Oh…Little Girl

2014-10-19 09.24.55

Oh…Little Girl

So tiny…so frail

I see you hiding

Trying not to be seen

Trying to meld into the fabric

of the walls that surround your heart

So many things you’ve witnessed

Been privy to the monster workings of the world

Chaos all around you

You can’t make it stop

Yet you need to find a way to control it

Because you can FEEL it all

The energy rises up

and it’s real

It smacks you in the face

As a punch is delivered

Bones crack


It doesn’t matter

For they are one

Oh…Little Girl

I can see how you tried to protect yourself

I can see the strategies you tried to employ

The things you did to try not to feel

The way you tried to numb yourself

Make the feeling stop

And when you couldn’t get relief that way

You thought you could control everything in your path

You could plan for every possible event

Head off trouble at the pass

Because if you could prevent the problems before they happened

You wouldn’t have to FEEL the resulting pain

Oh…Little Girl

I know how sad you can be at times

Because you failed

because you weren’t able to prevent the pain

and then once the pain ramped up and took hold of you

you weren’t able to handle the pain


Oh…Little Girl

I don’t have all the answers

But I do know what the problem is

and they say that is the first step to freedom

Take my hand and be not afraid

Walk to the light

The light of love

Vibrate at the level of spirit

The spirit that resides in you

The spirit that bathes you in white light

It is going to be okay

You are going to be okay

I promise I won’t leave you

and I promise I will help you any way that you need help

Oh…Little Girl




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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

69 thoughts on “Oh…Little Girl

    1. Thanks Zachary! I’m happy that you liked this one. It just as easily could have been Oh…Little Boy! I think the inner child in all of us needs some comfort and healing! I appreciate you…hope all is well in the southern hemisphere!!! ❤ 🙂

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