Don’t Look At Me – Collaborative Post

I just posted my poem over at Forgotten Meadows.  Neha periodically runs a call to poets with a photo prompt.  Here goes: In the Sunshine of Summer Time.


2014-07-02 17.10.18

Don’t look at me

I’m sorry but I can’t show you that piece of me

I like to keep it hidden

Far away from the roving eyes that would devour me


Don’t look at me

I keep everything I need on the other side

So you can’t see it

I show you what I want you to see

And I keep the rest tucked over here


I keep it for me

Selfish you say?

Preservation I think

I give you the pieces I think you’ll keep safe

And the rest is mine to protect


Maybe someday…….






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18 thoughts on “Don’t Look At Me – Collaborative Post

  1. The tittle Don’t Look At Me – Collaborative Post speaks by itself for a wonderful lady with eloquent taste of writing!!

      1. Lorrie – I thank you for your kindest compliments and words. I am humbled. I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July. Many Blessings and happiness!

  2. Women of my generation were taught to do it all. Do it well. Do more. Stuffing vulnerability was simply survival for so many years. Although I’ve dealt with so many hidden pieces already…….I’m pretty sure there are still a few more concealed bits left. (In the words of the Wicked Witch of the West….”I’ll get you, My Pretty…and your little dog too!”) Did I sound sinister enough? Hah!

  3. Ahhh! Perfect!! And here’s a little secret…I played the Wicked Witch of the West in our school play!!
    Yes..”stuffing vulnerability was simply survival”…I get it! And about those concealed bits…sorry but…they probably do exist…But I know you will get them and take good care of them! Have a super weekend!! With love…Lorrie

  4. Beautiful and very moving poem Lorrie, it reminds me of my mother (who died in 1992, three months before my father) who told me one day “I hide many things from me” “I show you what I want you to see”. Yes, very touching Lorrie! Thank you very much. But a mother never dies in reality, maybe you’ll like the poem I wrote about her…
    Thank you, Lorrie! And much love to you.

    1. Oh dear Frédéric! I thank you so for sharing here. 1992 must have been a very hard year for you. You are correct…your Mom is ALWAYS with you…and you are correct….she lives in your heart! I read your poem “Heather in Winter” and it is so beautiful Frédéric …a lovely poem for your beautiful Mom! From a standpoint of mothers, I would guess almost every one lives this poem where her children are concerned (like your Mom said to you)…or maybe that is just my experience because that is what I learned from my mother. Feel the hug in your heart dearest…much love to you <3 <3 <3

    1. Hey Mo! Thank you…it was spontaneous from viewing Neha’s photo. Maybe not a real “summer” theme, but this is what came out!! Much love to you <3

    1. Hi Zara…Thank you!!! Sometimes it feels so dark and I hesitate to share, but then I stand in truth…and it feels right. Much love and many blessings back to you 🙂

  5. Hi Kimberly! Thank you 🙂 For years I thought I couldn’t trust anyone with ANY of the pieces. Very happy to not live so much in that fear any more. 🙂

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