No Animosity…Just Curiosity


Borrelia Burgdorferi – Lyme Disease Bacteria


Could my body be more broken?

I am not sure…

I have done everything I can think of to recover from the assault.

The muscles are tight and tired, the tendons stretched beyond capacity.

The bones are out of alignment and they hurt.

And all of this after I was so completely balanced there was no need for a reboot!


What are the lessons to be learned?

Surely, there is a reason for this physical pain…

There is a piece – a tiny sliver of something that has yet to be seen.

It is there, I can feel it now.

I can isolate it and possibly give it a name.

Time to work on the origin…

Time to acknowledge the pain and to free it from my soul.


The journey has been long and winding.

I have been shown so much.

I am receptive.

I ask for clarification.

I am so ready to meet this.

I will be gentle.

I have no animosity – just curiosity.

I am not afraid.

I have built a strong secure foundation and I recognize how much I do control.

But I also know the universe and the collective energy has an “impact.”

If only for the reason that we are one and the same.

I am creating an environment that is full of love.

That is secure.

I am open to the guides who will help me on this journey.


Just love and understanding.

White light and crystals.

Prismatic clarity.




This poem was written 10/3/12, just over two years ago.  I was in the midst of incredible healing…healing from a physical disease, and healing from emotional scars that I had never properly dealt with.  The two are so connected.

Two years later, I find myself in the midst of a set back.  When my emotional world goes so out of whack that I leave my beautiful state of AWARENESS, I allow my body to feel the stress of the disconnect.  When stress impacts my body, my disease which lies in a dormant state becomes an opportunistic invader and attacks every system in my body.

I have chronic Lyme’s Disease.  It was determined that I probably had it since I was a child…11 years old.  It was not diagnosed until I was 47 years old, when I was bitten by another tick who also carried the parasite Babesia – a malaria-like disease.  Babesiosis almost killed me.

I was treated for four years.  It was no picnic, but I grew in ways that were incredible.  April 2, 2013, was the last time I took medication…I was HEALED!

Until, November 3, 2014.  It is disturbing to admit that all the strange health occurrences I experienced of late is due to a reemergence of the Lyme bacteria in my body.  It is more disturbing to admit that emotional stress is the trigger which woke up the dormant buggers to rage war inside me.

I was shocked and maybe a bit embarrassed by the news.  Shocked because I believed I was completely healed of this horrific disease.  Embarrassed because in hindsight, it all made perfect sense and I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize it myself.  Then we could discuss the ways I was tempted to abuse myself for allowing it all in the first place.  I say “tempted” because it is a delicate balance, teetering on the edge of love and hope – and shame and blame.

Most days I stay in love and believe that there is much offered here for me to learn.  And I will learn.  And I will heal.  And I pray that I can pass along something that helps others.  Namaste ~ <3 Lorrie


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89 thoughts on “No Animosity…Just Curiosity

  1. Wow Lorrie. I had no idea about you and Lyme’s. You have come a long way, remember that! I admire your bravery, love, healing and wisdom. I applaud your stance of being curious, not angry. Sounds like a great space to allow healing, love, insights and Grace to move. I will hold you in my prayers. You give me and others so much. Please take care of yourself too. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3
    blessings my friend,

    1. Dear, dear Brad! Thank you my friend. Thank you for your beautiful words, for your incredible support. I’m not sure why I decided to blurt it out now…I guess because it is current. I didn’t want to write about it after I believed I had been healed, probably because I didn’t want to give it any attention at all. I truly wanted to be DONE with it. But life has a funny way of making us face certain things. I face it now…in full truth. Much love to you Brad! <3

  2. As with Brad, I too had no idea about the Lyme’s Disease Lorrie, nor how it can lay dormant, for in your case almost 2 years, before presenting symptoms once again. And how wise of you not to compound the physical problems you describe here with an overlay of added animosity, regret, futile comparisons and such like. That is the mark of the woman that you are Lorrie – one worthy of great respect.

