The Truth About Detours


Rise to the beautiful bounty that exists inside your soul

Answer the questions God asks you

The answers contain the directions that make you whole

There are many possible routes to get where you are supposed to be

Some are better than others

Some you just wait and see

There are no wrong answers

For everything moves you in one direction or the other


But there are better roads to travel

You can take the road you want to

But don’t expect to wander freely and get to your destination in a timely fashion

You see, this is where free will steps in

Yes – there may be a plan for you

But if you take a detour and get side tracked

Then the purpose you are supposed to fulfill will be delayed

No one can say for sure how long

Or if you will even fulfill that purpose in your lifetime

And there will be consequences to your psyche

For not fulfilling the contract

Feelings of being lost

Feelings of anger

Feelings of not being satisfied

For how satisfied could you be if you are not satisfying your purpose?


In hindsight, I can’t have regrets

Because I would not have had my beautiful son

If I had not taken my detour

A rather long, convoluted detour

One that had many twists and turns

And accidents along the way

But here I am now

A little worse for wear

Probably a lot more broken

And there’s always the self-abuse I created

But the point is

I’m back!

I have never felt more authentically me

than perhaps when I was a young child

Free will

It’s all up to us how, when, and where we travel

The road can either be the original planned one

Or – you can take a detour





Written 7/12/14

When I was 18, a woman who was dressed as a gypsy at a Halloween party read my palm.  She looked me in the eye and told me she could see what I was planning and that I absolutely should not do it! 

It was creepy!  Because just so happens I had a HUGE thing planned.  I was eloping in one month….leaving the security of family (and really…really…pissing them off!) leaving a career that I loved, and heading to a life filled with lies, drugs, anger, and abuse!

It was somewhere around Tennessee that we made the call to my parents…far enough away that my Father couldn’t get us.  But the very, very, sad thing is that all I wanted was for my Father to come and get me.  I knew that I was making a huge mistake and I just wanted to go home.

My Father’s reaction was so filled with hate and anger it made me dig my boots in and finally, 600 miles away I stood up to him for the first time in my life!  All I really wanted was to be a little girl and go home, but this newfound bravery was so enticing I told him we were already married and there was nothing he could do about it!!  Phew!!  Wow!  It felt really good to cause him that pain which didn’t come close to the years of horrible abuse he inflicted on our family.

In a moment life can change.  In that moment, my life changed forever.  I had broken free from the abuse.  Or so I thought at that time.  Apparently the gypsy knew that I only traded one tyrant for another. And my tyrants were always disguised in love.

Life is filled with decisions we have to make.  Looking back you can see the really huge moments that irrevocably changed your path, or if you are lucky you can recognize them when they are happening.  The truth about detours is they put you on roads that you otherwise would not have traveled. I wouldn’t change a thing because my son is my gift that I received in the detour. πŸ™‚  And I know how lucky I am that my detour has finally led me back to my intended path…..Blessitude!

<3 Lorrie

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59 thoughts on “The Truth About Detours

  1. I have come to know that those detours look like detours but are actually part of our original path without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. It is all about being ready to change our perspectives and therefore experience something greater. I know for me that 40 years ago I was in no way ready to own and take responsibility for the life I created, not realizing all it took was to inventory my beliefs and life experiences keep what works and release the rest. So all of those detours got me ready and I am so grateful for it, because as I change my beliefs I change my life!!! What else is possible? How does it get any better than this? love and Blessings Connie Thank You Lorrie

  2. Oh Connie!! Yes! πŸ™‚ How does it get any better than this??? I could not have gotten to the place where I, too, view my detours as gifts without YOU!!! My life has changed in so many ways….and I am grateful for every experience because it all forwards me on my journey. And I am full of gratitude that I have met you along the way!!! <3 Blessitude!!!

  3. It’s not easy to see difficult times as detours, rather than setbacks, or to accept whatever comes and to look for the lessons every experience brings. May we all embrace life’s back roads.

