A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ Like a Ton of Bricks


And the truth smacks me in the face…

and the hip…

and the elbow…

and the foot…

and the wrist…


Like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest

all the pieces to the puzzle fell into place

The AHA! moment…

the Saturday morning that I said the words aloud,

“I think my Lyme Disease is back,”

caused such self-reproach

I could hardly breathe


Lorrie <3


Oh…that moment when realization sets in and you feel like a complete idiot for not getting there sooner!

I’ve had lots of symptoms over the years, but when it felt like I was having a heart attack I panicked (which probably explains things 😉 )

My spleen was very enlarged as it was working so hard to fight the infection.  I’ve had an enlarged spleen before but never one this large.  It caused many new symptoms, which I guess is a good thing because that is what eventually led to my AHA! moment.

I am being much kinder to myself than when I originally penned this poem.  Thanks again to you beautiful souls, I just know your thoughts and prayers are helping!

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47 thoughts on “A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ Like a Ton of Bricks

  1. I’m glad you’re being kinder to yourself. Your journey with Lyme’s disease reminds me of my journey with investing and wondering why I put up with so much pain/ loss before I take action. hugs and blessings…

    1. There is definitely something in that question, Brad!! Perhaps we will have illumination to our questions…perhaps that is the quest we are on. All I really know is it is better to be kind ♡♡ Sending love and light!

  2. I used to work with a woman who had had the disease. I don’t think most people know just how devastating it can be. I think it’s great that you can give people first hand information on the effects.

    1. Thank you!! It just reinforces my decision to share about it. I hope your colleague is doing well…I hear of so many who deteriorate to the point of being completely bed-ridden! A frightening prospect, but one I refuse to give energy to.
      Thanks for the support…it truly means so much!

    1. Thank you, John!! Oh yes…I am in the thick of the fight…last night I could barely move, but today I am better! I think the surrender is not in fighting the disease but rather in accepting that I have to fight the disease! I gratefully accept your healing energy ♡

  3. Lorrie, I’m so sorry to hear about your ailment. Are you getting treatment? What must be done to treat this? I’m glad you had your ‘A-Ha’ moment. That’s the wonderful thing about the body. It notifies us when something is wrong.
    I have been away for a few months Lorrie. That’s why I haven’t been around. I should be back up to regular blogging again by next week. Can’t wait.
    Please do be kind to yourself, and have a lovely week.
    🙂 <3

    1. Dear Staci!! How are you??? I have missed you. I hope that you have been working on your project and that life is super!! 🙂
      Thank you for your encouraging words…it does my heart good! I am in treatment…it is high dose/long term antibiotics…which can cause other.problems. But I will beat this…again! It’s a little touch and go…or should I say STOP (cant.move) and go (a little bit).
      It is so good to see you…Blessitude ♡♡

      1. Hi Lorrie. Actually, the project has been put away for a while. I will get back to it this year, but not quite yet. We were actually traveling for about three months. First in Canada and then in Peru. We just recently returned to a messy and mouldy house. Had to do a lot of cleaning and organizing.
        That’s really tough, what you’re going through. I can’t imagine what that must be like. So sorry to hear this Lorrie, and hope you are much better soon.
        Many blessings to you, my friend, and please take excellent care of yourself.
        Hugs 🙂 <3

        1. I so appreciate you love, Staci!!
          Wow…you travel so much. It must be fun, yet at times exhausting! Sorry you came home to mold!! That is not a good thing…I am so allergic to mold!
          As far as your project…I know you will get back to it and the timing of it will be perfect! We know that this is how things work…everything happens exactly when it is supposed to happen!
          Sending you good thoughts…hope you get settled back into your home. Much love to you <3 <3

          1. Hi Lorrie. I appreciate you too, my friend.
            Oh yes, I’ve traveled a ton in my life, and sure I will continue to do so. It’s such a big part of my life. The romance of it all wears out though, which is unfortunate. The world becomes a lot smaller when you’ve been enough places. I didn’t even feel like I was very far off when in Peru because on the map it looks so close to Canada and Brazil. Hahahahaha.
            Anyhow, yes, you are right. I will get back to my project once I’m in the swing of things again, and my routine is established.
            Much love to you Lorrie, and please have an amazing and energetic week.
            🙂 <3

  4. Lorrie, I love your courage and respect your resiliency. It’s brave to share our health struggles yet I also think that is how we learn from each other, how to cope, how not to feel alone and most of all to feel loved, which you MOST CERTAINLY ARE – again, said with a Southern Accent :> Harlon

    1. Thank you Harlon! It always makes me smile when you use your southern accent 😉
      I agree with you…though looking at the series now it feels like a bit too much…ah…we’ll see. I will probably just finish.posting it…and then hopefully.move on to something more uplifting.
      I loves your collaboration post today…super!
      Much love ♡♡

  5. I’m sure glad you caught it when you did. We need you around here! Add my love and prayers to the abundance of support you’re getting. You are strong to fight and wise to rest. This leads to your healing. I imagine your freedom and joy as you walk along the beach, the healing water caressing your feet and ankles, the sunlight energizing your powerful spirit.

    1. Ah! JoAnna!! You are so spot on! My walks on the beach…at the waters edge…are part of my rehab!! 🙂 And I know how lucky…blessed…I am to be able to do this. Thank you so much for your support..and your inspiration…for you always inspire me ♡♡

  6. I am saddened you are having to go through this again. Though this time you will beat it. Learning self-healing techniques seem to be all part and parcel of what is happening now. It has really highlighted how dangerous it is to be bitten by a tick. I am now more watchful of where I go and if anything bite. Sending you healing to help you along with this part of journey.

    1. Thank you, my friend! That is really good…be aware. If Lyme is caught early, the chance for a total cure is good!! Any circular/oval rash…it does not have to have a bullseye…take a photo.
      Thank you so much for your kind heart and blessings! ♡♡

    1. Tiny…this is a work in progress…but a good one. I know recognize fairly quickly when I am not…and that is a huge change from not knowing it at all!
      Hope your Coast is as beautiful lately as it is here!!! ♡♡ Thank you!

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