    Hariod. <3

    1. Dear Hariod…thank you for your incredible insight and praise. I wish I could tell you that I don’t ever go to the lower energetic feelings…I can’t. I have gone there. In fact I lived there for so long perpetuating the self abuse…assisting the disease in punishment of the emotional kind. I, however, know so much better now. It is important to stay in a state of awareness. I do my best…with an occasional backslide! For I am only human ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much, Hariod! <3

  3. I’m sending you much love. I also have a heath condition that is triggered by emotional stress. But then again, I believe that all disease is the result of emotional stress. Take good care of yourself my friend and I will do the same. Healing Cyber Hugs, Lorlinda

    1. Dear Lorlinda! I will…and you do the same! <3 Yes…the connection between our emotional well being and what is expressed in our physical reality is STUNNING! It is a concept that is a bit of a paradox. It also becomes hard to rectify the fact that we could be responsible for the illness. Not easy to write…or to think about…but there is a connection that we would be remiss if we didn't consider it. All my love and beautiful white healing light I send to you <3

    1. Oh…Errin…I am so sorry!! I pray that doesn’t mean that you spent a lifetime with terrible medical conditions that when you tried to get help from doctors, they told you it was all in your head! I am so grateful to, after all those years, have a diagnosis. I hope that you are well…and that (if it is even possible) you have/had a mild case…but the fact that it was not diagnosed for many years leads me to a different conclusion. My heart truly wants to touch yours…twins as you said…I feel your pain! Much love…and many blessings to you <3 <3

      1. yes, i went through that from 83-89 & then a bunch of dr’s said cfids & fibromyalgia & then 4 years from 99-04, before they figured out toxic mold. they knew i was sick they just didn’t know what it was..coughing diseases that i can’t think of right now from 200 years ago…

        1. My <3 goes out to you. It is a truly vicious disease…and not well understood. I pray for your good health…spirochete free body…and lots of love and hugs! I have been pushing myself…This is one of the hardest parts for me…do too much and pay dearly…do too little and pay dearly…I don't know…? And my mind always has these great plans for a day jam packed with activities….it really believes it is possible. ..and the the body steps in…and it's like anh ah!! Nope…

          Much love to you <3

  4. Lorrie, how BRAVE, how CLEVER and how GENEROUS you are! Not only you accepted your pain but also you tried to understand its spirirual meaning… as Brad said: “Sounds like a great space to allow healing, love, insights and Grace to move”… yes, he has found the very right word: GRACE… your graceful soul is able to fly over diseases and pains…you’re able to observe, to accept, to UNDERSTAND and you’re always ready to LEARN because you know we’re in this world to learn, we’re like pupils and sometimes our “exams” are cruel but the lesson is GRACE, yes, GRACE.
    WOW, what a post Lorrie, what a teaching, what a wonderful woman you are!!! I’m so proud to be your soulmate. You inspired me, and, as you know, you’ve helped me in difficult time while you TOO had to go through difficult time. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

    1. Oh, my dearest Fre’de’ric. You know how much I value your beautiful soul…your friendship. Thank you for your so wonderfully kind words about me, I only wish to live my life in the light that you see me in! I love your word…”Grace”….I love it more every day as I hope to continue to uncover it’s true meaning. I think this word is a “sign” for me as it continues to turn up in my life. You are so wonderful to remind me to look for signs…so I will keep “Grace” foremost in my mind.

      Yes, I believe as you do that we are here to learn. And sometimes the lessons that are delivered with the most pain are the ones we learn the most from. It is like a pendulum that swings to and fro…it goes the same distance from the center in either direction…balance. I see most of the energy in life is like this. I am so grateful if I was able to offer you a bit of comfort…because as I know we need to go through lessons….I can’t stand to see someone I love in pain (I really can’t stand to see anyone in pain!) You know I will ALWAYS be here for you. I thank you for your beautiful gift…I treasure you so! <3 <3 <3

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I don’t know how much more I will write of it…but there is so much to know…and so much that is yet unexplained. It is a very difficult…controversial disease. There are many in the medical community who still think that it “is all in the patient’s head,” and to make matters worse…insurance companies do not want to recognize it because they do not want to pay for the exorbitant costs to treat it. There is so much about this disease that fosters conflict.
      Love to you <3 <3

  5. I have learned there is power in looking at situations as they are.. without wishing them to be something else. It is not easy. Good for you. <3 The moments when I really don't know what to do next.. That is where I have found much truth and healing.
    Thank you for sharing.
    <3 Laurie

    1. Thank you Laurie! This is such brilliant advice and I am so thankful for your words. I know that place…and I agree with you wholeheartedly! ! It is “rock bottom” so to speak…but then things do become clear…if you are willing to do the hard work. Thank you…I hope to be more present here <3

    1. You are such a comfort to me! Thank you for your well wishes…and I completely believe I will go on to greater things ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your world is bright! ! <3

  6. I had no idea that Lyme’s Disease could lay dormant and rear it’s ugly head years later. Keep up the good fight! Our emotional state of being is so intricately tied to our physical health. You are in my prayers! Your writing is inspirational and always make me stop to contemplate and reflect…thank you for that!! Take Care!!