    1. I love driving on back roads….my biggest problem was maybe I drove a little too fast πŸ™‚ Time to slow down and appreciate the view! Have a super weekend <3

  4. Wise reminders Lorrie. Thanks for sharing your insights and the courage of your path. I often feel the frustration of not feeling on my path/ purpose, but I’d like to believe that we can’t really be off the path. I hope I get to the point of you and Connie where I can be happy & grateful for the wandering. And I do believe my blog is a piece to helping be find purpose and meaning by connecting, supporting and being supported, and sharing. I’m very glad that you have found your way back home to your authentic self, joyful and free. blessings, Brad

    1. Oh Brad…thank you for your very honest words…and as always, for your beautiful support! I truly honor the connection we have made here. And, like you, blogging here and making these connections is an important part of my purpose. I find it so comforting to support and be supported by people from all over the globe!! It makes me honor that we are all ONE…and that distance is only an illusion for we connect with people from across the world in a matter of moments. And we connect in our heart centers….where there is no distance!!! I think we can get bogged down in thinking that our purpose is one thing and that it will miraculously be revealed to us and what if it has been and our purpose is to LOVE…? Much LOVE to you Brad….have a super weekend! <3

      1. Wow. Thank you dear Lorrie. I appreciate you and your kind, loving words so much. Many days you help lift me up. Yes, sometimes I think LOVE is enough and the rest are mind worries. I’m learning to love my precious inner child amid the distractions of financial worries. I’m glad we share heart space. <3 Thank You!

  5. I often think of the process you describe as a gps thingy calculating how to get us to our destination after we’ve taken a wrong turn. Peace, Laurie.

    1. I love it Dennis!!! We have an internal GPS “thingy” (one of my favorite words by the way πŸ™‚ ) Hmmmm….starts with G and has three letters…? πŸ™‚ Have a super, super, weekend!!! <3

  6. Lorrie, I am covered in goosebumps, literally. Your story reflects mine in so many ways. Like you, I have gone on many a detour, yet in those very detours themselves, I found Wisdom (hard won and painful) and a way to grow up. And to heal. Today like you, I feel the most authetic ME I have felt in my entire life. I chose years ago to walk away from abuse, to transmute the fear (hate) into Love, and that is what I have done for more then 25 years. Bless you, Lorrie, for walking the High Path. All Roads lead to Source. ALL. Some may take longer then others, but eventually we all do get there. Have a Blessed weekend, my friend!!! Love, Amy

    1. Oh Amy….my term for goosebumps is “Chicky Skin!” and I have them reading your response!!! πŸ™‚ Yes…All roads lead to Source. It is such an amazing life….to travel the roads that we travel and we all come home!! I am so grateful for ALL of my experiences…even the ones that I didn’t think I would survive. And I am so grateful for wonderful, beautiful souls…like YOU!!! You lift me up and you give me such inspiration!! Thank you!!! Much love and many blessings to you dear Amy πŸ™‚ <3 <3

      1. More Chicky Skin! LOL I feel the same about you, Lorrie. My hope is that through our example, and what we share, the younger generations learn from us. This is one of my Hopes. (smile) Love, Amy

  7. My first detour was at age 16 and from then until I was in my early 30’s I had many more detours a lot of pain and unhappiness. But today as I look back on those years I can see how all that happened during those detours prepared me for my purpose in life. I am thankful I finally made it there because for several years now I have had peace, happiness and feel fulfilled. Sweet Lorrie I can identify so much with what you write and you are such a blessing to me. Hugs!!!

