45 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 8/18/14

    1. Hi Trini…that makes my day, then!! I wish to give you smiles every single day…Angel work is hard some days….but Angels carry the light of love!!! ❤ ❤ (And we are for sure, "Your big sisters!")


    1. John…thank you!! I know no other way….I am so happy that you see my soul. There was a very long time that I didn’t want to be seen at all. Many blessings to you, friend! ❤


  1. Some meetings are more than simple meetings, they are like spiritual encounters, or reunions of soul mates… your haiku expresses beautifully how important one of these special encounter is to you dearest Lorrie, your heart (as in the picture) is a gleaming jewel of love and generosity – much love to you, have a wonerful week 🙂 xxoo


    1. Oh, dear Fre’de’ric….I know you understand how important this was for both of us. I honor you and the friendship that covers me with love. Some connections just ARE! I wish you a beautiful week filled with love and understanding. My dear friend…thank you! ❤ ❤


    1. Yes, Louise….you are so spot on here. I can guarantee there are miracles involved!!! 🙂 And THAT makes me smile from my heart….which is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!!! Much love to you!!! Thank you for your thoughts…and words. ❤


      1. You’re welcome sweetheart – I love your Haikus! Today – VERY lazy – as in extremely, but that’s a type of wonderful – considering that my summer of fun and irresponsibility is nearly over – able to absorb the last of the lazy days of summer with wonderment. 😀 Wishing you the same … have a wonderful day!

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          1. lol – no, but it does sound like one huh? Very difficult 2 years – 2 years come September – too sorrow-filled and heart-wrenching to share (brings ppl down). It ended in May and I made a thought out decision to take the entire summer off to decompress, find acceptance, and cause myself a summer I could look back upon, when looking back – without having to look back on all that took place before it. Financially sound decision? Heck NO – but a much needed mental health summer. :o)


  2. hello lorrie compliments for your awesome blog and i wanna nominate you for the very inspiring blog award .
    read the post and congratulations.


    1. Do I call you Maniparna? I’m so happy that you enjoyed this one!! I too, love haiku 🙂 I had fear to post my first one…but they just come to me…I find myself thinking in 5-7-5 🙂 So I am very happy that people like them!


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