Loving Large…Living Life


It all starts with a sunset.

Something stirs in your heart center and you know all is right with the world!


A little rain never hurt anyone.

In fact quite the opposite when it paints a picture in the sky with all the colors of a rainbow!


No boat?  NO PROBLEM!

It’s good to move your body. Word of warning…a body standing on a paddle board in 20+ mph winds, becomes a sail…AWAY FROM SHORE!


The only thing better than TWO manatees swimming up to your dock…


Is THREE manatees!!!

Mommy and Daddy moved and the little baby appeared 🙂



A wonderful bird is the pelican

His bill can hold more than his belican

He can hold in his beak

Enough food for the week

But I’m darned if I know how the helican!

~Dixon Lanier Merritt

And a seashore vacation wouldn’t be complete without a whimsical encounter with the elusive mermaid!



I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel to have been able to take this holiday in such a beautiful place! It was much needed and I really feel a renewal of my energy and life force.

May you all find a place in nature that touches your soul and reminds you how to love large…and live life!


Lorrie <3


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42 thoughts on “Loving Large…Living Life

        1. Thanks, Ka! “Oh, the manatees” is right!!! 🙂 I was sitting on the dock and saw what looked like a huge mass floating up the canal. As it got closer I was so excited to see two manatees! So I started a video with my phone…and while I was filming, the manatees moved and the little (not so little 😉 ) baby appeared between his parents!! The video was so funny because I screamed “there’s a baby!!!”…but 🙁 I couldn’t get the video to load to the blog. But you can imagine my excitement!!

          I am happy you saw this post…I know I’ve been working through my grief and pain here, so it is nice to share such an exciting and beautiful time. Sweet blessings, my friend <3

        1. They were so GREAT! A friend said to look them up as spirit animals…and the message was amazing!
          Thanks for stopping by and commenting…have a great day!

    1. Hi Louise! 🙂
      It was incredibly wonderful…and restorative…and I feel renewed 🙂 I needed to share this to send super energized energy out to the world!
      I hope you are well and that you are Loving Large…Living Life!

  1. I’m glad you could enjoy that beautiful place and energy too Lorrie. It’s nice to take vacations that help shift our attitudes and outlooks. Yay on the manatees and mermaids! 🙂

    1. Ah! That’s what I should have titled the post!! “Manatees and Mermaids!”
      Thanks Brad. I thought of you while uploading the pics…I know you miss the sea so much. And I know how blessed I am that I have access to it.
      Sweet blessings to you…hope you have a super wonderful week ahead! <3

    1. Hi Maggie😁 I’m so happy you enjoyed it…I really had such a wonderful…relaxed time. I hope you are well…and not affected by that bad weather.
      Much love 💜

    1. Thank you!! That’s so nice of you to say…and I hope you get to experience something wonderful too, Kristen 😁 May the rest of your week be fabulous!

  2. I feel the energy of your post within the words you write Lorrie, Those manatees just a beautiful encounter.. The Pelicans clever birds.. I remember when I was once on holiday in Majorca a local had two as pets, they were free to fly and roam, but were very intelligent birds ..
    And you are very brave on your water board..
    Life is indeed beautiful when we open our eyes and see the many gifts before our very eyes..
    Love and Blessings
    May your Holiday enrich and empower you even deeper in the love of all that surrounds you as you build a deeper bond with the love of Self..

    Much love your way Lorrie.. Loved your images. <3 <3 <3

    1. You know what I love so much about you, Sue? You know EXACTLY the energy…what is behind my written words (or photographs 😉) You know where I am on the journey without me conveying it in words…
      Stunning really! I think that is called “connection” And I feel it 😁

      I can believe someone had pelicans as pets…and that they are very smart! I love them! They look you right in the eye and I feel I can tell what they are thinking! I will never lose the excitement of seeing a “flock” (? will have to look that up) of pellies flying in V formation…no matter how many times I see it! They soar with such grace and elegance!!

      Thank you, Sue💜 I always feel good when we connect 😁😁 Sweet blessings my friend!

      1. You are most welcome.. <3 You should look up perhaps the animals and birds you see as totems and see what message they have for you… You may be surprised!..
        And yes, I too feel that connection dear Lorrie…
        LOVE to you and stay Blessed my friend

  3. This is a lovely post, Lorrie! Loved the manatee family <3 Nature is such a gift and we can feel the oneness with everything there. I wish you many blessed moments in nature, my friend!

    1. Hi Helen😁 Thanks so much. Yes, that manatee family was amazing. Sue mentioned to look up the visit under animal totems…spirit animals…and boy if it didn’t pack a wallop of truth! I do love nature so much…and I know we’ve talked before about how much we love where we live!! It never gets old…I never take it for granted 😁
      Sweet blessings to you…hope you have a brilliant week ahead! 💜

  4. Lovely shots, Lorrie. This looks like a relaxing getaway. Where was this? It really looks like a beautiful place, and you get upclose to manatees 🙂 We all need holidays or time off of some sort. It’s not only a good way to unwind but a time to experience something different and have heaps of fun 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel! Thanks for writing😄 It was a lovely time and I was so blessed to be able to take that holiday! It was in the Florida Keys…a great place to explore!
      Hope you are well and that you get some of that good time yourself! 💜

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