    1. You fill my heart with love because I can feel your authenticity shine through every one of your words!!! I thank you so much for sharing your journey…and I am grateful that you are fulfilled and know peace and happiness in your life, Mags! You are very dear to me <3 <3

  8. When we trust God to write our story He is like the Master Painter, Master Choreographer, Master Playwright. He uses our darkness and pain to produce purpose and redemption and beauty. Beauty for ashes. Romans 8:28 Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your journey. Very inspiring. Very true. :-]

    1. You have brought beautiful tears to my eyes!! “purpose and redemption and beauty!!” I thank you for adding here…it means a lot to me. Have a beautiful weekend <3

    1. Melanie….I have them too!! πŸ™‚ You are heaven sent…we were destined to connect in this earth school! God Bless you to…I hope this weekend shows you her beauty πŸ™‚

    1. That is awesome Michael! I think it is being willing to allow and accept the fact that there will be detours that allows us to get the most out of them! Many blessings to you <3

  9. We can all relate, Lorrie. No one escapes the suffering.
    But our pioneering spirit knows no fear, and curiosity does not kill cats. πŸ˜‰

    “Keep your eye on the prize,” Paul would say. We’ll find our way.
    And, here we are. Have a great weekend! Peace and luvz, Keith

    1. Yes Keith…the cat has nine lives…yes…? Hehe
      I agree UT…love or fear…I will stand on the side of love!! <3. Blessed weekend to you πŸ™‚

  10. I love the poem and the follow up story was so touching. We all take detours and we must then work to find our course again. I was also thinking- we are always given signs for our journey. OUr job is often to heed the signs that we are given. Easier said than done! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Kimberly! Yes…that is the key isn’t it…to become so aware that we can spot the signs along the way…not just later when hindsight is 20/20!! It’s all good…the journey is what matters πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a super weekend! <3

  11. Awesome Lorrie! It touched my heart… and then a thought came to me.
    We call them detours because that is how our mind makes sense of them. What if they were our path and not detours at all.
    All the roads we travel must be travelled.
    Val x

    1. Yes Val….I have come to understand….and be thankful for every road I have traveled! And I do have comfort in my journey (now…even though at times it didn’t feel comfortable) I always see the lesson in the “detours,” and I really only have one regret in life…and that is that I started smoking cigarettes when I was very young (just celebrated 23 years since I quit! πŸ™‚ ) I’m so grateful for your input, for your support….Thank You!!! Hope the weather clears…I think it may for you soon…this rain is moving eastward! Beautiful Sunday! <3

    1. Yes!!! I got to see a little of that big yellow orb myself this evening! !! And, of course, the inside sun is looking mighty fine too! I can remember “growing pains” when I was little…so the concept isn’t foreign! πŸ˜‰

  12. Lorrie
    what an amazing reflection. The best thing about it is that it is a great story for young people to read now… Also an awesome wake-up call for parents to be slow to anger. I cried thinking about how your Daddy could have changed everything by slowing down.
    You are a brilliant story teller. You make me want to know what happened with you and your dad after!
    I’ve been working on my book and missed slowing down to read too many other blogs right now. Glad I stopped to read yours!

    1. Hi Di!!! I’ve missed you…and I swear was thinking about you right when you showed up on my computer screen!!! πŸ™‚
      Thank you ….you have always been so wonderful to me. As far as my Dad goes…well…we have traversed some very rocky roads through the years. During my transformation and healing over the past three years I have had to do some major work in the forgiveness department. It has been a beautiful thing. Dad is 85 and we are in a very good place now….I am very grateful! I hope everything is super wonderful in your world…I have missed you!!! Much love to you <3 <3

      1. ((((Lorrie ))))
        Hugs! Thank YOU for sharing. You KNOW that you’re a great story teller when you leave us wanting more even when THAT wasn’t the point of your story lol.
        I’m good. Thanks! My father in law had prostate and bladder cancer and then had them both removed, so it’s been a stressful few months BUT PRAISE THE LORD, he’s cancer free! Just learning to deal with less body organs. But he’s amazing and I don’t have any doubts that he’ll be back in the saddle sooner than expected. I’ve been trying to finish my book. I have the ending in my head. I just need to formulate it enough in there to get it down on paper! πŸ˜‰
        Hopefully today will be that day!
        I’Ve missed you! I sooo know that thing you’re talking about when you are thinking about someone and they call you or show up in your life in some way. I feel it only happens to those that I have a special connection with. β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Di…(sorry….hope I didn’t miss you…I had to go to the dentist) Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. It is amazing how well people can bounce back after such devastating surgery and illness. I will send healing thoughts and bright white healing energy your way for him. Thank you so much for the beautiful praise that you give me…I appreciate you so much.
          I know you will get your ending done soon…everything happens when it is supposed to. I am so happy to hear from you. Have a super blessed week….much happiness to you Di!!! <3 <3

