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Let me move through this, oh Lord

Let me walk through the darkness

with light in my steps

knowing that truth dwells within

Let me grow through this, oh Lord

Let me know that the lesson

was worth the pain

and through the struggle

I did gain

A love that brings me closer to you,

a knowing deep inside

that the beauty that is…

inspired through my heart center

is purpose.


Lorrie <3


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74 thoughts on “IS PURPOSE

    1. Hi Brad! Thank you so much! It does feel like a prayer…doesn’t it? I hope you are well, my friend. I was just about to go visit you 😉
      Much love and many blessings <3

  1. You are moving deeper into profoundly richer soil, Lorrie. As The LORD draws you closer into His Heart, and your roots sink ever-deeper into His Love, may you blossom ever-more into the beauty He already fashioned you to be, from the Beginning.

    I am moved by this post. Can you tell? 🙂

    1. I can tell!! And it warms my heart! Your words are a poem in themselves and I couldn’t be more grateful to receive them and to live them 💜❤💚
      Thank you for your beautiful energy. I send lots of love and might.

      1. Don’t be surprised that my blog is gone. They come into being…and they go. 🙂 Like breathing…they seem to return again, in due course.

        I have a silly grin on my face.

        Have a great day, Lorrie.

          1. Ironically, non-attachment isn’t allowed here. Even my “deleted” posts aren’t “allowed” to be actually deleted anymore. I’m finding that a myriad of deleted posts remain alive on this site, regardless… :(…interesting…;)

            Thankfully, my conscience isn’t tormented by my offerings floating out there.

            Besides, (brace yourself. I’m about to be gross!)… like a hairball is to a cat…regurgitation = me on WordPress. 🙂

            1. AHHH! Lorrie! I confess — I’m ALREADY bursting with “buds” – all over again!! It’s the most funny thing… Some people are long, ardent bloomers: evergreens that never stop being wonderfully green! Then, there are odd plantings – like me – that sprout quickly (with intention), only to suddenly go “poof!”, but just can’t NOT re-bud and re-burst into bloom somewhere else!

              Creativity and joy are WONDERFUL things! You just can’t keep them down, dormant or dead 🙂 Life just keeps coming…and Coming…and COMING! The moment one blog “dies”, something really fresh wants to come up in it’s place.


              1. I love your vitality!! And enthusiasm!! And I couldn’t agree more!!! Creativity and Joy are two pretty special things 🙂 🙂 Life is an incredible journey…filled with so much. I have times where it is overwhelming!! Can’t wait to see your new sprouts 🙂
                Blessitude!! <3

            2. I have to say it was quite the visual…I can see the whole hocking thing!! 🙂 Yes…I have never deleted anything from my blog…so I wouldn’t know. But I do experience my issues with it from time to time.
              Hope your Monday was fun! Have a great week <3

  2. What a beautiful prayer Lorrie!. Talking of prayers, here is one of my favorite – yes, the Lesson is always worth the Pain… much love to you 🙂

    1. Love this song. It was suppose to be used in my wedding. Only problem was that the sound people messed up with the song choices, unfortunately. But I love this song.

    2. Ah! My dearest! Thank you so much. My heart sends much love back to you. I will check out your link as soon as I send thid. I am certain it will be like a beautiful gift!! Sending lots of love and sunshine❤☀!

    3. I have chills, my friend…listening to the beautiful music you sent to me!! It touches my soul…as you always do. Sending warms thoughts and wishes for all of life’s blessings 💜

  3. Hi Lorrie, I had just gone into your blog yesterday to see if you had written anything recently. I hadn’t seen you in my Reader. Lovely prayer, my friend. I’m a huge believer in our sufferings being our teacher. I believe you believe that too.
    Have a wonderful weekend Lorrie, and take a nice walk on that nice beach. Wish I could. Haha.
    🙂 <3

    1. Thank you, Staci! It is true that we work through our pain and the outcome is the gift of love and understanding. We are so blessed 💚 I plan to get up to the beach this weekend…I have not been there for a bit and honestly, EVERYTHING is better when I do! Sending much love!!

