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“With truth before you, you will not look back.” ~ACIM

So, how much time has to pass until you can look back on something that felt so terrible at the time, and you can be okay with it?

I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer to this, as some events, particularly egregious events, can rock the human psyche beyond what you may think you are capable.

But, it is precisely this time that teaches us the most about our human capabilities and what lives inside your soul.

I know we create our reality by the thoughts we think, but no one would purposefully bring tragedy into their lives if they had the choice. There are life events that happen in which we have not control, and the “work;” the choices we make in how we frame it, the way we decide to deal with it, the stories we tell ourselves, the way we decide to move on or to stay there in the middle of the pain, determines the length of time it will take…TO HEAL.

I wasted a huge portion of my life when I decided to hold on to my pain. I created an environment in which pain continued to manifest in numerous ways that impacted my body, mind, and spirit. I can look back now and realize the reason I allowed this is because I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD A CHOICE!

If I could, I would take every hurting soul in this world and tell them this one secret: YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Then it would truly be up to them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

What if Emerson meant the meaning of “lies” to be the opposite of TRUTH?

It certainly changes the meaning of the quote a bit for me!

Either way, the quote is so full of power, and that power…that truth…lives inside us!

You are so powerful my friends, and you get to chose HOW or IF you decide to use it!


Lorrie <3


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33 thoughts on “Find Your Power!

  1. I appreciate the balance of your words. It’s true that no one would knowingly choose tragedy and yet what we learn about our choices is so important to our awareness and our healing. Well-written and wonderful perspective, Lorrie! Sending love 💕

    1. Hi Ka!! Thanks so much for adding your energy here 🙂 I am particularly happy to see you used the word “balance” to describe my words. It just feels like I have moved into a time of deep understanding of things that were always on the fringes, but have moved more to the center. So balance is a good way to describe what I feel.
      Hope you and sweet little one are better than terrific!! It is such an amazing time of learning about each other <3 <3
      Sweet blessings!

  2. I am so happy Lorrie that you have come to this conclusion and now know it’s our choice, that we either choose to hold onto the hurt and wounds that create deeper scars within, or we can choose to let them go..
    So good that you are now able to look back and move forward.. <3 <3

    1. Ah! “Look back and move forward!” Yes, Sue. WHY WHY WHY???? Does it (or should I say DID IT) take so long to recognize this relatively basic truth?? The funny thing about truth is that it is different for every soul…and I assume we all get where we are going at our own speed (even if that speed is backwards sometimes!)

      Thank you. Thank you for always being so supportive for my little enlightenments. You are so very wise and have reached these pinnacles and yet you never judge others about where they are. I appreciate you…
      Much love and light <3

      1. We are all upon our own journeys, I still have many bumps in my own learning and each lesson a reminder I still have a ways to go.. I am not further along my road than you dearest Lorrie, We are all where we are meant to be..
        What I love about this journey is that we meet and greet, and we pull each other up with a helping hand when needed.. I have learnt as much from you as you from me my friend..
        That is what Soul sisters do 😉 <3 Love right back <3

        1. Tears to my eyes, Sue! YES! A giant YES! Thank you for your always thoughtful, compassionate, responses.
          Much love and light to friend…my sister!💜

  3. I like your perspective and this is well written, Lorrie. It is true, we have a choice and we Should, Must exercise it, whatever it might be. I have made my choice and I am on a journey of discovery of my beautiful life 🙂 Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    1. Hi Georgina! It gives me such pleasure to read your response! I love that you are on a “journey of discovery of my beautiful life!”
      What a wonderful way to phrase the fact that we get to awaken each day and decide to see the beauty…thw miracle…of life!
      Thanks for your kind words about this post…it just flew off my pen and I wanted to post it 😁
      Sweet blessings 💜

  4. Oh wow Lorrie you are so right about this. We don’t invite tragedy or occurrences in my lives that stop us. I think like you said it takes time to work through it all. I can’t say, in my case, I wouldn’t do exactly the same thing I did which was just make it through till I saw light. Even still the thoughts of the dark times call me but I don’t look at them anymore. Such a beautiful post. I love the ACIM quote. I have them sitting beside my table. Blessings to you <3

    1. Hi Michelle Marie 😁 Oh, I know a thing or two about those dark times. But the thing about the darkness is it allows us to see the light…and that is NECESSARY!
      I’m so happy you this post spoke to you. And I’m happy you shared your thoughts here 😁 I hope you are well! And…oh…there are SO MANY ACIM QUOTES!!!
      Sweet blessings 💜

  5. YES, YES, YES!! We are so much more powerful than we realize. Often it is the empathic healers who fear their power the most, worrying they will harm another. When we come from love and light, we serve from our highest and best. Compassionate souls know how it is to be harmed by others, this is the exact reason why we yield our power wisely. Thanks Lorrie for your words. Many Blessings Lisa xx

    1. Hi Lisa! Wow…yes you are so spot on! It is the pain that we have received that enables us to be compassionate to other’s pain! It comes full circle then, doesn’t it?
      I appreciate your comment, and I hope that all is going really well for you. Take this day and be a strong and powerful woman who directs her own destiny!! 🙂

  6. I can empathise with you, Lorrie. When my son died as a baby, I hung onto the pain for 24 long years. What a waste. It was only when a very wise friend said to me: “You dont have to be a victim, you know”, that I realised what I’d been doing. Like you, I didn’t realise I could have made a different choice back then. Still, a lesson learned, albeit the hard way. I do tend to learn my lessons a lot easier these days. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Oh, Isabella, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your baby. That is truly a pain that I don’t know how people can move on from. I send you a huge hug and the sweetest of blessings. I am so happy that you have found a way to make another choice…and I fully understand how when we don’t know better we don’t make that choice! Life can be so hard and yet we are only here a short time. To find out so late in life the power that we truly have seems like we wasted that time, but I believe we are so blessed because we realized it at all! I know so many people, my dear Mom who just passed as one, who have no idea that they have choices about the way they live their lives!
      Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing such a tender moment of your life. And here’s to embracing all the lessons that we have yet to learn!! (I wonder sometimes…HAVEN’T I LEARNED ENOUGH???) 🙂

