a month later I started the job..
    And for weeks following, when I went to work, there were major road works taking place laying tram lines.. Each time I would find myself being diverted.. And even got diverted because of shooting, a rarity in England… this went on for weeks..

    The job itself was a nightmare… and after a few stressful months, I said Okay I get it.. and left… Once I left that place, then everything else just seemed to slot into place as I found another job I enjoyed and closer to home..

    We know we just have to listen, and save ourselves a lot of hassle.. But sometimes our Ego drives us to those shinny Objects we all of us wish to hold..

    Loved your story and sorry my own was so long…
    Much love Lorrie…. So glad the Sun changed positions and you didn’t get wet.. 🙂 <3 💜🙏💖

    1. We did it again, Sue! So many times we are visiting each other at the same exact time!! I just read your response and I love it! And it isn’t long…just the right amount to tell the whole story. Yes…it seems you knew deep down, and when you didn’t listen to yourself – the Universe was very happy to give you many instances of why you should LISTEN!! 😉
      I love that you knew where the story was going right from the beginning! And I am sure that many others will as well. And we have all been there…thinking we know best but mostly enamored with the shiny object. I truly have been trying lately to listen…to feel…to receive the messages that I know my Angels send. So it was crazy that I just wouldn’t give up on the idea. And the other part is as you can see in that photo…the water was so very clear…AT THE EDGES. And then it turned murky…icky really. AND very close by there were tall grasses…the kind alligators LOVE!!! I suppose there is another message (or two?) inside this story!

      On another note…I can’t believe you had snow!! but what a beautiful writing came out of it!

      I do send white healing light to your sister…many prayers of health. And a giant hug to you <3 <3

      1. I love it when we are shown the magic of Synchronicity in our visiting each other simultaneously I had a huge smile on my face as I left your post to see your comment on mine.. And yes… we I feel have at times been shown we sometimes need to learn the hard way.. I am pleased all ended as it did especially give what lurks in muddy waters around you..

        We have to also remember Lorrie that there are those ‘Entities’ who will whisper if allowed in our ear, and the brighter our lights grow, the more the shadows will gather to try and extinguish it…. Being on guard and in our protection bubbles is important right now..
        So your guides were shouting frantically, lol and sending diversions with those people also saying NO… Thank goodness the Universe stepped in to diminish the shinny object from view, if ever there was one in the physical to begin with..

        I am reminded of the Lord of the rings and
        Gullum-or-Smeagol, who became obsessed and memorised with finding the ring and how its power changed those wearing it..
        A story telling us how we are each often transfixed as we go after riches of various kinds, as we unwittingly fall into the trap of being enslaved by greed, wealth and power… Something which we know has been a deliberate plan in order to enslave and keep us separate.

        Many thanks too Lorrie for your prayers to my sister… Sending Mega HUGS your way dear friend… Lots of LOVE <3 and no paddling on slippery slopes.. 😉 <3 🤣

        1. I got your message – loud and clear – Sue! I may have allowed the Angel’s warnings to fall on deaf ears, but somehow the words you used here…and what you didn’t write – have struck me deeply. THANK YOU! I will be more aware and I will stay within my protection bubble!

          And, indeed – “if every there was one in the physical to begin with!” It never even occurred to me that it was never there in the first place!! Hmmmmmm…..

          Yes…all good healing white energy, Sue.
          Here’s to thriving through the big changes! Much love <3

  5. What a great post! I felt like I was right there beside you peering into the water.

    Over the past 14 months I have done some impulsive things that resulted in some consequences.

    My guardian angels have been working on overtime. I, too am now able to get senior discounts, but I never seem to think to use them, because on the inside I feel like I’m about 14 years old.

    I’m so glad I checked my email, and was reminded of your blog. You are such a blessing! <3

    1. Ah, Theresa. I am certain there have been some difficulties as you learn to navigate your changed life. I hope you are working through the journey with grace and ease. Many Sweet Blessings to you…and thank you for your very kind words. Sending lots of love and light 💜🙏

  6. Fabulous lesson, Lorrie. This was a real life dilemma and I felt nervous about the risk you were ready to take. I’m thankful you are safe and it sounds like you found some wisdom from this. Shiny objects can be tantalizing, but worthless. I’m so glad you wrote this lesson – it’s such a good reminder to share!

