Summer Solstice – My Time of Year


Summer Beach
Summer Beach

My time of year – the season of my birth

Yes – I feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders

Melting the worries

Melting problems into drops of sweat that roll gently down my back

Yes – my time of year

The ocean warms and colors turn to a sea of golden beauty

Seagulls cry in happiness – or possibly a fight over coveted food

The heat rises – the thermometer’s molten mercury higher…and higher

Bodies move easier

The hum of air conditioners in the background

Yes – it’s my time of year

Kids running through sprinklers

Slip and slide down the flower outlined meadow

Babies in strollers lapping up the heat from Mother Nature’s furnace

Ballgames – hot dogs – outdoor concerts – boardwalk – arcade – the smell of popcorn

Skin is tanned and everyone looks healthier

My season

Lawnmowers churn – the smell of fresh grass lifts up to my nose and mingles with the barbecue that grills

Surrounded by picnic tables filled with summer salads and friends who gather

Jump in the pool

A friendly game of volleyball turns into bodies climbing on shoulders for a good ol’ fashioned chicken fight

My time of year

Road side stands with the best tasting tomatoes you will ever find

Grown on giant vines in the backyard

Fresh Jersey corn slathered with butter and salt – the rolling corn leaves the impression of the cob

Fireflies fly – light up the night sky

Kids run around and catch them

Put them in a jar with holes in the lid

My time of year

It seems that I feel closer to the truth of my soul

when my body is free – unencumbered with heavy clothes

The burden of heavy truths

Yes, this is my time of year

Filled with memories that make a life time

Last a life time



Summer Solstice






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18 thoughts on “Summer Solstice – My Time of Year

  1. Joyful summer song 🙂
    My time of year – the season of my birth…
    I was born on July 17th .. many (46) years ago), so I feel as you Lorrie 🙂 and this poem touches my heart! Besides I’ve also written something about summer
    Much summery love to you 🙂
    Fre’de’ric (I love the way you’ve written my first name in your last comment 🙂 🙂

    Fireflies fly – light up the night sky


  2. Hello Dearest Frédéric! ! A fellow summer baby! Of course you are! Thank you for the love dear one…and yes…I loved your summer writing! Much love back to you…I hope your day is filled with beautiful summer sounds! <3 <3

  3. I felt the lightness of spirit come through your post. I could practically hear Olivia Newton John and John Travolta singing, “Summer Lovin…” It’s interesting how times, places, and things each have a spirituality of their own. I even read somewhere the other day that directions have their own spiritual energy. North is the direction I most resonate with, especially here on the west coast.

    1. I LOVE your comment!! It brought a beautiful energy with it and I am thankful. Love the reference to the song…singing while I write this 🙂 I is amazing how you stated time, places and things have their own spirituality…everything! Enjoy this blessed day…and today…looking east seems right for me ♡♡

    1. Remember the billboards “back when” with the doggie pulling the little girl’s bathing suit bottom down?? My father used to tell me that was a picture of me….I was so embarrassed!!! Have a great day Di…hope the writing is going well! 🙂

  4. This felt like a summer song to me as well! 🙂 A cheerful, light and happy summer song!! 🙂 I am a winter baby, so summer is my opposite, but I love summer too. I love all the seasons! 🙂 Tomorrow 23rd June, it is the Norwegian midsmmer festival, it is the day we celebrate summer. We light bonfires and dance and sing and play games. There are lot of old legends around this night, like that witches come out to ride their broomsticks that night, that the elves and fairies have summer balls, and all of nature comes alive!! It is said that if you gather herbs this night these herbs become magical and extra powerful, so in olden days many women would go out gathering their medicinal herbs this night. There is also a tradition of picking flowers. If a young girl picks seven different flowers and put them under her pillow, she will dream of the man she is going to marry 🙂 I love these old stories and legends and traditions! 🙂 They make life a little more magical! 🙂 I hope you will tell me when your birthday is so that I can wish you 🙂 Lots of Love to you dear soulsister! 🙂

  5. Oh…I love this comment…so much so that I just read it twice! And I will probably read it again, too! Happy midsummer festival…it sounds like a very busy day…witches and bonfires…singing and dancing…magical herbs…and dreaming of husbands!!! So much fun dearest Line…Thank you!!! What a lovely picture you painted of such a happy celebration 🙂 My birthday is deep in the summer. ..The “dog days” of August…the 20th. I did not celebrate my BD for many years which is so sad 🙁 It seemed that something very bad always happened the day before my birthday so for many years I tried to avoid it. It is amazing how what we think has a way of happening…my fear attracted that bad energy. I am so thankful that I no longer live that way…so I now view it as a real celebration!!! Please do tell me the day of your birth in the winter wonderful soulsister! Much love 🙂

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