A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ A Pep Talk From an Angel


The light of healing surrounds my aching body

An Angel whispers to me on soft breezes

as the touch of love caresses my face

“There is no pain in God’s World.

Remember who you are and where you came from.

Live from the center of your soul

and listen as your body tells you secrets.

You are safe and you are loved.

You are part of the Divine Whole

and your essence here serves a great purpose.


Learn all you can.

Keep your heart wide open

and accept all the gifts,

even when they don’t appear to be

the gifts you would like.

Do not make judgments.

Know that every single event in your life,

from what you consider the mundane

to the truly tragic,

is orchestrated with your highest good in mind.

Walk through the darkness,

and ease the pain with your mind.

Believe in the power that lives inside.

Know that you have the ability to do,

to create,

to become,

whatever you truly set your mind to.

You have created everything.

Once you understand this,

you will stand in your power,

and your creations will no longer reflect

a broken, separated, being,

but will reflect

the true light

of God’s Love.”


Lorrie <3


Ya gotta love Angels!!

Is it any wonder I can handle this relapse as well as I am when you read this Pep Talk from an Angel?  I honestly believe this, coupled with the help you have all given to me, is the reason that I am as grounded, and loving to myself through this very painful time.  So a big whopping THANK YOU is in order!!! 

I know prayer works.  I also know that our prayers are not always answered the way we would like, or heck, for that matter they may not be answered at all…But that reminds me of a song by Garth Brooks…”Sometimes I Thank God, For Unanswered Prayers.”

We think we know best, but that’s just not always true.  We think we can fight something and always be the victor.  I am learning that life can, and will, throw us curveballs.  The true lesson is that I have the power and the control, and perhaps it’s the ONLY control I do have, to the way I respond.  And my new mantra is, “Respond thoughtfully, never react.”

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me.  I am Blessitude <3  And to all of you who are walking through your own dark nights, I send you beautiful while healing light tinged with the colors of the rainbow to put a smile on your face.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!


I had to include the ‘original’ photograph I used and manipulated for all the photos in the series (except this final one of the Angels over the ocean.)  It was in a flower arrangement at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort.  I have to say this ‘flower’ creeped me out!!  I had just started the medicine and the bacteria were going crazy in my body, and when I looked at this creepy flower it reminded me of this icky disease.  I never met a flower I didn’t like…I won’t say I don’t like this one but it’s hairy!! 🙂  I’m not positive, but I think it might be “Leucospermum.”

This is the final post in the series:  A Relapse of Lyme Disease

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66 thoughts on “A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ A Pep Talk From an Angel

    1. Ah! Thank you , John. I’m happy to see this series to its conclusion (though I surmise there may be addendums 😉 ) I love the image too…it really felt like I could see the Angels!! Many blessings back to you ♡

  1. A truly remarkable series with a sublime conclusion that gifts us all. Thank you. I just posted a response to this entitled: “No matter…”

    1. Thanks, Brad 🙂 🙂
      I love your response ♡ Many blessings to you, my friend. Thanks so much for taking this ride and for offering your love the whole way!! I appreciate your friendship so much!!♡

  2. I love the shot of the Angels over the ocean. The flower is a little creepy looking and whatever you did to manipulate it made it more beautiful on those other photos. I’ve always love that song as well as many others by Garth Brooks. Such a humble and talented man. Your message was perfect. One I know well. Hope you are feeling somewhat better even for a moment. Giant hugs.

    1. Ah! Thank you so much, Marlene 🙂 I love Garth…so many of his songs hit you right in the heart! It feels good to have the series concluded and it feels like it was a necessary story for me to tell. I am so grateful for the love I feel from the supportive words that you and others have written. My days are very different from each other…things can change quickly with no real rhyme or reason. So I am trying to be in the moment of whatever arrives each day. I am Blessitude…so blessed and grateful to have beautiful souls like you to cheer me on! I hope you are well ♡♡

  3. I really loved that Garth Brooks song (never heard it before). And I agree with you about that flower! It looks like a bunch of alien tentacles with feathery tufts in between! W i e r d .

    Thanks for this series. It’s been very sobering.

    1. Oh…I put on a shorter, acoustic version of the song. If you’ve never heard it, you should listen to the whole song (it was my first time putting a video on my blog so I wasn’t sure what I was doing.)
      Ah…the flower…like I said …I LOVE ALL flowers…this one makes it a little hard 🙂 It was really strange to see it in a giant 3 foot by three foot flower arrangement nestled in between other glorious flowers…such a juxtaposition.
      Thank you so much for taking this journey with me…I so appreciate your love and support! ♡

  4. Oh how this post spoke to me!! Thank you, Lorrie. This body is in a lot of pain at this moment. I discovered something very wrong with our “filtered” tap water we had been drinking and since drinking filtered bottled Spring Water had been feeling so much better overall (still do) but the flushing of the toxins today are effecting the damaged nerves. A big ouch! Your Message brought my breath back under control. THANK YOU!!! And by the way I think that flower is so cool. A hairy flower. Now I’ve seen everything. LOL Much Love to you today!!! <3

