The Hard Way


I have had a very trying week

I don’t understand what possible good all of this chaos could possibly serve

But I am trying really hard to remain strong in my faith

In the faith that I may not always see the good reasons behind the bad experiences

But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt

That You are orchestrating these events for a reason

Or maybe many reasons


I believe this with all my heart

But sometimes I find it hard to handle the assault of people being mean

Going out of their way to hurt me

And choosing to do the wrong things

So I pray that I will be enlightened

And I pray that I do not back slide into

Thinking that people treat me this way

Because that is how I deserve to be treated


I worked so hard to learn to love myself

And I know that pleases You tremendously

So I will continue on my path

With self love and respect

And I will be thankful for

All my lessons that I learn

Even the ones I learn the hard way

And perhaps the most important piece of this crazy puzzle

I will offer the people who tried to steal my joy


Because I think these people really need help

And therefore I will say a prayer for them


A prayer for healing






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76 thoughts on “The Hard Way

  1. You had the same week as me? Keep your head high. Forgiveness is the key to keeping your peace. You are in my prayers, and I will join you in prayer for those you are forgiving. May your joy grow 100 fold.

    1. Thank you Wendy!! <3 Your words are so comforting and I know your prayers will help!! And I will also add you to mine 🙂 I am sorry that you also had a trying week….there must be something in the air! Here's to CLEARING THAT ENERGY!!! 🙂 Enjoy this day! <3

  2. Your generosity will be repaid manifold Lorrie; it is a very beautiful approach that you have taken to these challenges, and I applaud you greatly for it. In keeping with the image above, I wish you ‘plain sailing’ as the seas of ‘the hard way’ calm so as to reflect on their surface only the way of love. Hariod. <3

    1. Thank you so much Hariod! Your words have such poetic beauty…and they have given me comfort. I am so appreciative of your support 🙂 Have a beautiful Sunday! <3

  3. Oh, Lorrie, I thought you were having a lovely time with your sister, and that is why you didn’t post. I am so so sorry you had to go through hardship! But I guess we all have to. The world is not perfect, and I think, unfortunately the majority of people still live from their egos. This is something Ive had to accept, even though it is hard to understand. some people are not capable of living in empathy, they are so disconnected to that part of themselves. then someone vulnerable without ego comes along, someone who is connected, and do not display ego, and then people mistake that for weakness and they attack. It is sad, but it happens, and I know that sitaution is almost unbearable to be in, especially when you are sensitive to energies. But sometimes we cannot avoid it. You know Lorrie, it is also okay to be angry, and to admit to yourself that you are angry at these people, I mean we dont have to act on that anger. but it is okay to have it. Because anger can help you to understand that it is not you there is something wrong with. You can just say to yourself: I am angry, and that is okay! and many times that is enough, and the anger might go away. Sending people love is important, but it also important to send and give love to yourself. I think when you think of what kind of person you want to be and what qualities you appreciate and admire in others, you will know that it is not you there is something wrong with, that those mean people are not right. You know, sometimes when people are mean to me, I think about someone I love and what I would think, say and do if somone was mean to them. That really helps. You know we all carry the same worth within, so you deserve your own love just as much as others 🙂 Sending you lots and lots of Love dear sister! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you beautiful soul sister! Your words I take to heart and I know what you speak of. I know this kind of assault has also happened to you. It is hard sometimes to take things when they are stacked one on top of the other….a health issue compounded by people being mean (multiple people in succession) and then my level of staying in peace boils over. I reacted to the last person in a very negative way…and I do feel guilt for that. But I won’t hang on to that very long. I understand there is something here….something that I need to look at. And don’t you worry…I do love myself…and I am taking all the measures that I need to make sure that I am living authentically and taking care of myself. You are so sweet…I just love you. Oh…and I did have a super visit with my sister….it was so wonderful to be in her energy. That part of my week was super 🙂 🙂 You would really like her!

