God’s Perfect Grace


God’s Perfect Grace

Some of life’s best decisions

happen in an instant

that is stretched to eternity.

That moment when time slows

and swirls around your head,

distorting all,

and yet your thinking

never had such clarity!

In real time

you don’t skip a beat,

but in this disfigured warp-time

you sense all,

see all,

know all,

that ever was,

that ever is,

or ever will be.

And your soul knows the answer,


And any arguments to the contrary,

just fall to the wayside,

fall out of this other worldly,

time depressed,

image warped place.

And in that instant you know,

where you want to be,

where you were meant to go,

and how you are supposed to get there.

Yes, in that moment,

that is stretched to eternity,

the truth of your soul speaks

in the language of your mind.

And your heart,

your soul,

your body,

and your purpose,

are aligned to

God’s Perfect Grace.


Lorrie <3


I included the photograph of a man-o-war I found on the beach which I used to create the photo above.  What strange little creatures they are!!  The colors are so beautiful…we refer to them as ‘blue poppers’ because if you inadvertently step on one it makes a popping sound.  But be aware, if you inadvertently step on one you also run the risk of being stung!  Some days these fellas are everywhere!

Sweet blessings, my friends!  I know I am not blogging as consistently as I would like, but I will be over to visit as I am able.  You are all in my thoughts and I send light and love <3


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63 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Grace

  1. That Perfect Grace is so awesome, and then once the decision is made in that moment, the Universe sends all kinds of signs and opportunities in alignment with it. That photo is so cool! What an amazing artist you are!
    I have been off line too for a long time. I miss it. I hope to post something next month.
    Blessings to you, friend! <3 <3

    1. Oh, Mary! I know you have been absent as well, and your energy is surely missed. Life has a way of taking turns that you don’t expect and then it takes our energy to navigate the unexpected roads. Thank you for your very kind words. I hope that God’s Perfect Grace shines on you my friend…and I will be looking for your post. Much love <3

    1. Thank you for you perfect blessing, dear Brad! I am so in love with the energy that accompanies your words lately, there is such a feeling of peace…and gratitude. Here’s to the beauty of God’s grace. I wish that for you, Brad…and more! Hope all is super in your world <3

  2. Such a perfect poem . Follow your heart dear Lorrie, and loved that image creation.. and aptly named man of war with a sting in his tail..
    Take all the time you need..
    Love and Hugs Lorrie 💕💜💕

    1. Thanks dear friend <3 I'm happy you liked the photo…one of these days, Sue…I so want to try to paint one of them. I have so many open ended projects (meaning unfinished!) that I can't possibly start one more until I get something done. And right now I have a huge project starting Saturday.
      I hope that all is well with you and that light is shining brightly in your world 🙂

  3. Your wonderfully insightful words are chiming with the book I’m currently reading, dear Lorrie — The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes. It’s about time and memory, their interplay, and how we decide to act within that dynamic, those instants sometimes becoming ‘stretched to eternity’, as you say. H <3

    1. Hi Hariod <3
      Thank you for your kind words and for the nod of a good book!! Yes, those moments when time appears to stand still, or if not still, slowed so greatly that you feel a whole internal discussion taking place, and all of this in one breath's time. Forgive me if I don't make sense, I happen to be in one of those brain fogs where it is very difficult to translate what is in my mind to words.
      I hope you are doing well, Hariod. I think of you and send good wishes always! <3

  4. Hi Lorrie,
    This is what I felt when I was on that trapeze! (Re: my recent blog post) Your post is such a beautiful reminder! I needed to read this in your words, and apply them to my own life. I agree with Mary, your art is pretty cool. I hadn’t seen a man-o-war before. The fact that you posted the original photograph that inspired you into this interesting dimension of your art, and your connection to God. Sometimes we feel like that: man-o-war….
    And yet the light shines forth from the moment on the shore line, washed up. How we all have been there in one way or another. Lots of love to you! Aloha~ Ka

      1. Oh…Ka!!! I LOVE IT!!! What a perfect representation for this poem then!! Thank you so much for sharing it here 🙂 And now I have to do some research on that…because I did not know that 😉
        Much love <3

    1. OH, Ka! I have tears in my eyes! Your words touched my heart in that sweet spot…you know the one…the one that resonates truth. And it is so beautiful. Thank you for this moment that we share in time. And I love how you wrote that you had to read my words and apply them to your life…and isn’t it an incredible feeling of connection that they fit!!! Yes! They fit and we are all connected. And when we feel this beautiful energy we are tapping into the energy of Creation!
      Many blessings to you dear friend…thank you for this moment <3

  5. Your posts are high quality, and the quantity does not matter. I appreciate being able to keep up with them. I hope you don’t mind if I re-blog this one. It taps into something powerful for me.

