The Path of Most Resistance

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

I can’t find you

Where have you gone?

I left you here for what seems like only a few short days

But in reality it must have been longer

I understand the circumstances were not ideal

I know that you were hurt

So hard to believe that people could be so cruel


I search inside

the walls are empty

You have sacrificed so much and I am grateful

I was not a willing party to the desecration

But as in life

It was a sin of omission


I left you there

alone and cold

hurt and bleeding

I did not seek help

Instead I ran

I ran far away

I thought the distance I created would be enough

To get the graphic images out of my mind

Get the pain, as each insult was delivered

Out of my heart

I honestly thought I could numb myself

And forget the tragedy that was so brutally displayed


I have since spent a lifetime living in a strange limbo of trying to forget, and trying to remember


The easy days are the ones when I feel you near

Feel you inside me

Like you never left at all

We are bonded

And the places we visit are familiar

I can touch you

With a mere thought

A beat of my heart


The hard days are the ones that I am left alone

To remember the isolation

To remember the lack of being present

And the abundance of neglect

It is when I remember that I turned away

Because I was afraid

The fear gripped me in places that are sacred

Places that should never be lain upon


Forgive my sins

The ones I willingly became a partner to

And the ones I found myself caught in

I wandered from the path

But I can see where the separation occurred

Where the fracture in my mind

Created the path of most resistance


On this beautiful day I recognize the beauty of the commitment

I know that no matter how grand the chasm my mind created

You were always there

I know you couldn’t provide the answers with words

I had to find them through truth


I know that I was protected by the cocoon of your magnificent, radiant, love

I know that when I thought I couldn’t find you

You were never gone

You have been the one true constant

Simply existence


I thank you for your faith in me

I will spend the second part of my life honoring our bond

Resting in perfect love

Exploring creation

Closing the divide


On this beautiful day, I am so blessed and full of gratitude – Blessitude.



Happy Easter to all my beautiful friends who show their love and support with incredible words from their heart.  This Easter writing has many meanings for me, as most poems do I suppose.  I hope you feel connected on at least one of the levels.  Thank you, sincerely…Lorrie







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18 thoughts on “The Path of Most Resistance

  1. This feels like a letter disguised as a poem 🙂 It is very powerful and passionate and full of emotion. I feel that it is a very honest poem, about deep feelings. I can feel that outburst of emotion in your poem. You are such an excellent writer Lorrie! You always move me with your poems! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Line. I always appreciate what you have to say…I really listen and I can hear you. You are so full of love and you give it away so freely. All of these writings come from my heart and soul so I am happy that you can feel the emotion. Hope your Easter day was beautiful. Much love, Lorrie

    1. Hi Andrea! Thank you 🙂 I just told my Mom how I can’t believe I didn’t write for so many years because now I HAVE to write. The emotions build up inside me and are released when my pen goes to paper. I am so happy that you connect with my words. Blessitude

    1. I went back to read this before I commented back to you. And all I can tell you is this one hits me in my heart. I suppose I shouldn’t say that I made myself cry…but I did! Thank you for the standing “O”…for your support. ..and for understanding me! I am Blessitude!! <3 <3

      1. Aw, shucks!…lol. Lorrie, your love of God is paying benefits to both yourself and to those who are moved by what you write.

        Let God continue to use the talents He gave you to His glory. Good job, “Blessitude!”

        The True Light

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