      So thank you for your beautiful support…you know that I appreciate you so much!! And I hope that you are having the best time…I know you are! Much love Trini <3 <3 <3

      1. I am so happy to hear that Lorrie! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 I am sure you will be feeling jouful again soon 🙂 I appreciate you too!! 🙂 and if you should ever need me, I am just a mail away 🙂
        Today I am going to Chinatown to take photos, that place is so colorful! 🙂 <3 Lots and lots of Love to you too! <3 <3 <3

  4. aww Lorrie big hugs to you, I am so sorry you had to face this unkindness and sad too on your behalf…but as usual you have inspired me as you rise above it with class and compassion…sometimes it is beyond our hands to control the actions of someone else but we can always control how we react to it …Lots of love <3

    1. Oh, Neha! Thank you so much! I wish I could tell you that I reacted in a beautiful way….the last insult kind of made me “boil over!” I did not react the way I would have liked … at first… but then I got on board with the way that I want to live my life now. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful….because it FEELS SO MUCH BETTER!!! To understand we have a choice to feel good….well….that is a lesson that is priceless. Thank you for thinking the best of me…that helps me…and hopefully I will be able to “turn down the heat on the burner” before I boil over next time! <3 <3

      1. haha well I would boil over too , in fact I still do , we are humans 😀 but the fact is you to control of that and consciously rose above it and that reflects on the type of person you are — which is amazing 🙂 <3

  5. Oh, Laurie, there is so much meanness in the world right now. It is not personal, although I find it feels so. here is also immense compassion and love in the world, although I sometimes find it difficult to focus on. May you feel that more the latter and may it soothe the insults of the former.

    1. Michael….your words encourage me so much!! I know what you say is true…and I want to focus on the good. Energy is reactive to other energy and sometimes before I even realize what is happening my energy is being pulled down to lower frequencies. I thank you for your blessing and I will strive to keep my focus on the good, beautiful things! <3

    1. Just seeing your gravatar and name appear here…immediately brings a smile and a calmness to my heart! Yes…This Too Will Pass…and I will learn from this. Thank you for always being a source of inspiration <3

  6. You deserve love and are a beautiful person Lorrie. Keep remembering that! <3 Great attitude about your challenges. Maybe remember that their behavior has nothing to do with you, You can merely witness and bless and release them to their path. Our job is to keep loving. 🙂 Many blessings, hugs and smiles to you my dear one. You are loved.

    1. Hi Brad! You have just given me a gift with your words. They speak directly to my heart and I just love them <3 You are so correct…it was all their "stuff" that they unleashed on me. I suppose in a way maybe I helped them by allowing them to unload on me. And I agree…I should not take that personally…way easier to see when it is over and there has been time to digest it. I strive from this point onward to be so secure in myself that I recognize their pain and I don't take it to heart as an attack on me. Yes…I guess that is something I need to work on! Much love Brad…I'll be over shortly to catch up! <3

      1. Of course it is harder for me to do than I make it sound Lorrie. and yet, I believe that we heal ourselves and others by being able to hold the space of love and not react to other’s stuff. the teachings of Matt Kahn have helped me remember my primary role is to be love, offering “I love you”s to myself and others.

        You have such a kind and giving heart. Please keep it open and shining. 🙂

        1. Thank you Brad…I love your advice and I will remember your words as I deal with the fallout of last week. Today is the start of a new week and I intend it to be full of love and laughter and beauty!! Much love!! <3 <3

  7. Just about everything others do is a reflection of their own heart. The world around you is truly blessed by the goodness in yours. Sending love and a favorite quote your way… 💞

    “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind.” ~Khalil Gibran

    1. Oh! Thank you!!! Thank you for your wisdom, your very kind words about me, and the most beautiful quote from one of my favorite people ~ Khalil Gibran!! It is so perfect for me that I am going to write it down where I can see it everyday!!! Much love and many blessings to you. I hope your day is full of love and peace! <3

  8. Lorrie, it’s SO nice to hear from you again on your energizing blog…
    Through our “private” correspondence, you know that we both are enduring worries…
    I just LOVE your prayer, and I must say I feel exactly the same… and I pray exactly the same prayer…
    “But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt
    That You are orchestrating these events for a reason
    Or maybe many reasons”