    1. Oh Kirt! I’m so grateful that my words can have meaning for you…and if they at times make you stop and think that is the ultimate praise! I thank you with a very warm heart for your sincere well wishes and for your prayers!! That means so much! And yes…the bacteria goes into a “cyst” form that is super resistant to antibiotics. It is an opportunistic infection that waits for your immune system to be busy with something else and then it “pounces.” It is very dastardly!! <3

  7. Healing love and light to you Lorrie. This is difficult when we are caught by surprise, because we like to believe we have control and know what is ahead!? Not resisting my pain has been my healer, when I sit in the pain and acceptance of what is or what I am in that pain, I remember, that this too will pass and I can begin to trust again along the journey. Be patient. Much love.

    1. Oh Karen…Thank you!! Yes…that crazy thing we call control that we mistakenly think is a possibility!! The word “trust” jumped out at me and I realize that I have some work to do in this area. I truly thought I was healed, and even though I intellectually knew there was a possibility of relapse, I never thought it would happen to me. I understand what you have said and I thank you so much…I will absolutely heed your advice! Much love to you <3

    1. Thank you, Dennis. I appreciate your comment and your support. ..oh, so much! I have a good friend who, no matter what is wrong, says “You’ll be fine!” And…I will be fine!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I had no idea about the dormancy of Lyme’s. I am so sorry to hear this but with your brave and positive heart, I know you will go through this and come out on the other side stronger and more determined to live your life fully. My best wishes for a quick recovery for you.

    1. Your words are so beautiful….and I believe them completely! ! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such positive inspiration. ..I am so grateful to you <3

  9. Lorrie, what a surprise to discover this writing just after making the pleasure of your acquaintance in this land of virtual helpers and friends. My wife has/ has had Lyme, and wrestled with the side effects for many years much like you describe– the coming and going, the emotional waves, the ghosts in the machine… It can be so difficult, particularly when people wonder why you can’t just be “normal.” Your writing and approach are inspiring. No need for shame, my friend. Every life has a dignity and a path of grace within it that are irreconcilable with any view from the outside. Every life has a truth uniquely its own, that can only be set free in the living of it… Once set free, every life it touches is blessed…

    Wishing you peace,

    1. Thank you so much, Michael! You are such a beautiful wordsmith…everything you write is so eloquent and has such beautiful truth and perfect rhythm. I think I shall copy your last words and keep them where I can read them because they have such a beautiful, and powerful message.

      I am very sorry to hear about your wife and her struggles with this horrible disease…I can empathize with her…truly! You sound so supportive of her and that makes me happy. I know how hard it can be to watch a loved one go through the effects of Lyme’s. Thank you so much for making contact and offering your support…I really appreciate it! <3

  10. In Scripture, Paul asked for healing over and over again for something he called a “thorn in his side,” but the healing he asked for was never forthoming. Yet he still went on with his mission to spread the good news about Christ and His message. I’ve dealt with a lot of pain in my life and I eventually came to realize that it was nothing compared to the way Christ suffered for me to save my often wayward soul. I don’t know why the Lord allows us to continue living with pain, but we have to learn to accept it and trust Him that there is some divine purpose in it. I often think it may be a way of digging down deep in out souls to bring up the precious “”oil” that produces grace. I’m sorry you are suffering but don’t feed that “bad” wolf. You are alive and you have an anointed purpose that touches not only you and your life but the lives of all those you and your life touches. Like a pebble tossed in a pond, your story just keeps on rippling through time and space. So hang in there. Keep feeding your “good wolf” and starve the father of lies. Hugs, N <3

    1. Thank you, Thank you, Natalie!! I have to gather myself now to respond because your words have elicited a very strong emotion in me! I think I have questioned God through the years with the many unexplained health issues I have had. But since my diagnosis my spiritual growth has exponentially grown and there is a faith that not only is everything going to be okay, but that there is a reason for the pain and suffering. And even if the only reason is that it brought me so much closer to Spirit…deepened my faith…then it would all gave been worth it. But I believe it is more than that. And your words give me the strength, courage, and hope to continue to press on through this challenge, feeding the “good wolf” and preparing for the rest of my journey! Bless you for the “food” you provided for me today! I so value you, dearest Natalie! ! <3 <3

