A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ I Was Positive It Would Never Return


Surely, I must be wrong because




It was gone.

I was healed.

I felt great…

Until I didn’t.


It was a tough year.

Many things happened that broke my heart.

But I got through them!

I survived.

I am so much better equipped to deal with

the curve balls that life throws at me.

I never considered it would return.

In fact,


It’s hard to believe that I was wrong.


Lorrie <3


I have accepted what is, but I still feel a little incredulity that it is so.  I know that the things we fight only get magnified in energy, so I try my hardest each day to live in the energy of full acceptance.

It hurts… a lot!  And today it feels like I have the flu, so that is a good sign.  It means that the meds are killing the bacteria and the die off is taxing my system.  A key component to healing is to take positive steps to detox on a daily basis.  Come to think of it that’s not a bad idea even if we aren’t sick!

Blessitude, my friends <3

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50 thoughts on “A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ I Was Positive It Would Never Return

  1. So many things right now dear Lorrie are repeating their patterns.. The Energies are very strong right now.. Even I have had back my aches and had to force myself to walk yesterday out into Nature to rejuvenate my energies.. The Winter is not good here, damp, cold and foggy do not help.
    Sometimes it takes our bodies time to catch up with what we have created within our mindsets.. And i know last year you went through so much emotional pain yet again from broken friendships..
    Think of this as it working its way OUT.. Give thanks to it.. And acknowledge it as showing you that you are now ready to Let go of ALL PAIN once and for all..
    Keep telling yourself even though I know on days filled with physical pain it is hard.. But Say to yourself I AM HEALED.. I AM PAIN FREE… I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE.. I know you will also find more affirmations to suit you..

    It really does work..
    I am also increasing my Qi Gong exercises too… Bring in the Energies.. Your Chi..
    Love and Blessings, I am sending dear friend..

    Love Sue <3 xxx

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend!! You have ALL of it correct! I use affirmations…and a big deal for me is answering the question “how am I thinking” rather than “how am I feeling.” Nature helps so much…and I’m sorry you have “winter”…it’s 85 F here today…and the heat and humidity help me. I’m sorry your pains are creeping back in 🙁
      Now to the part of the emotional pain of last year…there is no doubt in my mind that it helped this opportunistic disease to find its way out again. But here is the beautiful part…during a meditation very recently…I knew I had to offer forgiveness to the friend who hurt me so. My soul tried to speak to her soul…and her soul was hard…more like her ego. It bothered me at first but I continued to reach out…and I offered forgiveness from a deep place. The whole experience seemed so real…and her soul was a little bit more accepting by the end. Ever since this “vision” I have felt completely different about the whole thing!
      I know that I have a way to go to beat this disease back into remission…and I will!!! I am grateful for the lessons…and even more grateful for the connection with beautiful souls like you!!!
      May peace fill your days and love fill your heart ♡♡♡

      1. That is so wonderful to know Lorrie.. coming to that place and SEEing it for what it is helping heal is in itself a great Healing. And I know the outer will follow the inner..
        Much love dear friend.. Enjoy your weekend to come.. xxx

    1. Thank you, Brad! We are all involved in something…each one of us has something we have to walk through and learn from. Thanks for being a huge cheerleader of mine 🙂 Much love and light ♡♡

  2. Re: “A key component to healing is to take positive steps to detox on a daily basis.”
    Hear, hear! Detox our minds, bodies, and souls regularly on a quest for optimal health. Definitely not a bad idea.
    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

    1. Hi John! Yes…it all really ‘goes’ to the same place…can’t have one clogged without the others being affected. Thanks so much for leaving your footprint and kindness here! Blessings ♡

  3. I know this is so tough Lorrie, but you know your body well and even manage to see where your power is- i.e. the suggestion to detox, etc. Those are the “gifts” (not making light of your situation) that you are creating for yourself.

    1. No worries, Kim…I would never think that…especially if you were lecturing about Lyme. I do know my body…and I am in constant touch with my soul. I am handling all of this as intuitively as possible. Thanks for the pep talk…I appreciate it more than you know! ♡

    1. Thanks, Marlene…I believe your words!! I know you believe them!! So be it!! 😉
      I am in a better place about it because I am not trying to ‘hide’ it. Each day is different and I honor whatever is there on a given day. I appreciate your kindness…our connection! Much love ♡

    1. Hug received and enjoyed, oh, so much!! Thanks Val 🙂 I am in this moment…this one right here…and all is as it should be! Sending good thoughts to you ♡

    1. Hi Maniparna!!! 🙂 🙂
      Thank you, my friend…you are correct…it knows I am on to it 😉
      How are you? I hope all is super wonderful and that you walk in light!! ♡♡

  4. A really good way to help alkalize your body, Lorrie, is by drinking a full glass of water with 2 tablespoons organic Apple Cider vinegar with a pinch of baking soda. In fact just as I write this, I’m going to fix myself a glass. It doesn’t taste all that great, but it really works. Get well, dear friend, and may this disease never come back again!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you dear heart for your suggestion here. I have, in the past, used Braggs ACV…but I never heard of the pinch of baking soda! Thanks, Amy…I appreciate your caring heart ♡♡

  5. You are amazing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your courage and honesty will get you through this with flying colors! Rest well and heal, my dear.

    1. Oh…JoAnna!! Thank you for your super duper kind words!!! Both those words have great meaning…and I am honored you chose them to ascribe to me (the ‘old me’ would have thought…NOT ME! …ok…the current me thought it a little too) The self-love and kindness is a huge part of this Healing process. I appreciate you so much!!! And send lots of love for a wonderful weekend ♡♡

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