    “And I will be thankful for
    All my lessons that I learn
    Even the ones I learn the hard way”…
    Oh Lorrie, your prayer is so beautiful, heartbreaking and true… only very high ranking spiritual beings like you can write such prayers… it is a prayer of “acceptation”, I mean, you don’t ask something (I think real prayers should not “ask” for something). A real prayer say “Thank You” or “I humbly accept what You have decided”… yes, you’ve written a REAL prayer, a beautiful prayer. The kind of prayers that reach Heaven instantly. Much love to you my dearest friend, my soulmate! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ & des bisous (see my reply to your comment on my blog)

    1. Oh, dear, dear, Soul Mate! You are an incredible spirit! I thank you for understanding my prayer…and I thank you for always being a such an amazing fountain of strength! I know that you have events that are also affecting you…but you always remain in the highest faith and you always stay positive and full of love and kindness!! You are Scepter of Brilliant Light…your heart is pure and I simply adore you! If my prayer helped you I am so honored. It helped me to write it…and I think maybe…just maybe…it was meant for you as well. I will keep you…you know this…in a very special place in my heart. And I will tell you as I tell myself….that everything happens for a reason…we may not know why right away….but there is always the ability to learn through our struggles. I know you know this….in fact I have learned so much from you my friend. There are not enough hearts I can make to send to you ….that would honor what I want you to feel!!! <3 <3 <3

      1. everything happens for a reason… your thoughful and kind words are so helpful Lorrie! I must go and just want to tell you MERCI 🙂 and much love to you ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you Karen! Such a beautiful reminder…I appreciate you 🙂 Yes…it is better to be in love than to come from fear. Hope your weekend was wonderful! <3

  9. Amen Lorrie. What a great attitude to have, my friend. Even in the beatitudes it says, “pray for those who persecute you” and “bless those who curse you.” I pray that you may find peace, and the strength to give and to love those that don’t show you love.
    🙂 <3

    1. Thank you dear Staci! I have to say that it really helps to have the love and support from people like you! People with giant hearts filled with compassion who know the right thing to do!! Thank you my friend. ..I already feel better after reading your words! Hope you have a super week! Much love <3 <3

      1. You’re so very welcome Lorrie. We all here on the blogosphere are rooting for you.
        I’m so glad that my words helped you feel better.
        I hope you have a great week too, my friend.
        Love and blessings.
        🙂 <3

  10. I am so sorry that you are facing challenges and it has been so trying for you Lorrie. Your thinking and coming to a place of compassion is inspiring. Its also wonderful that you have some loving souls to support you here. Perhaps this is one of the lessons. To recognize that here will always be others who feel your spirit and will support you on this journey.<3
    Love and light to you in this difficult time.
    There may be an other lesson yet to unfold in all of this, especially if this has been a recurring theme.
    Be patient and take good care of yourself. Seek guidance from that loving wise voice within you that you may not be able to hear fully right now.
    Hugs and love.
    Val xo

    1. Oh Val!! Thank you so much. Yes…I am overwhelmed with love that pours from my heart when I connect here with the beautiful souls who offer compassion and support! ! It has been such an amazing lift to my spirit to connect with such wonderful souls here. And you are correct…There is a lot of “noise” right now and I am trying to listen for that voice…One thing I can tell you is while I may not hear it very clearly as to the lesson I should learn…I do hear…or rather “feel” confirmation

    2. (Technical difficulties! )
      “Feel” confirmation to the ways I decide to react. If I get angry or wallow in self pity it feels terrible. Yet, if I stay in love…and offer that love in my words and actions. feels so much better. I’m not saying this is automatic…the ego is a hard one to tame and I am not particularly proud of my initial reaction to a couple of events. But the important thing is I turned it around much quicker than I ever have before. PROGRESS!! 🙂 Thank you Val…much love <3 <3

      1. This is so awesome Lorrie!! I love how you identify this feeling…. it is beyond words. Let it be the guide to bring you back on to the path you are on. The more you access it the more easily and quickly you will come back to your path 🙂
        I’m so happy for you.
        Val xo