    1. Thank you sweet friend, for the kind words. I know we are so much alike, so I know you can feel where I am coming from. Dealing with life and missing this forum, and yet wanting to stay connected…even if sporadically.
      I am happy this one touches you…and it is my sincere pleasure that you would re-blog!! That makes me happy and excited…thank you, JoAnna.
      I hope that you are well and that the patience you’ve been craving is peacefully settling on you <3

      1. Thanks for remembering about the patience. It IS settling on me! <3 May blessings flow freely to you and in you, my friend! <3

    1. It sure is, Marlene! I can feel your hug and send a giant one right back to you. Thank you for your kind words.
      I hope that you are well and working on something fun…and that spring is thinking about showing up for you. But then again, once that happens you will be outside working so hard!!!
      Much love <3

    1. Hi Val! I can’t describe how I pair some images with words…and sometimes the meaning becomes more clear after. Ka wrote a comment that the man o’war is a siphonophore…an animal made up of a colony of organisms working together! How perfect now in retrospect. I also think I am feeling a large internal struggle…where the answer seems to be that there doesn’t have to be a struggle. And so the “Man Of War” also has a meaning for me here. As I write this I realize that something I wrote today speaks to this more clearly…hopefully I will post soon…and maybe it will make more sense 😉
      Sending lots of love…I drove past you today!! Hard to believe I am in the car…and on the internet!!

  6. Love the man-o-war shot. And yes, the buggahs can Sting! Even when dead. I still remember my ex-husband getting stung by one in the ocean – it took a very long time for him to stop yowling! Aloha <3

    1. Aloha, Bela!! Oh my goodness…somehow you conjured up a definite image of that!!! 😉
      Yes…they can sting when dead!!! That’s some very powerful venom, yes?
      Thank you for the kudos on the shot…I tried really hard to take a photo looking ‘through’ him/her…I guess them!!! Maybe one day I will get a real camera…the phone just wouldn’t do it.
      Hope you are well, my friend <3

    1. Thank you, my beautiful friend!! Tears of Joy are the best tears in the world 🙂 I hope you are well my friend. Be on the lookout…next couple of days for me in your inbox 😉
      Sweet blessings <3

  7. Wonderful poem, Lorrie 😘! And I love how you created the image of Perfect Grace! Hugs and many blessings are sent from the opposite shore of our beautiful state.

    1. Hi Tiny! Thank you! And yes…our state is beautiful and I realize it even more as I spent 5 straight days in the north and NEVER saw the sun!! I am so thankful to live in such beauty ☺
      Sending lots of good energy!

  8. Another wonderful poem sweet Lorrie. I like what you did with the man-o-war picture, very colorful. I had never heard of a man-o-war until one of my son’s teachers at school asked me to draw some pictures of ocean creatures for her class. They truly are interesting little creatures. Hope you are feeling tons better sweet friend. Love, hugs and blessings

    1. Oh, Maggie…thank you so much!! And I wonder if there’s any chance you still have those drawings? How cool would it be to post them on your blog…? And I wonder if you draw now? I would love to see your art!! Look at me…so many questions 😊
      Hope this weekend is full of love and that you get to spend some time in beautiful nature! Much love ♡♡

      1. No I do not have the drawings. The teacher kept them and used them for many years. Because of arthritis I am no longer able to draw. I have given away most of my drawings and don’t know if I still have any somewhere around here or not. 🙂 Feel free to as me as many questions as you wish at any time sweet Lorrie. Love and hugs have a wonderful weekend.

        1. Thanks, Maggie. I’m so sorry you are not able to draw anymore!! That breaks my heart 💓
          Maybe you will find one and share 😉
          Much love…I hope you have a super weekend 😊

  9. Loved this, Lorrie. I felt the power of this reminder you’ve given about the times when knowing seems to drop out of the sky. Often when we least expect it, no? When we’ve given up on trying to make it happen, it happens.

    Peace and Love

    1. Ahhh! Yes, Michael. It’s sounds a lot like surrender to me 😉 Thank you my friend for sharing your beautiful soul. This past year has been one of great transformation. I am so grateful for our connection and hope that you are shining in brilliant white light. Much love and many blessings 💙

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you 💗
      I’m hanging in there…I am working on a huge project…I will probably share soon on my blog what it is.
      Hope all is going well for you my friend.

  10. Hello my friend, Lorrie. How are you?
    I know that the only reason my life makes sense, has purpose and is complete, is because of His grace and love. I am forever indebted to my maker for having provided the way back to him and His love.
    What an amazing little creature. I don’t think I have ever seen one.
    Hope you are well.
    🙂 <3
    p.s. I also am not blogging nearly as much as I have in the past. Life happens, right? 😉 <3

    1. Hi Stacie! I understand! I am not here nearly as much as I wabtbto be. But I think soon I will have more time and be able to catch up with my friends here.
      I hope you are well another the life that is happening is full of light for you.
      Much love to you dear friend 💜

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