    1. Oh…thank you dear Amy! I’m so excited and happy that I could post something and it made you feel better! Wow…yes! That is what we are here for…yes? Much love…beautiful healing!! ♡♡

  5. That pep talk from the angel is powerful! And yes, prayer works. You can do it ~ and you will win. I really liked your manipulations of the flower – and now that I see the original, it looks like a ‘victory flower’ to me. Many hugs <3

  6. The longer I live, the more certain I become that we CAN see angels, and hear them, and feel them as we learn to tune in to their messages. This pep talk makes a great meditation for all, and, now, it’s radiating out to the world! Yeah, I’m pepped! And “Unanswered Prayers” is a beautiful message, too. Most excellent post, Lorrie. Heal on in love! <3

    1. Thank you, JoAnna! Your support and loving kindness means so much to me! I’m happy I was able to get the utube video in there 😉 I anxiously await your Angelic voice…I know you can do it!
      And I just want to say your post about receiving messages lately on timing…wow…was very powerful. And it has helped me to know that we have to listen to that voice we hear!!!
      Much love for you…hope your week is full of love and light…and of course…Many Angels!!
      Thank you for sharing my words…I am humbled ♡♡

  7. Dearest Lorrie.. This was just what I needed to read today also.. And I am positive our Angels in whatever form are watching, listening over us and guiding us..

    I will tell you a little story.. I may post about it I don’t know yet.. But last week I was so depressed it was like I was grieving for someone.. I didn’t want to even get out of bed in the mornings.. My bones ached as I thought my Fibromyalgia was starting another flare.. I knew the energies were changing and affecting our bodies, but I didn’t want to feel like I did..

    Yet I couldn’t shake it off.. I tried watching old movies I had comedy in them to make me laugh yet still I had this heart ache that wouldn’t go..

    I Asked my own healing Angels to come forward and help, I reverted back to my meditation practice going right back to basics.. To clear my aura, putting on my ‘Light Body’ and remembering to put protection around me.. I even had salt baths..

    We had a large storm last week called Storm Doris.. Whose winds were gusting up to 90mph.. Thankfully we had no structural damage.. Others had.. As I did as for protection.
    The weird thing was. I white feather dropped onto my back patio.. It stuck to the floor with the rain. ( I have long collected feathers, and see them as a sign from my angels.. ) So I went to pick it up and dried it off..

    The next day in the very same spot.. The VERY same spot.. From a distance it was what I thought was a flower it looked like sweet peas on a stem. When I picked it up it was plastic, but it was a stem of bleeding hearts..
    At the time I through it in the bin, thinking it was the wind which had blown it .. But all day I could not stop thinking about it so looked up the meaning on line. Of the Bleeding hearts flower..
    So taken with the feather and the flower I painted the feather.. And in doing so the calm and healing soothed my soul as I allowed back in the peace.. There is more.. But for now I have rabbited on long enough..
    So your poem and the words given echoed those which came to mind as I painted..

    Sending Love and continued healing energies your way dear Lorrie. We are blessed in so many ways just knowing we do not walk alone, and even if at times we may think our prayers are not answered in the ways we want.. We are listened to and we are loved.. All we have to remember to do, is to love ourselves unconditionally for all of our faults, which maybe are not faults at all, but all part of the process of why we all come to this realm of Earth School in which we have come to learn and progress..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh, Sue! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful exchange! I am sorry you have felt so bad…I completely understand this kind of sadness that permeates every cell of your body. The way I can tell that it is a suffering of humankind is that I feel that way and can’t ascribe a reason that is based on my life and what might be going on. I have had that kind of paralyzing sadness at different times in my life and had no idea where it came from…it is a bit disconcerting…or at least it used to be.
      I’m not sure why there are people like us who are so sensitive to EVERYTHING…but there must be a very good reason for it. I have decided to embrace it instead of fighting it like I have most of my life. But there’s no good way to describe how invasive and powerful those feelings are…I send you a giant hug filled with bright love…I keep you wrapped and protected!
      And your feather and bleeding heart flower. ..in the same place!! AH!! Beautiful! I can’t wait to read the post about this beautiful intervention…I so believe in signs, Sue.
      Yes…we learn here…we came here to learn…and it is the open heart and quieted mind that connects to the inner Divine and remembers who we are and where we came from. There are times the learning is painful and I’m not sure why it should be, but we must always keep that love flowing freely through the whole process and I know that everything is going to bebfine…not fine…AWESOME!!!
      Thank you, my sister, for our connection. Many blessings dear soul ♡♡♡

      1. We keep learning Lorrie.. and yes, Sigh, some of the lessons can be painful.. But what always brings me comfort is that I am told that our Earth Journey is one of the hardest we pass through.. Yet the leaps we make within our soul journey are greater with the lessons learned and overcome.. So onward we travel… <3 xxx

  8. Please excuse the errors.. It seems at times my PC has predictive text and thinks it knows what I want to say.. I should have checked it before posting.. But I am sure you got the gist.. xxx as I ASKed for Protection.. and other errors. lol.. xxx

  9. Your writing says you are stronger than ever. I just wish you wouldn’t have to suffer again. Well, that’s energy that could be used for so much more inspiring writing or art. Nobody ever promised that life was simple and easy thing to go through. I have been so busy with my bad feelings and side effects of meds, but I just thought I check out how you are. There must be some kind of treatment that works for you, oh my, I know it’s not pleasant or easy. I love your response, I hope the response to treatment is good, as well.

