Greetings fellow traveler. Somehow, you were directed to this message at this time in your life. I send you light and love as you receive this blessing. 

I know it feels like you have been working towards this goal for a long time. It is natural to get tired and to second guess yourself. I am certain there have been road blocks along the way that extended the time you have worked to complete it.

Do you know that many people stop right before their successful break-through? Do you know that almost everyone is plagued by self-doubt at some time or another? Do you also know that you can look at that doubt as a good thing?

Sit with it. Listen to the thoughts about the doubt and meet each one head on. You will find one of two things. One, you will come away stronger because you will have knocked down each thought with a reason why your goal is valid. Or, two, you will come away stronger because there were one or two valid points that you had not thought about before and now you will address those points and make your plan stronger!

Did you notice that both options above started with “you will come away stronger?” Yes. That’s right. No need to view the self-doubt as something negative when you can view it as something that will always make you stronger!

Meet that doubt head on with a new understanding and watch as your steps take you closer to your goal. Believe it!

Good luck. Work hard.

Blessitude ❤






Angel Wing Message #1

A beautiful blessing from the Angels regarding self-doubt. This ANGEL WING MESSAGE is full of encouragement and a new way of looking at the things that hold you back.



*$15.85 Includes shipping. If you are purchasing more than one shell please contact us at for a reduced shipping rate.

Each shell is handpicked off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this there may be times that the shells will be back ordered. You will be notified at the time of your purchase if this is so.

Each shell is unique and will obviously be shaped differently, but each one will be decorated the same colors that correspond to the message number. 

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