  11. Oh, Lorrie, I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad week. But NEVER let anyone else define who and what you are! You have been designed, made, equipped, and anointed by the Maker of the Universe for a purpose and He adores you! You are NOT what others say you are but what He says you are. And He says you are the apple of His eye and that He died to save you!
    Think about that, the Lord of all Creation, chose to die to say YOU! So hold your head up high and walk on on the path He lays before you. You are not hear to please humans, you are here to serve and please God! But this is the way the enemy works. He knows your weaknesses and so he goes after those to try to snatch you back from the Lord. Just keep speaking the name of Jesus and in His precious name order the Father of Lies to get thee behind you and stay out of your mind, your heart and your body. The battle has really just begun, but the Lord is still on the throne and in control of your life if you give it to Him and trust Him. Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young. It is a daily devotional. Read her opening story and then faithfully read each days entry. It will help to keep your faith strong. Love, hugs, and blessings, Natalie 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt response Natalie! I understand what you are saying and I promise to remain strong in my faith! It was a very strong push this week that I had to deal with…One attack after another…and one from a very surprising person…One I never expected in my lifetime!! I think that is the one that completely caught me off guard and tested my faith to the depths of my soul! I am strong Natalie…and while I don’t understand what happened. ..I don’t need to. I will hold on to my faith with all that I have and I can’t thank you enough for being there to support me!! I will get the book you suggested. ..I always believe that things are put in our path exactly when we need them!! Much love to you!! <3 <3

      1. Sadly betrayal often comes from those we expect it from the least. But again, the failure lies in his/her court and not yours.
        We cannot be diminished by others unless we choose to be. And we must learn to let the betrayal go and forgive, for it is only then that the “poison” of it does not remain in our hearts and spirit. I pray you have a much better week. Love, N <3

        1. Oh, Natalie! Yes…your words are so full of wisdom that every person would do well to heed. It is so true and deep down I know this…but I really loved hearing it from someone I care so much about!! Thank you 🙂 Have a beautiful week <3 <3

    1. Thank you dearest Julie!! I can feel His arms around me as I write this 🙂 I so appreciate your loving kindness and I wish for you to have a super duper week!! 🙂 <3 <3

  12. Lorrie…this is a righteous prayer/thought! We do not know all that is going on in the spiritual realms for our good, but we trust that it is happening. We can’t understand why we are tempted and tried, nor why people can be so mean spirited, but we repay good to all people, (Matt.5:44).

    Hold your head up and take heart in the Lord’s promises!


    1. Ah! Yes! I do…I really believe that everything that happens is for a reason…the good, the bad, the ugly…All of it is divinely presented and we then have choices to how we will react to it all. We can choose to stay in low energies (which many don’t know it is a choice) and feel bad about it…or we can choose love and forgiveness. ..which feels so much better for EVERY ONE involved. It is only the ego that finds it hard hard to forgive when it feels it’s been wronged! Thank you so much for your wonderful support. means a lot to me! <3

      1. Hey Lorrie…you have made a very good observation here. I would say, however, that so many Christians do choose to run on the “power saving” mode when it comes to their Christianity.

        My question is…why? My answer is…they aren’t placing God as the top priority in their lives. We have to work at directing our everyday lives through Him, first and foremost.

        That requires reshaping our thought habits, which needs to come from a desire to love God more and do His will above our own.

        Great insights, young lady…as always! Your replies are always very loving and appreciated as well.

        Enjoy your day,

        1. As are yours!! Thank you for adding here…and for the reminder 🙂 Wow…”power saving” mode! Yes…I understand what you mean and I’m sure we are all guilty of that at times as we are human. But we can strive to do better every single day. It is so important to have awareness…and to assess how we did at the end of the day.

          Hope all is super in your world…I will get a letter out soon!!

          1. Thanks, Lorrie! Your point here is very important as well. We do need to assess our progress as to our walk with the Lord.

            It’s just like progress reports in school or on the job. In the case, our “Employer” is looking for improvement, but instead of firing us, He keeps us ever closer and encourages us in His word.

            What a great Teacher…and Boss!

