25 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 7/17/14 two

  1. very nice, Lady Lorrie… <3

    sometimes the beauty of love can also arise from ashes, like the Phoenix supposed to ignite itself, to burn up, and then to arise out to live other 1000 years… this triumph over adversity has turned the fire bird into a symbol of new life… our eyes are windows or mirrors of our soul, they have pupils, but in fact we are all pupils = students who consciously attend an “experimental university” – via the lens of real or virtual time… 🙂

    1. Oh Me’lanie!!! Yes…rise like the Phoenix!! After a rainstorm the air is always cleanest….clearest…
      Thank you dear one 🙂 Much love and many blessings to you!

  2. Solomon says, “There is nothing new under the sun.”
    Mother Goose says, “The cow jumped over the Moon.”
    Einstein says, “In space — there’s no such thing as direction.”
    The Bible says, “The Son makes all things new.”

    Who you gonna believe? 😉

  3. Spiritually sublime!
    The eyes convey secrets…look deep and see your souls eyes seeing light from a true perspective
    Beautiful…your poems make me go into deep contemplation..thank you 🙂
    With much love

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