    1. Hi Inese!! Thank you so much for your beautiful support and well wishes! I am so grateful for all the love from my friends here and I know that the loving energy is helping me to heal. I am walking through this time with my heart open and I am in pretty good spurits.
      I hope that you are well my friend…I know you have been struggling with your own life matters and I send you all good thoughts and beautiful energy! I am Blessitude and I wish good things for you ♡♡

  10. My daily prayer includes a prayer of Thanksgiving even for those “challenges” life presents…difficult …yes…but truly amazing how He works good for us from even those painful situations…my blessings to you and love you blog!!

    1. Aww…Kirt! Thank you for reinforcing what I feel in my heart! I think everything depends on how we are able to see things and how we are able to accept things. It also helps to have incredible human friends, like you! Many blessings!

  11. Hi Lorrie, have you ever heard of the song, “Stained Glass Windows” by Keith Green.
    “tinged with the colors of the rainbow” reminded me of it. It’s a bit dated. From the 80s I think, but I love it.
    “Respond thoughtfully, never react.”
    –Such a hard practice to acquire, don’t you think? I want to be like that. Quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.
    Have a lovely rest of the week Lorrie.
    🙂 <3

    1. Sorry, Sue! I have had Internet trouble…and just life in general interfering with my time on line. I have a quiet moment here now and will head on over the the link you provided…THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful for your caring support. I am a lucky gal ♡♡♡
      Hope that all is well…I’m hopeful I will be able to sit later with the computer and catch up with my friends! Much love ♡♡♡

        1. Thank you, my beautiful friend! I can feel the love energy you send and hope you know that I send it back to your loving heart!
          I am working through some massive physical symptoms, and looking for emotional connections. I happen to be in a very loving, real, space…so I don’t get the connection, but I remain open and I continue to walk forward.
          I have a huge project coming up where I will need to be at optimum physical ability. I pray that I will be ready.
          I hope you are well, Sue. Sending you all good energy and love across the pond 😉 Sweet blessings 💜

  12. I hesitated to hit ‘like’ – sorry to hear of the pain your going through, Lorrie. This post was so beautiful in in its honesty! My mantra is, “Control the things you can control, and don’t let the things you can’t control, control you.” Feel better! Prayers!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful Angelic advice! No worries…I am working through this in a much better way than ever before. I’m so grateful for all I learn and for the incredible support from people like you ♡ Hope all is going well with the book 🙂

  13. The power of prayer, faith and thankfulness….so true. Our prayers are not always (usually…let’s be honest) in the way we imagine, but they ultimately are answered in the way that is best for us…so much we don’t see and know, but He does and His faithfulness is incredible. Love….love…love your post! My best to you!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kirt, not only for your always welcomed support, but for your unwavering faith! It is a truly blessed way to live, knowing that all of our needs are met and all of our prayers are answered…ALWAYS! And as you said, we may not always have them answered exactly as we would like…but in hindsight the answers have always been what is for the best!
      Thank you! I am grateful for our connection. 😊

  14. Hi Lorrie,

    Hope this note finds you centered and safe and warm and content. I really admire your courage and conviction in putting this series together and I hope the attentiveness of such wise and caring friends speeds the recovery right along. So often I think when we are aspiring to live in accordance with the idea that if we think a certain way we can stand in our power, becoming ill feels like a failure. What an incredible setup, right? I think I’ve seen often enough now that illness very often brings a new doorway, and often this is a doorway that can only be found by living the experiences given. I think when we’re able to trust in this, it lightens the fear, the sense of failure, and invites peace back into the room with us. I think you’ve done that here in these pieces, and I send my love.


    1. Oh, Michael. I know you understand this from a personal place and I agree with you. I would never wish to suffer but I am certain that having this disease and the lessons I have learned by walking with it, have opened me in a way that I can receive the light no matter how much darkness surrounds me. It is a strange feeling to be grateful for suffering, and I would never want to think that I ‘had’ to suffer to BE in this place that has touched my soul. I see it as the impetus, the Genesis, of my journey back to love, my journey back to me.
      Thank you for your beautiful spirit that I have always felt! Sweet blessings to you and yours 💜

    1. My heart feels your heart! Truly…I can feel the love and compassion in your words. I am working through this relapse…one day at a time. The beautiful light you send helps…it really does. Thank you for reading the series and for being there!💗

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