    1. Thank you for your blessing!! What a wonderful idea…because I really do love all of you!! And yes…I used to view it as a war (mainly because it “feels” like one) but there was a point where I had to embrace it…allow it…even send it love! I have to say that is not easy…but I understand what you say! Much love…hope you are shining! <3

  11. I am sending you lots and lots of Love Lorrie, and prayers for your healing <3 I will ask the angels to assist you in the healing process. Emotional stress takes a toll on all of us, that is why I believe it is so important to always express all emotions, even the unpleasant ones, to cry, to shout if you want to (I dont mean to shout at somebody, but just to shout out in nature or in a room alone), to stamp your feet, box a pillow, curl up like a baby and wale, I think when we do that we let the stress out. I also believe that it is important to remember and acknowledge when the stress was triggered in the first place, what caused it, that helps me at least. Sometimes, I feel, trying to be calm and composed does not help, something needs to be let out, otherwise it will stick itself to the body and create trouble, that is what I have learned, to let out everything and not feel bad about it. I am not very good at being angry, but I try to stamp my feet little or throw pillows on the floor, but mostly I cry. and I let myself cry.
    I dont know anything about Lyme's disease, but I know about emotional stress, and I feel that what releases that is open expression, letting it all out.
    I also want to say that sometimes, when we are like us, thinking about everything in life as a lesson, which is a good thing, but sometimes it can lead to us feeling it is our fault that we get sick, that we have done something wrong, messed up somehow, just know that that is not true. The world is not perfect, we are exposed to so much unnatural like pollution, chemicals, toxic foods, etc. so it is not always when we get sick that there is a deeper message in it. Making sense of everything is a good thing, but not if it leads to us blaming ourselves for something that has actually come from the outside.
    I am wishing you healing, love and peace Lorrie. Take care of yourself, like you would take care of little Lorrie if she was sick.
    We are all here for you ,and with you, supporting you and loving you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh sweet Trini!! Thank you so much! I can hear the worry in your response…you are so full of love and compassion…and I am so grateful that I have met you! ๐Ÿ™‚ First, I want you to know that I am really okay. I did go through a bit of a dark time when I found out, but I am so in a good place right now. It is very painful, but I can play tricks in my mind to help release that. I don’t think that bad things happen to punish us…but I do think that if our vibrational energy is low…then we are a match for the energies that are low. And to be more specific, I was not dealing with some emotional issues…it seems there are many :)…and the stress of that did compromise my immune system. The wonderful news is that I believe that I will heal…and I have done it before so I know how. It is not an “easy” process…but if you KNOW you can do something….then you CAN!!!

      The beautiful thing Trini is that once you start to open your heart to Spirit…you can not turn around and go back! So everything that happens is supposed to happen. Everything that is presented in my life is there for a reason…for me to learn something…and maybe for me to share so that others can learn too!

      Thank you for your beautiful response! I will make sure I release the emotions…you are so correct that it is better to get it out….for left in the body it creates illness…disease. Much love to you dear Angel of Light! Have a super beautiful day!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. I did know from a friend who’s a doctor that it’s a vicious disease… ๐Ÿ™
    * * *
    @”I am not afraid.” – that’s my brave and “cool” gal… ๐Ÿ™‚ take care and try to stay healthy, Lady-Lorrie, as health is THE most precious treasure of our life, just like true and devoted friendship… my very best and heartfelt <3 wishes, Mรฉlanie

    1. You warm my heart dear Me’lanie!! I so look up to your incredible faith and zest for life!!! You inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚ Health IS the most precious treasure and sometimes we don’t realize that until it is in question. I have been here before…and I will heal…have no doubt of that!!! Have a blessed day, dear Me’lanie!! <3 <3

    1. Oh Belinda! Yes! Thank you dear one. There…I have said it. I know I’ve hinted to you, but I didn’t even want to say I “had” it when I felt well and thought I was healed. You are a source of much inspiration to me… <3

      1. I’m ever so thankful you did address it! The disease is cruel and so many are fighting it, it helps to raise awareness about how you think you can have it under control and suddenly it rears its ugly head! That’s the most Bad words I have ever used in a sentence! Wink. Seriously though, it’s an important issue to be discussed. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, heart and prayers, much love! To know I am a source of inspiration in any manner is humbling, thank you for touching my heart and soul.

