Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ The List


There was a strong look of concern on his face

as I read the list I decided to write

because my brain fog doesn’t allow me

to remember everything

and when I speak

I sound like an idiot

as I grapple for words

that are buried

deep in my brain

and hardly ever

get uncovered.

Being able to speak to anyone

about anything

and to think on my feet

used to be




it’s just a distant


but not the kind

I can’t remember ~

too bad.


The List.

His eyebrows went up in surprise

as I read it…

I noticed.

The list…

it was long.



Lorrie ❤


One of the things that happens with this disease is that my senses are heightened, sometimes to the point of exhaustion!  Sudden noises frighten me as I literally jump from the assault.  I hear things, loud, that other people have to stop and concentrate hard to hear.

Visually, I see…EVERYTHING!! It makes driving difficult as I can be distracted by a tiny bunny hopping on the side of the highway (the same highway that has 5 lanes and if you don’t drive at least 75 mph you are in danger of being assaulted by those who want to go 95!)

Forget about smell.  This one is super annoying as I find myself saying most of the day, “Do you smell that?”  Again, other people generally don’t, or they have to work really hard to get it.  But then again, my friends probably just say, “Yes, I do,” because they know the drill.

Touch is very strange because right now I have numbness that comes and goes from my waist down.  But let one piece of hair get loose and touch my body!!  You would think an army of ants were marching head to toe.  Being that the treatment makes my hair shed more, I cut my hair off (really…off!) so that I could stop the creepy crawly sensations.  It has helped…a little. 

As far as taste goes, there is a constant taste in my mouth and it reminds me of an episode of the TV show ‘Alone.’  One person decided to boil her socks in water to clean them after wearing them for about a month.  Yeah, you get the idea.

Then there is other people’s energy.  Yes…that assaults me too. It is hard to be in large groups of people as I pick up on every thought…every emotion! 

So when my doctor raised his eyebrows…it was subtle and probably would have been unnoticed by most people…but to me he may as well have screamed, “Holy Crap!”

  1. And I Thought I Was Done With That!
  2. I Already Fought This War
  3. Like a Ton of Bricks
  4. I Was Positive It Would Never Return
  5. You Can’t Control Everything
  6. Failure
  7. The List
  8. The Treatment
  9. I’m in The Happiest Place on Earth
  10. She Asked Me What It Feels Like
  11. Game On!
  12. A Pep Talk From An Angel

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

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