          1. Every time I read this I feel that I have to comment. Obviously lol, we have quite a back and forth thread going on. This story just gets me on so many levels. I want my dad, I want to go back and make the right choices. It is so good. I wish every young girl could read it. It’s still fresh 3 years later! I’ve missed you! Not sure how I lose touch with the greats. This popped up on my email today. So glad someone else found it and commented!
            By the way, that gypsy… πŸ™„
            Most 18 year olds are planning something that is most likely a horrible plan. 😏

            1. I know what you mean…i don’t know how I lose touch either…but we always seem to find our way back at the most perfect time!
              It is amazing to me that this post is showing up as I just lost my Dad last week at 88 years of age, Di. I know when I made this decision it changed the course of our lives in a real way…i don’t think he ever quite forgave me…and on some level neither did I. The good news is that over the last 5 years we were able to bury the bad times and get on with being a father and daughter. I am so grateful I did not waste any more time on anger and unforgiveness!
              Thanks so much for your beautiful words…i truly hope you are surrounded by light and love!!! πŸ’œ

              1. So sorry about your dad. So glad you had a chance to heal while he was still here to share in it with you! Too many times we figure it out by the time they are gone. What a blessing.

  13. The closer “the shift” comes, the easier the detours are to notice. I myself have taken one too many detours – a few of which I know have kept me from my destination in this particular life. I could choose to punish myself and refuse to live out the course my detour leads me on upon my path, or … I can choose to accept my responsibility in the loss of speed in which I can obtain the goal that was laid out for me and frolic along the path “off” my detour – toward the road I had steered from in the first place. We live, we learn, we’re closed, we become open – and as we’re taking every step – no matter whether we’re on course or fall off course, we are always loved and always accepted back on track, a changed track perhaps, but still the original track, slightly derailed.

    1. Yes Kimberly. ..I also feel I lost a lot of time taking my detours. I have had sadness about this, but I don’t dwell on it because I know everything happens for a reason. ..and happens the way it is supposed to. I think when I see how great my life feels now that I am back on track. ..I get a little greedy!! But I really, most of the time, am able to let go…

  14. I’m glad you do, you have to let go. First of all, we are created and exist out of pure loving energy, so beating ourselves up is like going against the very nature of our being … but also, how do we know that the detours we took weren’t part of the original plan, and even if they weren’t – who are we, if not to be humble enough, to realize that our guides are working in full-force to reinvent our path to suit our detour..We’re going to get to where we’re supposed to be no matter what we do – the grand plan is just that “grand” – and we are being guided. <3 blessings to you

    1. Yes, yes, yes! So agree with you. And I especially like what you said about beating ourselves up is going against the very nature of our being! Amen! πŸ™‚

  15. On a completely off topic note … because I’m still so very proud and laughing hysterically at myself for obsessing so drastically over it and finally accomplishing it … did you see my foot? haha Why I’m getting such a huge kick out of it is something I can’t answer – I don’t know, but I’m giggling like a little girl who just saw a butterfly with a piece of candy on it’s wings lol. There must be something very wrong with me – thank goodness I find what’s wrong with me quite right and fitting. LOL I made a foot, it’s under my “barefoot” …. And yes, feel free to biff me in the forehead to get me to stop this hysterical laughter i can’t seem to control over “my foot” hahaha.