    1. Thank you dear sweet Barbara <3 I am sorry that you also suffer a chronic condition…it is something that tests you…constantly tests you. I send you love and healing white energy and a prayer that you will overcome your illness! Much love…and many blessings to you!! <3 <3

    1. Thank you Barbara! I hid this disease for so long and I didn’t want to give it any press, so to speak. Belinda made me realize that it is important to talk about…so I thank you so much for giving it more exposure! <3

  13. Oh my Lorrie. This sounds serious, and painful. I am so sorry to hear of your suffering. The unfortunate reality of a fallen world is one of pain and suffering. I will be praying for you my friend. Not just for your physical healing, but also for God to touch your heart, mind, soul and spirit. I read what Natalie said and love that she shared about the Apostle Paul and his suffering. I also think of the story of one person that God really used in the past in the area of healing. I don’t remember who it was, but she would pray for people and they would be healed. Then she herself inevitably passed on from cancer (or some other disease). She prayed for God to heal others, and then she wasn’t healed herself. Some things we don’t have an explanation for, and that can be difficult. You have an amazing community here at Lorrie Bowden dot com, and no doubt some beautiful friends close to you. I believe that many are praying for you. And I’m one of them. Stay strong Lorrie, for you are a trooper.
    Love and hugs.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ <3
    p.s. Great new look here on your blog Lorrie. Did you take that beach photo yourself?

    1. Hi Staci,

      Yes…I did take the photo ๐Ÿ™‚ It reminds me of peace and tranquility and that is what I want to focus on here. Thanks for commenting on it…I may have to tweak it a little…but that opens a can of worms sometimes.

      I am very moved by your words, Staci. I appreciate you so much. It has been a rough patch that is for sure…but I will get through this…for sure!!!!! Your well wishes and prayers are so appreciated…I KNOW how powerful prayer is!! And I do have a beautiful community here and in my life ๐Ÿ™‚ I will persevere…and I will get stronger everyday!! Much love to you dear friend <3

  14. Oh dear, I never knew about Lyme’s Disease but thanks so much for sharing this lovely poetry with us, Lorrie. You’re so INCREDIBLY BRAVE that I have no words really, your attitude towards life and to deal with the lows by waiting patiently for the highs – I LOVE it, my friend. <3 <3
    Everytime I visit your blog there's is just so much energy and willpower that I collect from your words – I could never be thankful enough for that.
    Much love, my dear friend! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Absolutely love the new look of the blog and the header picture! <3

    1. Responding through tears!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you…your words are a beautiful gift wrapped in love! I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me feel. And to think there was a time not that long ago that I would have been very uncomfortable with any kind of praise! The difference here is that you make me see how sharing my hard times along with the good times could have a positive impact on someone. It makes me stronger…and it reinforces my healing. We truly are connected and when we give to each other we receive so much back in return. I am so grateful for you…and I feel so connected to you. I hope you know that I pray for you and keep you wrapped in positive energy…I know it works!!

      Thank you for mentioning the new look on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels good to me now…I’m glad you like it! I lost that photo when the SD card crashed in my phone and it was one I felt bad about. But I had texted it to a girlfriend…and she sent it back…so voila! <3 <3

      1. Oh wow, my heart feels overwhelmed with joy and love after reading your words, I am moved to tears, my friend. I feel connected to you too – like long lost sisters who were BOUND to meet one way or another! And, here we are! I know you always direct positive energy towards me and I can FEEL it, I really can – it’s magical and true and I have come to believe it only after meeting you here on WP. I hope our bond will stay and grow even stronger with time. <3 <3
        Hehehe, thank God for internet and anything technology we'd be nowhere without it. Where's the picture from? ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. I am having trouble accessing my notifications to write back….I hope you get this ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes…I feel so close to you and I honor the relationship we have. I’m thrilled you can feel my energy…that is AWESOME!! I wish you the best weekend <3 <3

  15. Lorrie, I am sending you all the love I can. Your feelings regarding the diagnosis at this point in your journey make sense to me. You have grown so much and worked so hard and here you are having a major set back. It is hard to understand the depths to which we are tested isn’t it? Please know that you are so unbelievably loved and supported and let that me a light in the dark moments. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and once again inspiring me with your wisdom. Love and hugs sweet soul.

    1. Hey Lisa…sorry…I just found this. I can’t access my notifications …don’t know if I did something when I changed my theme or if it is WP!

