2020 – bye bye – so long – farewell


Whether real or perceived
Every human on earth
Was impacted by the same event…
at the same time
When was the last time that happened?
And when…or if…
will it happen again?

It could have been something
that brought us together
Human souls experiencing hardship
usually opens hearts
usually lend a hand
and it usually brings out the best in humanity…

The year closes and it is hard not to jump into the energies of judgment for all that has happened in this year 2020.

2020 – I worked for an eye doctor for 10 years. 2020 = perfect vision…the standard for correction. I found out he passed from Covid last spring. And it broke my heart. He was more than my boss, he was my friend.

Perhaps this year had to happen so that people had the time to take stock about the things they think, and the actions they take.

I have witnessed some pretty terrible acts of human aggression. I have personally been involved in super charged “debates.” And what I realize is that it’s not that we all suddenly changed, it’s that we’ve suddenly decided that WE ARE RIGHT and THEY ARE WRONG and our basic human survival depends on changing THEM!

What happened to Live and Let Live?

I don’t know. Maybe just maybe we need to take a longer look inside because in my experience it is never all us or all them; what he said vs. what she said; all right or all wrong! It usually lands somewhere in the middle.

So as we raise a glass and clank a pot at the strike of midnight, I will set an intention that we all soften our hearts toward one another. I will ask that we put the 2020 corrective lenses on and take a good look at ourselves with truth and be able to uncover what lies at the bottom of our fear about being wrong.

So many answers are buried in 2020. I hope you have the courage to dig deep – to excavate the top layers that are mired in fear, and get to the bottom – get to the truth.


GOOD BYE 2020!



Lorrie <3


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52 thoughts on “2020 – bye bye – so long – farewell

  1. Yes I’ve had to become very comfortable with being wrong. It’s a part of life! Cheers to you, Lorrie! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and authenticity! I wish you a very lovely 2021! I’m sorry about your losing your friend, and I wish for peace for the family. Much love your way, Ka 💖

    1. Hi Ka! Thank you, friend. I still find it hard to believe that he passed…he had so much life in him!
      And yes…it is not always easy to be wrong…but I don’t fear it the way I used to. Here’s to everyone feeling at peace with the feeling and being able to see what others see.
      I am so grateful for you! And I wish you and your family wonderful health and lots of understanding in the new year!! Catching your love and sending lots back! <3

  2. Thank you for the wise and loving reminders Lorrie. I resonate with your desire for people to soften their hearts and stances toward each other. May we grow more compassion and willingness to live in harmony (or at least acceptance) with each other. Big Hugs! 🧡

    1. You got it, Brad. We don’t have to adhere completely to the other person’s view, but we don’t have to completely discount it either. We are all different…and that is a good thing. Think how boring it would be if we were all the same. I do think that our differences can teach us a whole lot…and that maybe we could be a little nicer to each other.
      All my best to you, Brad. I truly hope that 2021 is a beautiful year for you!!! <3

  3. Such wise and thought provoking words Lorrie. This year has certainly brought out both the best and the worse in human nature. Hopefully we can take the lessons we’ve learnt and move forward in grace, empathy and an open heart. I’m sorry for your loss too, it’s never easy to lose someone we care about. Happy new year to you my friend and sending much love for a brighter and blessed 2021. xx ❤️

    1. Hi Miriam 😊 Thank you. Thanks for your kind words, for getting me, and for being you 😉 I do believe this coming year can be wonderful…and that’s really half the battle isn’t it?…KNOWING!!
      I’m sure you already experienced the New Year ring in…we are about 4.5 hours from it. I may still be awake 😉
      All my best to you and yours 🧡

  4. Happy New Year! Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone decided to step back a bit and breathe, be outside, and meditate before arguing with others…? Maybe the age of Aquarius will move us all just a little towards working together instead of against each other. All the best to you for 2021! 💜✨

    1. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and wish for peace, Kristen! A cry for unity that I hope can be heard around the world!
      2021 is full of possibilities and many will move towards healing…healing of individuals and the healing of our planet. We are so much stronger together…thank you for always adding your positive energy here! Much love and Sweet Blessings for this New Year! 🧡

  5. “Let our New Year’s resolution be this: We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” – Göran Persson

    I wish you to look forward to the upcoming year with confidence and courage, giving wings to your dreams! Live your life to the fullest extent, Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Kally! What a beautiful wish…Thank You!! I do have a very good feeling that this year will be filled with many blessings. I hope that you, too, feel this kind of energy and that light surrounds you so you will always see clearly! Many Sweet Blessings! <3

  6. “So many answers are buried in 2020.” How true! You are very right… Black or white, good or evil, yes or no… we should not think only with oppositions (they sometimes are necessary but not always and not forever). There is no “blue” but one thousand shades of blue! Thank you for such a mindful post… now we must try to get wiser in 2021 ❤

