The light enters

a tiny pin prick to your soul

at first it is disturbing

because one becomes

accustomed to the dark

your eyes squint because the glare

ricochets off of internal thoughts

and you think to reach for dark glasses

But then slowly the light starts to shed


a magnificence that lives inside

Little by little

more is unveiled

and love is gathered

into one centralized space

until it is strong enough

to make a dent in the darkness

One by one

virtues are illuminated

and there is an inkling that what

lives inside is something very good

and you realize that you want

more of that

the warm gentle feeling of love

begins to spread internally

and it changes the landscape

of cold hard rocky places

In the beginning

like any beginning

there is a learning curve

and in the beginning

your urge is to use dynamite

to blast through the core

of the hard mountain

that exists in the middle

The first few attempts

cause more damage than good

and you realize

to use such destructive force

contradicts the power

So you get busy

with hammer and chisel

and some days the carving

is designed to take something out

and other days you concentrate

on what isn’t there

Merrily you sculpt from the inside

and before you know it

the light has gained the upper hand

there is more light than darkness

and what is revealed on the outside

begins to take shape as well

And every once in a while

you tap, tap, tap,

and a giant boulder releases its grip

and passes from the depths of your soul

and the light that is shown

has great magnitude

and the feeling caresses you

with the most gentle love

that could match the most powerful of blows

and you are euphoric

because you think this is what Heaven is

and you are willing to give up

anything you have

to stay in this energy

to continue to

feel this

But it slowly becomes normal

as your eyes adjust to the light

and there may be a twinge of regret

and the human mind will trick you

into believing that you’ve lost something

and an accompanying melancholy

may set in

And this is where

I urge you to realize

that there is no loss


there is no gain

What exists inside your soul

has always been

and will always be





Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

64 thoughts on “PURE…DIVINE…LOVE

  1. I love this post, Lorrie! Very powerful reminder of how we need to work with light for it to flow freely to the core, illuminate us and let us see the love that is always there. Beautiful!


    1. Ah! Thank you for your beautiful support, Lisa! Yes…the dynamite. It amazes me how the harder we ‘try’ to grasp it the harder it is to feel. Learning the soft allowing approach seems counterintuitive, but so far ‘feels’ so much better. Thanks my dear friend ♡


      1. Go forth gently is a message that has benching through loudly for me of late. I am more of a dynamite style I must admit, so I am putting one foot in front of the other a little more slowly and with a whole lot more compassion. I feel and see the wisdom, but it sure ain’t easy!!!! Hugs and love to you sweet Lorrie


        1. I love that you wrote “feel and see the wisdom” as the ‘feeling’ part has been so profound for me lately…it is like a knowing clear down to my cellular level! And I have always thought hard and fast was better than slow and s5eady…but I am either ‘growing’ or just growing older 😉 Hope the upcoming weekend is fantastic ♡


  2. Such beautiful description and wondrous thought, Lorrie! I missed this one back when you first wrote it. Oh well, I found it and love it!



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