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words…they mean so much to me. I am thrilled to have met such wonderful souls here ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really feeling…and doing much much better. Hope all is super in your world! <3 <3

  16. Dear Lorrie, so sorry to hear about your set back.. but you are now two steps ahead of your dis-ease.. As you know beyond doubt you have beaten it.. And its re-occurrence is merely letting you know to unload yet more baggage.. Sending you Love and Healing thoughts.. And if you go to Youtube.. Look up the Movie Grounded… it shows us how when we walk barefoot and ground ourselves into the Earth.. how the Earth knows what we need to heal.. if you can not find it.. let me know and I will forward link.. I didn’t wish you clog up your comments.. x Love Sue

    1. Thank you so much Sue! Yes! Your words are so very true! I understand the connection between my illness and the baggage I have held onto for all these years (lifetimes?) I have been on a beautiful journey, but I took a little detour without realizing it. Now I know where I stepped off the path and I am so grateful for this knowledge because as you said it allows me to be two steps ahead. I was very upset at first…and then I realized that is the kind of thinking that created the problems in the first place!! I am back on track, and I suppose there will be more detours along the way. I will be grateful for every one of them!!

      I will look up the movie on Youtube…if you are recommending it, then I know it has come to me through divine providence. Much love to you <3 <3

          1. Fortunately, she caught it early. Noted the characteristic “Bull’s eye” mark on her shoulder and got straight in for treatment. We are hoping for the best. Her titers have remained negative. She never got sick. She was forewarned to be on lookout when she moved into that community, a very busy suburban New Jersey neighborhood. Moving from the rural South, it was a real surprise to find it so infested and to be infected within weeks.

            1. I contracted my Lyme’s in NJ as well…from the woods probably not very far from your daughter…over 40 years ago! I am so thankful your daughter saw the rash and got treatment immediately. Her prognosis should be excellent! But…through the years if she starts to notice very strange health issues that are difficult to diagnose and/or treat…remember that tick bite. And just an aside…many ticks carry other serious co-infections. If she has any issues at all I have a wonderful LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) in NJ…you can email me from my contact page privately if you need anything! Many blessings!!

  17. Oh my darling friend, know that I am sending many healing embraces to you to keep you healthy and at peace. Your love light shines so brightly, do not allow Lymes to dim your beauty. I will keep you in my prayers. xo

    1. Thank you beautiful!! I thought I was done with this terrible disease…but it is back to teach me. I am learning so much…and don’t you worry…I will be okay too! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 <3

    1. Thank you Theresa ๐Ÿ™‚ You made my heart smile! I am working really hard at healing. It cycles right now…I am coming out of a rough patch…and will be so grateful for the good one! <3

  18. I thank you for finding my page and taking the time to visit, as this gave me the chance to also find you and this wonderful space you have carved out for yourself in the Cybersphere. Who knows how anyone find anyone in this vast electronic web, but I have no doubt that the spiritual realm knows this science far better than we might think. I’m sorry to learn of your discomfort and to know that all I can do is add my prayers to the many that I am sure are already being offered up on your behalf, but if you have no objections to them, they are yours to have. I am, as they say, following your page, and so I shall be popping back in from time to time to see how your battle goes and to add whatever strength to that battle that I am able to. Until such time, please stay strong, and know that one more these days, thinks positively of you and you health. Brian

    1. What a super comment!! I’m so grateful that we were put in each other’s path…and like you, I believe that is orchestrated by Spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your prayers…accepted wholeheartedly which much appreciation. I look forward to our connection here in cyberspace!

  19. Wow, Lorrie! There are no accidents and while I’m catching up on my reading, I find myself here. Thank you for the enlightenment on Lyme Disease. That balance with stress is so crucial to health and so hard to maintain. I understand. Bells dizziness gets so much worse with even the slightest stress and I’ve had a bit lately. I too try to educate my readers about the miserable virus that causes Shingles or Bells Palsy. They thought I had Lyme Disease at first but tests showed otherwise. My daughter has Fibromyalgia so we are all too familiar with chronic conditions. There is always a gift in it but it is still hard to maintain any semblance of what normal looks like to others. The blogging community has been the most helpful place I’ve found in all of this. Thank you for this post. It helps me a lot.

    1. Those words warm my heart! Thank you! I’m sorry that you and your daughter suffer chronic conditions…as you know…I can truly understand your pain and the trials it creates. I had a slight palsy on my left side…not noticeable by looking at but I could feel it…and I couldn’t whistle!! I don’t mean to cause confusion…but there are MANY false negative results on regular Lyme’s tests. I just offer this if your condition worsens and you are not responding to treatment. There are LLMD’S (Lyme literate medical doctors) and they send blood work to a very specialized lab.

      I wish for whatever stress is in your life to abate…and for you to walk in peace and love!! Thank you so much for your comfort…I am so grateful to be here and to meet super people like you!!! <3

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