53 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 8/22/14

  1. finally, haiky, it sounds nice, so than you for this “fabulistic haiky” (I know you love to invent words, il would be funny to write a “fabulistic” poem with them! 🙂


        1. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to, Brad!!! Tough love has it’s place…I think I have been the deliverer and the receiver as well. Just look at it as another viewpoint. Someone told me a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling a bit down….that when she feels like that she makes a donation to her favorite charity…now I understand this…and a donation does not have to be made with money. When I was not sure what my purpose was and I was searching endlessly….the thing that ALWAYS made me feel better was if I helped someone….that help can be something as simple as a smile. I am 1200 miles from my Mom right now and she is blind…she is having difficulty working the CD player I sent her( even though I sent a detailed diagram in print she can see if she holds it directly up to her eye.) What I wouldn’t give for an angel to donate 15 minutes to help her learn to the use the machine so she can “read” her books. The only thing she ever loved to do was read.

          I know this is long…and a little convoluted…but I know your heart is good. And maybe there is something special that you are supposed to be doing. I feel like that still…and I know it’s coming. But in the mean time…help someone…anyone. It will NEVER FEEL BAD!! It will always feel good. And if you happen to come across someone who is rude…do not be discouraged. There are many who are not used to getting help from anyone so they become suspicious. Give them a big smile and move on to the next person 🙂
          I hope I have not overstepped any boundaries, Brad….I care about you…and as I said before…we have to learn certain things all by ourselves!!! Much love and peace to you on your journey!!! ❤

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          1. No Lorrie, you didn’t overstep. Giving to others is great advice as is getting the focus off ourselves. I’m going to see if I can relax about all this. Take the weekend off for social things and start back next week. Hopefully a little wiser, clearer and more ready to take action.

            Sorry about your Mom. Where does she live? I would read to her. 🙂

            Thanks for caring! ❤


            1. See Brad…you don’t even have to leave your house to touch someone! You just made me cry…because I can’t think of anyone I’d like to read to my Mom more!!! She is in Florida…and I will be back there in a few weeks…so I will be able to take care of anything she needs!! Much love, friend! ❤

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    1. Hey Kimberly! I am so happy that it is here for you to read being that you needed to hear it!! That is the beauty of life…we get what we need …When we need it! Super happy I could help ❤
      Have a great weekend!!

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  2. Hi Lorrie – Hope all is well with you – I recently haven’t heard from you and I was concerned. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you great weekend!


    1. Oh dear, Mihran!! You are so sweet….yes, I am fine…actually I’m very good! It was just a busy week and I need to catch up. I see you in my email…you have been very busy!!! I also see you re-blogged this post of mine…I am ever so grateful to you!!!

      I went to NYC yesterday and saw my son. I was so excited….and today I am very tired!! Much love to you!!! Thank you for caring for me! ❤


    2. Mihran…I replied to you but I don’t see it here 😦 I am fine…you are so nice to be worried for me. It was a busy week and I am behind! Much love to you…and I thank you so much for always showcasing my words…I appreciate you so much! Love to you! ❤


      1. Helllo Lorrie – Please confirm if you can see my notes. Much love to you and May God Bless you – I am glad all is fine with you and preparing for a great weekend, Welcome back! You are inspirational!


        1. Yes…I can see you!!! Thank you so much Mihran. It was a very good week…very high energy and some breakthroughs!!! I also got to see my son and it was wonderful. I am sorry I worried you!!! You probably felt big energy…but it was all good!! Have a super weekend! !


    1. Hi Keith. ..thanks for keeping the smile going! The photo was a flower on the table of an outdoor restaurant in NYC yesterday. I had lunch with my baby (he’s a grown man but will always be my baby!) This little (big) phone does a pretty nice job with photos. ..Thank you! Hope all is great in UT’S world ❤

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