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I have to thank the lovely Kanzen Sakura who invited me to join her blog tour!

Kanzen’s blog tour post

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Kanzen is a sweet lady with a big personality!  I thank her immensely for all of her support and for showcasing my work here.  Her blog’s,, tagline is East meets South: Haiku, Musings, Recipes, Serendipity – Oh My!” And I agree “Oh My!”  This blog is an eclectic mix of all of the above, delivered with a genuine and personal style – tinged with what she calls her, “not quite normal humor.”  Take a tour and you will see!


The rules are to answer 4 questions about your writing/projects and choose 3 people to invite into the tour – and give them a Monday to post on.

The following are my nominees and I have asked them to post on Monday, July 21, 2014.

Ellie Marrandette for Lorries blog

Ellie, from New Creations Ministries, speaks of her two very diverse careers; one in public relations and the other as a certified nutritional counselor.  Her posts reflect an influence from both of these careers, but what shines through the brightest in every post is Ellie’s very strong faith in God.  She is full of wisdom, information, inspiration, and love.  Ellie is a published author with a new book, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese,” due out this month.  Do take a walk into Ellie’s world…I believe you will be inspired.


2014-07-07 17.06.27

Julie, from I Sing Because I’m Free!  “A beautiful bird singing while in flight!”  That is my introduction to Julie!  She will take you on a spiritual journey with her words, and then she seals the deal with a video of her singing at her piano.  She writes songs that truly come from her soul and she teaches us to be present – aware – in the moment of life where we are right now.  Go see what this beautiful songbird is singing about…you won’t be disappointed.



This young blogger made me stand up and take notice when I first landed at her home.

Abhilasha, from My Silent Escapes, is wise, way beyond the years she has walked this planet.  She writes of love for everyone; of finding her own heart; and states, “Hope is the key to the door of my soul.”  She is prolific and writes from a heart that feels.  Dive into the warm waters and float for a while on Abhilasha’s words.


And now….the answers to my questions.  These are the same answers I used from a previous blog hop…the answers did not change!!!  So if you read that one you can skip it here 😉

What are you working on/writing? 

I am currently working on my blog which I started in Feb of this year.  This includes poems, haiku (a new love of mine) and anything else that makes it past my fingertips.  I also started an acrylic painting (my first) of an idea that has been in my head for a long time.  Oh…I also have a proposal finished for a book that came out of the physical and emotional healing journey I have been on.


How does your work/writing differ from others of its genre? 

I find this question to be a quirky one.  Of course the easy answer is that it is different because my point of view is unlike anybody else’s point of view – therefore, it must be different.  I wish I could come up with a really cool answer to this but …yeah…writer’s block???  I write from my heart and soul…but I’m sure you all do.  I write about things I am passionate about…but I’m sure you all do.  I write because I’m happy…I write because I’m sad…I write because I have something to say…I write because I want to help people…I write because I have to.


Why do you write/create what you do?

Looks like I got a little ahead of myself!  I believe that I suppressed the real me for so long that I am like a fine bottle of champagne.  My cork has been released and there’s no stopping me now!  I HAVE to write.  It is what is here for me right now.  I have denied myself so much through the years, and writing was one of those things.  I wish I knew why…but I don’t.  I have my first poems that I wrote when I was a teenager.  I even hand bound a book to write them in.  There I go always combining art with writing.   But way before that I wrote stories, and plays.  I always knew that I would write a book one day.

I have to “MAKE” something.  All the time.  I’m just not happy if I am not creating something.  My “art” projects are so varied and include so many medias it would be hard to cover them all here.  One thing I do love to do is to take something old and make it into something new.


How does your working/writing process work?

This is the fun part!  It works however it wants to work, whenever it wants to work, wherever it wants to work.  I have been in the shower many a times when I have to run out of it looking for a pen and paper dripping wet.  If I’m driving and someone is with me I make them write it down. ( I just purchased a voice recorder so I don’t bother my passengers!)  I have truly become a bit paranoid about having pencils and paper around.  I make sure I have something with me wherever I go!

Usually for a poem the first line comes into my head, either out of the blue or it can be sparked by some sense…something I see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  I now understand what it is and immediately pick up a writing instrument and then the poem just comes out of me.

The haiku are a little different.  I joked with someone that I am starting to think in that rhythm.  But a haiku is always inspired by something I see…and usually take a photograph of.  I am new to this art form and I just hope that I am not bastardizing it.  All I can say is it is something I “feel” so it is authentic to me.

All my other “projects” usually start as an idea that gets carried along with perfect timing, perfect order, divinely guided.  Just like my life!!!









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11 thoughts on “Blog Tour – Take Flight!

  1. Thank you so much Lorrie. The description you gave for my blog really makes me feel that my writing is worth something. You just made my day. Thanks and have a great day 🙂

  2. Oh…I’m so happy you feel that way…BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!!! I sincerely hope that people stop by and take a look! Have a super wonderful week!! <3 <3

  3. I am so happy to do so! You have been a blessing to me and I’m sure you will connect with some great people here 🙂 Much love to you!! <3

    1. Ah….Julie…yes it is a wonderful place to feel at home! You are so welcome. Now it seems I’ve gone from no pictures of you …to two!!! Have a blessed day 🙂

  4. Love the tour Lorrie, when I did mine a few weeks ago, I found it helpful to reflect upon what I’m about. I’ve also recently discovered haiku & really enjoying it. I consider it ‘say what you see’ poetry & like how dramatic it is. 😀

    1. Hi Amanda…thanks for reading and commenting!! It’s funny but I’ve been thinking about “what I’m about” lately too! I think about the question “who are you” and how people generally tell you “what” they do…not who they are. So happy you have found Haiku to be rewarding…I love it. I’m still not sure it is “classical” haiku….but I love it not matter. Have a super super day!! 🙂

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