It is Time

It is Time!
It is Time!

On any journey, it can be just as important to see where you have come from as it is to see where you are going.  I like to look back…I don’t stay there…I just notice.  It is a reminder of where I am headed.

This poem was written 8/15/12


Peace. Quiet stillness.

Gray sky slight wind.

Thoughts project to a time when life was harder.

A time when the path was lost, when the leader was not evident.


I am happy those days are gone.  Poof – disintegrated – melted away – the truly worthless events they were.

Well not exactly worthless.  It has all been a journey and I am grateful for every last destination along the way.


A small raindrop.  No worry.  I am sitting under an umbrella.

The same umbrella that allowed me to weather every storm along the way.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, beatings.


No pain.  I can turn off the switch that allows me to feel it.  Go ahead, hit me harder – I won’t feel it.  Not now anyway – maybe later.


Maybe 30 years later.  What’s that – you say you would prefer not to remember?


It is okay.  It is time to remember.  All you did by burying the pain was create the depth of it – embedded it.


Now is the time to take the keys to the safe – unlock it – feel it – you are safe – you can once and for all be done with the lot of it.


You are safe – oh, so safe.  So protected.  No need for worry.  There is nothing you can’t handle and I promise you I will be there for you.  I will be there for you.  I will hold you while you cry, while you purge the ugliness from every cell of your body.  It is okay.


It is time.




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14 thoughts on “It is Time

    1. Thank you Louise. For a very long time I could not look back and, unfortunately, that had me in a place where I could not look forward either. I am in an incredible place now…where I feel like I can see everything!! Blessings to you 🙂

  1. It is good that you feel the safety, that you can finally weep and let it go. Every tear will open space for the peace and comfort to come. Bless you, Lorrie. I am praying for you.

  2. Taking a peek back in the past now and again helps me remember to be thankful for what I have learned. I like the poem it is nice but what I like better is what you said after the poem. Hugs

    1. Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. I know some of my writing is very dark from that time and I wondered whether I should share it or not. I have made a conscious decision to “listen” to my inner voice and today this poem ended up in my hands…and it felt right to post it. So I did. I am on a journey and I have healed on so many levels. And I like “living” where I am now….Therefore, I like what I wrote after better as well!!! Big hugs right back to you…I love your support 🙂

  3. Hi Teela…how are you? I think of you often. Thank you for your support…it means so much to me. We can heal. When the wounds are no longer bleeding into our lives it is safe to look back. Many blessings to you 🙂

  4. Hey Lorrie! I am just back from my trip but not back posting anything yet. All went well with the wedding, but man, I sure got behind back here at home! Hope you are feeling better than what this post sounds like! We’ll talk later…


      1. Happy to hear from you…and that you’re doing well… Oh the challenges you have to face sometimes!

        I did have time to create a post for today after all. Hope to talk with you in the next couple of days or so.


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