An Original…Cinquain

When I read this today I knew that I had to re-blog it…wonderful Sylvia gave me permission…so enjoy!

Poetry in Motion

God makes no mistakes,

you are an original,

divine creation.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog ( if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

7 thoughts on “An Original…Cinquain

    1. Thank you so much Mihrank for your kind words. Both you and Lorrie are very special people and are always willing to share other work that you enjoy and I am truly grateful for that. May God bless you both as well!!


  1. beautiful and true! than you for sharing Lorrien makes me willing to know more about “poetry in motion”! have a super week-end and much love to SD 😉

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    1. Hello Frédéric! ! Hope you are feeling super great!!! Yes…Sylvia is a wonderful person and her poetry is beautiful! ! SD is going to have a play date tonight with a giant black dog!! 🙂 ❤


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