14 thoughts on “Haiku – 6/10/14

  1. Honeysuckle … I love this word, I did not know it! In french we say “chèvrefeuille” which is not as nice as in English, it means something like “coat’s leaf” (a bit stupid). Inspiring words… and beautiful haiku… I’m glad we now are “connected” Lorrie 🙂 Have a nice week, and take care 🙂

    1. Hi Frederic (sorry I don’t know how to put the accent marks on my laptop!) Thank you so much!! Yes…honeysuckle is a great word! It is the plant in the photograph…as children (ok maybe a little now too!) we would pull the center pistol (or is it stamen?) out of the flower…this releases a sticky “honey – like” substance…just a drop…that you lick off!! It tastes sweet like honey!!! So happy we are connected also…Wonderful day!

  2. Very pretty and I love smelling them but my body doesn’t. I sneeze, cough and eyes run so I have to keep away from them. I do enjoy them from a distance and love seeing pictures of the. Very nice picture and lovely poem sweet Lorrie. Hugs

    1. Hi Mags…oh no….allergic to the honeysuckles! At least you aren’t allergic to mine!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂 I hope everything is super in your world ♡♡

    1. Oh…I just looked up “Suikazura no kaori”…I see we both love honeysuckles…Your haiku is beautiful. I know I still have much to learn but I am continuing to work on mine. Thank you for supporting me. Blessitude!

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