  16. HI Lorrie,
    I had totally missed this! I’m thinking of you and all the honor I feel when I read your words, and know how far you have come. Sometimes we don’t heed advice when it is good for us, sometimes we just have to go with our heart no matter what. I believe that you are blessed beyond belief, and yet I know that on the path of deserving more, we often find ourselves in situations where we are subjected to so so much we don’t deserve. I think this teaches us unconditional love, even when we wouldn’t given it anyways. Also, when you stood up to your father, that was a precious moment, and it didn’t matter that you were swapping one tyrant for another, what mattered was that you were in charge of you. You are the boss of you. I so love your courage, and every day that the two of us connect, I learn more about you –
    So much love to you,

    1. Your intuitive heart touches me , Ka. The fact that you found this particular post at this time is no accident. We just buried my father on Friday…he had a major heart surgery that he survived, but then suffered immensely the next two weeks before he passed with his family surrounding him. I have never seen a human die before. A few seconds before he flat lined, my heart did something I had never felt before…and then I almost passed out. The monitor went off and I knew it was the end.
      I have so much MORE stuff that I feel I don’t have a place for…but I also have a strange peace that I don’t quite understand yet.
      I checked out of life (which I tend to do when things become overwhelming) but feel the need to reestablish some order and get back to the things that make my heart sing. There is much to decipher but the way I do that is to write…to create…and to connect!! Thank you for showing up in the PERFECT moment πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

      1. My dear Love, this is my job. I show up at the right time because I am somehow guided to be there, and say or do a thing. Know that you are so very loved. <3 Thank you for sharing this tender and heartfelt moment with me. I am still receiving your message… here…. and give my gratitude for the life that has been given us, for however long, and in whatever way we know one another. A passing on is a sacred rite, a moment of transition – may all those wounds continue to heal <3 Bless you sweet Lorrie! I also understand the process of dealing with overwhelm. It's okay. We don't always get to choose how we respond, I think. But our spirit moves us, no doubt. Allow yourself all the emotions. Know that life is ready for you when you are. <3

        1. Thank you, beautiful soul πŸ’œ
          Today is the first day I have been able to experience a little alone time…time to reconnect with my soul in nature. I hear the birds sing and feel the slightly cool breeze cross my body and I know that all IS exactly as it should be. I have been such a control freak most of my life, Ka, only realizing recently when there is no TRUST, you have to CONTROL. I am placing myself in the arms of Spirit, trusting completely that all I experience is necessary…and good!
          I thank you for our connection…you mean so much to me and when our energies connect there is beautiful light!!
          I hope that you are vibrating high, dear Ka!
          (And as an aside…every time I have written your name in this message…my phone has changed it to “James.” I don’t know if that means anything to you…vut felt compelled to tell you.)
          Sweetest blessings πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

          1. Hi Lorrie – very long day over here. Lots going on. I hear you on the control thing. I really do. It’s all a balancing act that we keep finding and changing the level of give and take with the nature of the universe. I have had a really intense but not quite overwhelming day. : ) I’m good. It’s good stress. Better than before – better than ever, maybe. HOpefully that keeps flowin’ – I feel empowered in my life, even during stress.

            Lorrie, at first, I didn’t think the name James had any meaning in particular, then later on I remembered a past life reading a long time ago given by my friend where I was told I had a past life as a little boy who was a slave on a plantation, named James, and I was beaten and abused. So, I suppose, I am still healing from that. Big big big hug…… lots of love, Lorrie – thank you!

            1. You betcha, Ka! (This time the phone changed your name to “May!”)
              I am happy that you feel so empowered…especially during stressful times! To stand in our power and know that WE are responsible for the way we live our lives no matter what appears from the outside…is so freeing!
              (BTW…Your response about “James” has a message in it for me.)

              May this day hold you in love’s arms and offer you peace from your aoul πŸ’—πŸ’—

              1. Lorrie! You bring loving tears πŸ’Ÿ to my eyes. I wish you the same love’s arm surrounding you, always. Thank you for letting me know that there was a message in there for you, too, about “James.” I thought there might be but you know, so that’s why I did share. – Surrendering in all the ways that we can, grateful to Spirit, and for your role in this! πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’œ

              2. Love to connect, Ka! There is always a sweet blessing and I am Blessitude…so blessed and full of gratitude… that our souls found each other in this blogosphere and continue to help each other on our journey. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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