    1. Hi Judy!! Thank you, my friend! It was crazy that I was so intent on retrieving the “shiny object!” I can’t explain why, but I am so happy that my Angels delayed me long enough for the trinket to no longer be seen.
      I think there are so many lessons wrapped up in this escapade that it may take some time to unpack them all!
      I am sorry I missed you last night 🙁
      I hope you feel much better and that you had a super wonderful time!!
      Much love and light <3

  7. Cake shops do that to me Lorrie, You know you shouldn’t, are warned by friends, relatives and the like…but it keeps calling out your name. And do you know that it doesn’t matter which angle you look at it, I can still smell its heavenly scent. And it’s still there the next day…and probably even fresher. Come on my friend, we got this. We’ll both be strong and listen to those guides around us. Great story kind lady, and saved your boots to boot too🤣❤️🙏🏽

    1. HaHaHa, Mark! I have to say that I am quite happy that “sweets” are not the same as shiny objects for me 😉 I am a “salty” girl…and though will have a sweet from time to time…I can pretty easily deny the urge. Thanks for the laugh…because I can see you standing outside looking in and trying to fight the impulse to run inside and grab a cupcake!!
      Yes, we do have this. A momentary lapse in judgement made me ever more ready to listen to the messages!
      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, Mark. I will be over soon to see what you have been up to! <3

  8. What a great story and so visual Lorrie. I can absolutely picture the scenario and can understand fully the compulsion to clamber down to potential danger for that shiny ring. Life’s full of signs and yep, I’ve fallen victim of not listening but I’d like to think I’m getting better at it. The biggest example of ignoring signs was when I was laid off from a job that was obviously not meant to be. I wrote about it years ago, if you’re interested in reading it. Take care my friend. Sending lots of love. 💗

    1. Ah, Miriam! I just went over and read your post…YES!! It seems the real snakes walked on two legs! But it truly was the Universe taking matters into its own hands. And I am certain that you made the best out of it, just like you stated you would. This big, beautiful life, is full of twists and turns, and ups and downs, and it is our job to learn what works for us…and therefore, what doesn’t! I’ve no doubt that you have done just that and will continue to do that. And I also like to think that I am getting better at listening to the signs…but something was really off that day. I’ve thought about it a lot, and it seems there are so many lessons in this little escapade.
      Well, I hope all is well in your world…hope the hubby is feeling much better and your son is all settled in his new home. Those are big events….you’ve had a few of them strung together for a while now! Sending all good energy and lot of love and light to you <3

      1. Hi Lorrie, yes the snakes were definitely on two legs! Thanks for reading. The other thing about that time was, and I’m not even sure I mentioned it in my post, was that for the whole time I worked there my car was having problems, issues with noises, engine jolts, it was like it didn’t want to take me there! They all mysteriously stopped the day after I got fired! And a huge spider incident. Anyway lol that’s in the past. We learn lessons all the time don’t we, as you discovered. I truly loved reading your story. Life’s full of these testing times and opportunities to trust our intuition. Sending love, light and good wishes to you. 💜

        1. Wow, Miriam!! That is wild that your car was even trying to warn you!! I believe wholeheartedly that the energy of that place (and that of the “snakes”) was absolutely impacting everything around you! Your energy couldn’t be more different and that is why all those things were happening.
          Here’s to listening to our intuitive soul…it seems to me that life moves a whole lot more freely when we do!
          Hope things are going really well…and sorry for the late response!! 😁💜

          1. No apology needed Lorrie, always nice to hear from you. And yes my friend, definitely, here’s to listening to our intuitive soul. 💜🙏 xx

  9. I’ve done it once or twice, mostly when I truly believed it was the “right thing.” And you know what? It never ended well. Since then, I’ve learned to trust my own instincts over what other people urge me to do.

    1. Hi Ann 😊 I so get it…and I am usually much better at listening to that small, quiet voice from inside. I just couldn’t get past the blingy object shining so brightly! I am so Blessitude that my Angels stepped in and saved me!!
      I hope all is well in your world, Ann.

  10. I like the sincerity and the great lucidity with which you analyze your thoughts. I think that this shining ring is a symbol of the many illusions that sometimes in life make us put ourselves in danger. And then we are like unaware children full of curiosity. I would have certainly felt exactly the same desire, and I understand you perfectly! I also think that if you had fallen your Angels would have asked the nicest alligator not to eat you but only to scare you with its… shining teeth (mmm well, maybe you would have deserved it :-))), in order to give you a good lesson, since you did not listened to the previous ones… but finally that not unnecessary : your beautiful and wise soul had to share with us this spiritual teaching, and therefore had to experiment this situation. All that glitters is not gold. And we must always listen to the inner voice that wants to protect us. Thank you my dear friend for such a brilliant reminder❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh, My Dearest!! I don’t know how I missed this comment…other than I was away and only had my phone with me…SO!! I am sorry for the late response…but you made me laugh so hard 😁 I am happy you understood my dilemma…and I also get it when you said perhaps the 🐊 should have bitten me 😉 I just have a thing for shiny…blingy things!! Like diamonds…and crystals…and rainbows!!
      I hope all is well with you…and I will write soon. Things are very good and I have been very busy 😁 Sweet Blessings, my friend 💜😊🖤

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