            I’ll look forward to your email, Lorrie…


  13. I was told that all the lower energies are coming up like volcanoes! (even earth angels have volcanic weeks) as I know you are an Earth Angel. The cool part is that we are moving through the nasty comments from people as if they do not stick anymore! Trini knows, like I do, that sometimes it is there to show us, you can make a stand for you. Sometimes it comes out with “God Tears” and anger We are all moving out of lower frequencies and some are just.afraid! You’ll love this! My husband had 3 big things in a row, and then I started having these really wild dreams about swimming in the muck and seeing burning buses, my pace was wonderful in these “Dream states”, once I went to the “light”. I just kept saying in those wild chaotic dreams “IE Life” “go to the Light”! My husband and I even laughed so hard as we said that time has changed to “timeless” so we cannot stay in “iT” because that moment is GONE! The universe gives us our challenges to enter even higher frequencies until it is like a second and we have moved on. My computer even semi crashed this week, yet I was easier on myself and hubby when he said I spent 4 hours working on it! The KEY as you know is find “you” n the midst of Chaos and thrive my friend! You are LOVE Heart to Heart Robyn

    1. Oh!! Heart to Heart Robyn I love your response!! Yes…it was a week of one thing after another…Each event bubbling higher on the scale of attack….and it was like an “attack”…with each one coming from completely unexpected sources!!

      Thank you for considering me an Earth Angel…I aspire to be such!! I also understand what you mean about the acceleration or “lack” of time! I can feel the energies changing so swiftly…and it really helps that you put a lot of what I feel into words!!

      Hope your computer is okay…and that your weather is stable…and your heart FREE!! Much love…many blessings! <3 <3 <3

  14. courage, positive and optimistic vibes, Lady Lorrie… <3 you'll make it, babe: you've always been strong, just ignore and delete all that "negative stuff", move on, ahead and forward… to your bright and smiling star! 🙂 cheers, Mélanie

    1. Thank you my dear friend! ! Yes! I love “your bright and smiling star!” Your words have given me a visual I will use in the future…a GIANT “delete” button I can wear in my mind and press it any time energy comes in that is not synchronous to how I want to be! DELETE!! Simple…no fuss…
      🙂 Thank you Me’lanie! ! <3 <3

  15. The energies are causing many to walk a difficult path right now Lorrie.. And is making for a mad world out there.. Their is a lot of anger surfacing right now.. So keep in your bubble and living from your heart.. Trust in yourself.. And know NOTHING and NO-ONE can harm the Real you… And you have said it perfectly here.. Love And Forgiveness… 🙂 <3 xx

    1. Oh…Thanks Sue!! Yes…I have to work on that protective bubble 🙂 It does seem that many are being affected by negative energies at this time. Even people who are normally so unaffected. But you give perfect advice…and I thank you for it!! Have a super weekend 🙂 <3

  16. It’s always so inspiring to know how you emerge victorious from such situations, Lorrie – with your courage and will to stay happy no matter what. It must be such a struggle for you but you always manage to put a smile no our faces. You’re an angel, Lorrie, angels may fall once in a while but they will always rise up. Thank you, my friend. And, have a blessed week ahead. Much love! <3 <3

    1. YOU are an Angel to me!!! And if I can put a smile on your face then that makes me so happy!! Yes…we all face struggles…it is part of life. Sometimes we are blindsided. I spent a lifetime trying to anticipate trouble…being ready for it…trying to prevent things from happening. All it did was make me EXHAUSTED! I am learning to “let go”….and “let God!” If you see that in my posts then I am THRILLED!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you my dear friend for your beautiful words! <3 <3

  17. Just more polishing of a precious diamond…you…sweet Lorrie. You are on the right track to rise above it all just keep on keeping on. In the future you might very well see why what you have just experienced prepared you for something wonderful in your life. The time we live in now we just don’t understand all the things that come to us, but God knows best and one day I truly believe we will understand it all. You are just so precious and even in your hurt and pain you are blessing others. We always find beautiful roses among thorns. To me you are like a gorgeous rose with sparkling diamonds adorning the petals. Love, hugs and blessings!

    1. Oh dear, dear, Mags! You are like a light that shines through the darkest day! I am so touched by your beautiful words…you have brought a tear to my eyes. I so believe as you do, that everything we experience does prepare us for something down the road. And everything will make sense one day…Yes!! I live in this faith and though I walked away from it for a little while in my life it has always been the back bone of my existence! Thank you for your wonderful support…I am Blessitude!!! <3 <3

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