    1. Yes! My Dearest…thank you!
      It really is that space in the middle that so many people forget about. It is the “thousand shades of blue” where we all can meet and instead of arguing that we are “right” we can share our ideas.
      Here’s to a beautiful new year that is filled with love!
      Sweet Blessings my friend 🧡

  7. There are graceful ways to disagree. My prayer is that we will all first experience the grace of God in our hearts, and let that translate to kindness, and wisdom when we speak/write. Wishing you a blessed year ahead, Lorrie. 🍀

    1. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts expressed so eloquently! It is a good wish…and I wish it too! Many Sweet Blessings to you in this new year 2021! ☺

  8. Well said, Lorrie. That voice that pumps our adrenaline and says everything would be great except for THEM is probably not the one we should be heeding in order to find ways to support one another and build a better world! It’s like it’s in the water, though. I’m with you hoping we have the wherewithal and courage to look at what’s really troubling us, and how it is being mirrored to us in the world, so we can transform together…

    Happy New Year, Lorrie!

    1. I have a funny feeling there will be huge change when we collectively realize that we ARE a part of THEM! Thanks, Michael. I believe that we are already a part of the “better world.” Sustaining the belief, and remembering who we are is the struggle. And I don’t like the word struggle here because it is not like a fight, rather more a gentle forgetfulness that we don’t realize we forgot until we remember. Does that make sense? For me, it is like the truth gently slips away on a breeze that can barely be felt. And then I am back, and that is when I realize I was gone. Oh boy, I keep digging deeper here! The good news is that the times in between, the times that I wander away from my authentic self , seem to be shorter. That’s a good thing!
      I wish you peace and understanding in this new year, Michael. I hope you and your family are well and that you have been able to adjust to the strange conditions of the past year. <3

  9. Happy New Year, Lorrie!!! My New Year resolution, which is something I normally do not do, was to start 2021 with my heart flowing in love. I’ve been so angry at times by what transpired in 2020 yet I am deciding that the wrong doers will be Judged and that I will go back to a state of LOVE only. That is where the power is. All of us have been forever changed from 2020 and I don’t know about you, but I am going to make sure those changes are for good. Really enjoyed your post, dear friend. I’m really sorry about the death of your boss. All of us have suffered greatly. May Compassion and LOVE be our greatest Gifts we offer others in this year and forward. Much love to you! xo

    1. Amy…that is the key to everything…LOVE! And after thus crazy crazy year, that one truth has become more evident to me.
      Thanks for your condolences…I still can’t believe he is gone.
      I hope your coming week sees you wrapped in love🧡🧡

      1. Lorrie, I’ve been guided for years to proclaim LOVE is the way here on my blog. Now I know why. Wow!!! What a privilege to be able to contribute to the cause called GOOD versus evil. And thank you for your wishes on my week. All is good!! xo

    1. Hi Kirt! Your comment finds me in this moment…all of that! And I am Blessitude! Thank you…hope all is well on your side too☺ May this year be full of good things!

  10. ” in my experience it is never all us or all them; what he said vs. what she said; all right or all wrong! It usually lands somewhere in the middle.” This is also my experience and belief. We an learn to meet in the places in between. We can learn to find common ground. I pray we are willing to look, to do the work. May your new year be full of blessings, Lorrie! <3

    1. Hi JoAnna! There is so much work to be done! I pray that we can all at least move a few steps away from our absolute to reach out to each other. I don’t know how we all moved so far apart…perhaps it was always this way and it is just that people decided to voice their opinions…I don’t know. What I do know is that we NEED to move in LOVE!
      Sending lots of good energy your way…have a great weekend!! <3

  11. I truly enjoy reading your posts! Thank you for sharing honesty and vulnerability. I’m sorry for your loss! 2020 surely did bring a lot of good and bad and it does each of us to do our part to really make a difference. It was a year that taught us a lot, and how we move forward with that knowledge will really say something about humanity!

    1. Hi Tiffany…thanks so much! I am grateful to connect and share our thoughts about life…and always moving forward! I just said yesterday…”It doesn’t matter if we fall two steps back…as long as we move forward…even an inch!”
      Sweet Blessings to you…I hope you see a miracle today 😊🧡

  12. What a beautiful way to look ahead to 2021, Lorrie. I am so sorry about the loss of your dear optometrist/friend. Another door in your past has closed and even 20/20 can’t change that.
    I love your insights and openness. What a beautiful concept to go back to “live and let live.” I feel 2021 will definitely hold many wonderful blessings. Certainly, I feel a sense of appreciation for returning to many things I’ve missed. Once again, I am learning not to take anything for granted.
    My new year has already gotten off to a good start by connecting with you!

    1. Ah! You are so sweet Judy…I feel the same exact way😊😊
      I did learn alot in 2020…as I am sure many have. I also see others who fought it every step of the way. I used to fight things…I am happy the older and wiser I get the less I feel compelled to do that!
      Hope you have a super wonderful week ahead 🧡

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