Lyrics of My Soul


There is a darkness

that pervades the periphery of my mind

I’ve tried to ignore it

I’ve tried to pretend that it isn’t there

I’ve tried to add light to erase it

I never thought it would come to this


Perhaps deep down I always knew it would

No matter

It is here now

the realization that what I was most afraid of being

I most probably am

and that which I thought would never forsake me

never betray

has been the biggest betrayal of all

How does a heart that feels this


What does it do to bridge the gap of reality

versus a dream that it held onto for so long

So long it almost became the reality


The time has come to work with the truth

The truth that was obscured by the lies

that felt better on the superficial skin you wear

But where did that get you?

Your soul eternally exists in the realm of truth

It can only buy into the falsehoods for so long

The falsehoods that the ego would have you believe

The falsehoods conjured up to make it seem better

But which are in direct discord with the melody of truth

that rises in the chorus of your life

Your song is being sung

and the music will portray

the truth of your desires

and the words

will speak to a soul

May it be one of truth

May it be






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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

58 thoughts on “Lyrics of My Soul

  1. A profound poem here Lorrie.. seems like you have searched and found your lyrics and they definitely Sang your Truth… May you continue to find more pieces that add to your album.. Blessings..
    Oh and Love the new look.. it Jumped out at me.. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Sue! Yes…what a wonderful way to describe a life…an album…photo…music…it’s all in there!! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the new look…I just found another tweak I need to make. Hope your world is super!! ❀


  2. Lorrie It is so great to see our reflection in one another and know the beauty in embracing “all of you”
    you are a beautiful flower that has opened its petals to all of yourself. I see your beauty my friend and have gratitude to have such a soul FULL blogging world to come to where my soul family hangs out. I just remember the saying that what we resist will persist. I send a big Angel Hug of warmth around your words as we flow with the ebb and flow of our growth together. YOUR GIFT for writing IS AMAZING! Heart to Heart Robyn

    P.S. a blogging friend took a peak back to her beginning posts of 5 years ago when she started and was amazed at her inner changes. I feel like that even after 7 months, I told my husband are you sure it has only been 7 months? Time seems to blend together these days into light years. I have been following your blog for about 6 months and we have gone into the depth of our divine soul my friend.
    Where all of us who dare to dive hang out.

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    1. Ah!! I love this response! Thank you dear Heart to Heart Robyn!! I am so honored to be a part of such a beautiful blogging community πŸ™‚ I truly feel inspired by you and others who “hang” here…if I can’t be as present I miss you all so much! I spent a lifetime around people who really didn’t understand me. I was always a little different in my views and to find loving people here who not only like, but embrace the things I think is just magical!!

      May we all grow together…in the time that you have noticed appears to be gathering more speed. You elevate me with your presence and I am so grateful!! Much love to you ❀ ❀

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  3. Dear Lorrie, I love your poem and envy your artistic gifts. I have always wanted, no, needed to be an artist, but my easel stands, covered, as if to say, “Not yet”. I still have other work to do. And, perhaps it’s true. My energy seems to be needed (or at least it’s being used) to assist my Spirit Teacher by sharing the many emotional and intellectual struggles I have with Him as He teaches me (why me?) about life as it was meant to be lived and still could be lived, if we dared to wake up from the illusions that we are socially-conditioned to believe. And then our dear ego is so abused, even by good people, who mean well but either don’t see or pretend not to, that we learn to want morn and more of more and more. Our social life is directed by big business and high-priced advertising. It goes on.
    But, your poem is so real, and as any true artist, it is created from lived experience that has not,
    nor can it ever extinguish the light that shines beneath all the suffering this world shares with us.
    The world that inflicts pain is also suffering pain. We each need to learn compassion that comes from awareness of the oneness of all life, and then awareness expresses itself with compassion and love for ourselves as well as for everyone and everything else.
    I’m beginning to sound like a Sunday preacher. I only want to say that I admire that young and
    active and good energy you express.
    And, to thank you for enjoying my (they really belong to Spirit) posts, and with a little artistic
    style (which I do not possess) and editorial help (which may someday come) they do have potential as a basic text for study of spiritual ethics, which Spirit tells me is fundamental to any social progress.
    Your poetry and its subject matter is beautiful.


    1. Oh, Jean…Thank you so much! I just loved reading your response. I am in the middle of a very, very trying period of life. I am so grateful for my spiritual work thus far, because I do not think I would have been able to handle the things that life is throwing at me otherwise. And reading your posts and this response remind me of how far I have come…and it gives me the strength to walk in faith. And while I feel stress…there is a deep knowing that everything is going to be okay. Thank you so much for your very beautiful, very kind words to me. They have touched my heart at a time that they were oh, so needed! I miss being here…and I don’t know when I will be able to post…I am very behind keeping up with reading and responding. I think I looked for a “follow blog” button on your site where messages would automatically go to my email…but I don’t think you have one. I don’t get to the “reader” much and I am afraid to let our contact “fall through the cracks.” Thank you again…I am Blessitude!! Much love to you and many blessings ❀ ❀


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