The light enters

a tiny pin prick to your soul

at first it is disturbing

because one becomes

accustomed to the dark

your eyes squint because the glare

ricochets off of internal thoughts

and you think to reach for dark glasses

But then slowly the light starts to shed


a magnificence that lives inside

Little by little

more is unveiled

and love is gathered

into one centralized space

until it is strong enough

to make a dent in the darkness

One by one

virtues are illuminated

and there is an inkling that what

lives inside is something very good

and you realize that you want

more of that

the warm gentle feeling of love

begins to spread internally

and it changes the landscape

of cold hard rocky places

In the beginning

like any beginning

there is a learning curve

and in the beginning

your urge is to use dynamite

to blast through the core

of the hard mountain

that exists in the middle

The first few attempts

cause more damage than good

and you realize

to use such destructive force

contradicts the power

So you get busy

with hammer and chisel

and some days the carving

is designed to take something out

and other days you concentrate

on what isn’t there

Merrily you sculpt from the inside

and before you know it

the light has gained the upper hand

there is more light than darkness

and what is revealed on the outside

begins to take shape as well

And every once in a while

you tap, tap, tap,

and a giant boulder releases its grip

and passes from the depths of your soul

and the light that is shown

has great magnitude

and the feeling caresses you

with the most gentle love

that could match the most powerful of blows

and you are euphoric

because you think this is what Heaven is

and you are willing to give up

anything you have

to stay in this energy

to continue to

feel this

But it slowly becomes normal

as your eyes adjust to the light

and there may be a twinge of regret

and the human mind will trick you

into believing that you’ve lost something

and an accompanying melancholy

may set in

And this is where

I urge you to realize

that there is no loss


there is no gain

What exists inside your soul

has always been

and will always be





Lorrie <3


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64 thoughts on “PURE…DIVINE…LOVE

    1. Oh…thanks you so much, Val! I have always been amazed by sculptors who say they concentrate more on what is NOT there. Hope you have a super weekend ♡♡

  1. These words are wonderful Lorrie, and they evoke memories of my own experiences of (what I think is) the same. Revelation is a peculiar thing; it seems so earth-shatteringly important initially to the rational mind, and then becomes absorbed, or rather deposes the preeminence of the prosaic, thinking and self-centric mind. I believe you are right, and that before this can happen then a certain fear or reluctance must be overcome, and it is as if we would cling to the familiar, despite it not being what our better nature knows intuitively, and which we would otherwise consciously seek. Whether the leap happens by virtue of courage or some hidden factors, I really would not know, though in my own case, it certainly was not the former!

    Much love to you Lorrie, and to your shiningly revealed being. H <3

    1. Yes, Hariod!! 🙂 You understand my poem so completely and that makes me very happy! Some of this experience doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it is hard to believe that once we know ‘this’ feeling and embark on a new way of life, that we could ever have fear and think in some strange way that maybe we should not forge on…but instead go back to old habits. This fractured thinking can at times get the best of me, and create much chaos so to create a smoke and mirror “look over here…don’t pay attention to that” illusion. I am forever grateful that there is a piece of my enlightened soul that is firmly cemented which allows me to realize that the struggle really is an illusion created by the ego.
      Thank you for your beautiful soul and the footprints you leave here…and in my heart! I wish you much peace and joy! ♡

      1. Precisely so dear Lorrie; the fearful and conditioned little self-entity continues to have its say, yet our total being need not listen too attentively. Distancing from the snare of thought is a long and gradual process indeed. All that matters is the direction of travel. H <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful and genuine. I loved it all and was along with you all the way. There was one (of many) profound sentiments that really resonated with me and reminded me of where I often stumble:

    as your eyes adjust to the light
    and there may be a twinge of regret
    and the human mind will trick you
    into believing that you’ve lost something
    and an accompanying melancholy
    may set in
    And this is where
    I urge you to realize
    that there is no loss

    extremely wise words that I will remain connected to – yes, there is no loss, it’s all just change.


    1. Dear…dear Harlon! Thank you my friend. ‘Birds of a feather’…it seems we flock together 😉
      I’m so happy that you feel connected to these words…they flowed so freely from my pencil. Sometimes I don’t understand the melancholy at all…or the feeling of loss…because when I am in the pocket of feeling the energy from the Divine it is the most incredible, absolutely wonderful feeling I have ever felt!
      I suppose it is years of wrong thinking and it takes time to erase the habit.
      I send you lots of love and a giant hug…Blessitude!! <3

  3. A beautiful and inspiring piece, Lorrie. You are mapping the unfolding petals of the inner life… I love the way we discover something for which we would give up anything. It is that moment of holy exchange– the discovery of what we truly want, for what we only thought we wanted. And you’re right it can feel like a loss initially, but if we are to remain at peace it helps to abide in that unchanging aspect of ourselves that we have discovered… A Course of Love describes the same thing with the phrase “no loss, only gain” as we give up what no longer matters to us, and gain all that has been given. But I think it is the same sentiment as you have offered here… It is truly beautiful to stabilize in the light…

    Much Love

    1. Ah! Michael…to stabilize in the light 🙂 Yes…it is a wonderful feeling. I love when you can relate something here to A course of Love…it warms my heart to know that the essence of my writings rings true to love 🙂

      Thank you my friend. I am always washed with your beautiful energy and I appreciate our connection. Much love for a blessed week ♡

    1. Ah…Noora! They come from a very pure place that I try hard to hold on to…and it falls through my fingertips…when I let go…and just BE with that place, these kind of words come out. Many blessings to you for a week filled with awe and gratefulness!! ♡

  4. Magnificent dear Lorrie, Yes we chisel away sculpturing, as we mould our outer-selves into the form we see ourselves to be.. Yet the core of our hearts, our strength, that light and love has always been within our Whole all along.. We just needed to break it a little to expose what was always underneath to begin with..

    Your poetry is exquisite in its ability to bring home such a message in a way that holds such descriptive energy…
    Your posts ooze pure divine LOVE <3 Lorrie..

    Love and Blessings dear friend xxx Sue

    1. Sue, you just brought such beautiful living energy to me…it stimulated my heart and immediately released tears…not of sorrow but of joy!! It is this feeling that is truth…it is this feeling that is at the center of what we all are…underneath…always possible because as you said it has always been there!!! Thank you my lovely friend in truth…your beauty shines from your soul…and I am so grateful~ Blessitude ♡♡♡

  5. I love this post, Lorrie! Very powerful reminder of how we need to work with light for it to flow freely to the core, illuminate us and let us see the love that is always there. Beautiful!

    1. I’m so happy you feel it Tiny!! It is amazing how many years I was not in touch with this powerful energy. Once known…we can not un-know it!! Blessitude ♡

    1. Ah! Thank you for your beautiful support, Lisa! Yes…the dynamite. It amazes me how the harder we ‘try’ to grasp it the harder it is to feel. Learning the soft allowing approach seems counterintuitive, but so far ‘feels’ so much better. Thanks my dear friend ♡

      1. Go forth gently is a message that has benching through loudly for me of late. I am more of a dynamite style I must admit, so I am putting one foot in front of the other a little more slowly and with a whole lot more compassion. I feel and see the wisdom, but it sure ain’t easy!!!! Hugs and love to you sweet Lorrie

        1. I love that you wrote “feel and see the wisdom” as the ‘feeling’ part has been so profound for me lately…it is like a knowing clear down to my cellular level! And I have always thought hard and fast was better than slow and s5eady…but I am either ‘growing’ or just growing older 😉 Hope the upcoming weekend is fantastic ♡

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