      1. Oh my gosh. If I lived close to the beach, I think I’d be on daily walks there. Hahaha. But then again, I don’t live close to the beach, so that does influence my thinking on this. 🙂
        Hope you had a lovely weekend, and made it to the beach.
        🙂 <3

        1. Ah! Isn’t that the way, Staci? I know it is hard to believe that I don’t get up there every day. I at least try to drive by it if I can’t walk on it.
          And I did get up there…even though it was cold…translated in the 50’s. I also saw it today and it was full of sea grass/seaweed…I’m talking loads and loads of it. I will post the photos…eventually. It does not matter what is there…it is always beautiful to me. And I know how lucky I am to be so close to it!!! Much love to you, my friend. I hope your week started out super!! <3

          1. It’s been a busy week Lorrie. And I was sick last weekend, so it’s been a little rough getting through it. Hoping for a more focused and energetic week next week.
            Have a lovely weekend, my friend.
            🙂 <3

            1. Sending you beautiful white healing energy, dear Staci! I hope that you will feel much better soon!! And here’s to beautiful creative energy for all! Much love 💗

    1. Your worlds are so kind and I am blessed by your choice of song you sent!! Thank you for your caring generous spiritual. I hope that the light of love surrounds you 💚

    1. Thank you, JoAnna 😊 There’s nothing like healing with the help of our Divine! Peace and love is available to us all…it is knowing where to look…isn’t it? Hope you are full and walking in light!! ❤

      1. Knowing where to look and asking for guidance when I can’t find it. Walking in light and sending you more hugs, dear one. <3

  4. Lorrie you have purpose and you are moving through the darkness… The light is always around us.. And I know you are reaching up to grasp it.. Know you are love and being sent more love and light than you know to surround you.. Love and Blessings Always my special friend .. Sue <3

    1. Your incredibly beautiful soul always touches me in the most special way, Sue. Thank you, as I know…because I can feel…your beautiful energy travels to surround me in love!!
      I am walking…constantly moving through the lessons and I have such faith and assurance that there ‘IS PURPOSE.’
      Your beautiful connection helps so much and for that I am so grateful and full of Blessitude! 💙

    1. Thank you, Val. It feels good to know where I am going…and even if there is a momentary lapse, the faith in my heart overrides any fear. Many blessings, friend 💚

    1. That is so beautiful and brings a giant smile to my heart!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for leaving your energy here! Have a blessed day 😊

  5. Dear Lorrie, “Is Purpose” was such an incredibly honest way to start this.
    You are walking through this.
    Growing through this. And you gained from this.
    And I did too.
    Love, Harlon

    1. Ah! Thank you dear Harlon for sharing your beautiful soul here and for always supporting me with your words and love! I am growing, there is no doubt. And if you gain even a tiny something from reading my words, it makes me so happy 😊 Hope you have a wonderful week and hope that spring is making its way towards you! 🌻 Much love, my friend.

    1. Thank you Maggie! I had a tough week and a half, but hope that I am climbing out of that. I’m happy you liked the poem/prayer…I really like that some of my recent writings do feel more like prayers 😉
      I hope you are well and that you’ve seen tons of Robin’s by now! 💜💜

      1. I too hope that you are climbing out sweet Lorrie and getting all better. I am doing well. I have seen lots of robins and one is constructing her nest in my carport. I will be looking for babies again this spring. <3

        1. Oh! Maggie…you just reminded me of one of my favorite sights ever since I was a child…coming upon a broken robin’s egg on the ground after hatching!!! That color is truly one of my favs!!! 🙂

    1. Awesome, thanks Kirt 🙂 You are so right…even though I thought there were times I was alone, I see now that was never true!!
      Many blessings back to you, my friend!

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