  7. Like Sue said, it’s lovely to hear you are able to put the past behind you and move forward. Hard times are hard times and these times can impact us in such profound ways and leave scars on us. The Emerson quote is a powerful quote. We all have the potential within us to make a choice and change and let some things be. You articulated your thoughts very well, Lorrie 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Mabel! You are so sweet…thanks so much for adding your beautiful energy here. (Sorry I have been MIA…so I am responding late)
      The most beautiful thing about a healing journey is that we grow…just like when we were little babies…tiny steps forward.
      Many sweet blessings to you…I hope you are well and that the rest of your weekend is FABULOUS! <3

  8. That’s Emerson quotes is one of my favorites. I used to have it up in my office. May the truth inside us be clear and sing out to lift our spirits as we make wise and wonderful choices in life’s adventures! Sending much love to you, dear Lorrie. <3

    1. Hi, JoAnna! Sorry for the late response.
      Yes…that truth. It is so worth getting to know it…isn’t it?
      I hope all is well and you are adjusting to your new “normal.” I hope you have peace with all the changes….so important.
      Much love and light. Do something crazy and fun this weekend! <3

  9. Oh, Lorrie, how your words touch me deeply. I’ve been seeking and asking if I am holding on to old pains and if so, how to let them go. Am I attracting what I am today due to those hurts or am I truly healing? Then there are those moments, usually when I am walking in a forest, when suddenly out of the blue, memories tumble about, all where I hurt someone or betrayed someone. One after the other I see and immediately out loud I say, “Amy, I forgive you. Now let this memory go in Love.” Not easy by a long shot but my goal is to live with all my pains revealed so that I can live the life I so richly deserve. Thank you for the confirmation through your words that I am on the right path. Bless you! 🦋🦋🦋

    1. And bless you my beautiful friend!! You are such an honest caring soul and I am thrilled that you are offering healing…and kindness…and forgiveness to yourself!! It all starts there and then when we get good at that we are better equipped to offer it to others. This is an amazing life we live in…so much beauty and so many opportunities to grow and to help others.
      I keep you in a special place in my heart and I am full of Blessitude that we have connected here💜 Sweet blessings, Amy! 😊

      1. You are in a special place in my Heart as well. Keep on shining your Light and don’t ever stop the healing journey. (((HUGS)))!!! XOXO

  10. We do tend to hold onto our pain at times, perhaps not each wound, but the ones that hold us as much as we hold them. I loved that you spoke of tragedy and of how we certainly wouldn’t manifest it. So many “like us” believe that we manifest the pain of all things painful and I don’t subscribe to that theory or belief. Somethings just HURT and somethings are out of our control, perhaps the path of another that just so happened to derail ours to teach them a lesson. I’ve found that I’ve been able to heal from many wounds, tragic or not … by “choice to rejoice.” I’ve also found that some still linger and simply won’t go away, and these things I’m still re-reading my old script to see if I manifested or if it’s simply a part of the human anatomy, the human vessel that once wounded and repaired has been weakened and left in condition for new wounds. If not for what it is you know I’m speaking of, and I know what you’re speaking of as well … I’d say, from my own experience with one of your core wounds, that once the aftershocks wear off, it’s definitely a choice to rejoice, it not only aids in the healing and energy within and without us, but creates a connection of love that still remains, laughter that still remains, togetherness that still remains. Some core wounds still need to purged – one I hadn’t known was impacting me got purged in a dream last week or, perhaps the week before – we must feel the pain to purge the pain, nothing suppressed can heal and be gone with, just buried, remaining whether we know it or not. In my current dilemma, at best the most I can wish for and believe in, is the comfort of angels, support of angels and as easy a journey through it as possible. I can’t manifest this one away (it’s back, but this time I know about it before waking up a month later). This type of energy, situation, wound (wound has 2 meanings in this particular arena) is not one of spirit or consciousness, but of human flesh that lives in the 3D, even I personally live in 4 and 5D. Maybe we should exchange phone numbers one day my wonderful, dear friend – and if we have in the past, forgive my loss of memory, it came with the first go around. You and I have so much to catch up on, far too much for commenting or emails – a full pot of coffee, tea or water of choice, and entire morning of catch up until we can finally move past that and onto what it is we both love and thrive within the most – the beauty of our existence, the gratitude of all things, and how love abounds.

    I so owe you an email. I’m lucky that I’ve made it wordpress. I am a bit overwhelmed my elfin friend (your current profile picture always make me see you as a magical elf, which of course pleases me, since I am of the Fae. 😊 Perhaps you can take a drive down overnight? There’s a private room and bathroom for you if you do … an all nighter talking should just about catch us up in detail.

    I LOVE YOU Lorrie, always have, always will. From my heart and soul to yours, may you feel peace, see the blessings and find yourself the beholder of miracles and love each day. <3

    1. Ah! Dear Kimba…I can feel the angst of your soul as you navigate the path you currently face! I am sorry it took me so long to see this…I have been enmeshed in life and have not had the time or the energy to devote what I need to when I come here.
      I’m not sure what you are facing, but I do know that when you said you could believe in the comfort and support of Angels…that THAT IS TRUTH! Lean on them, my friend. Feel them surround you with perfect love. Talk with them…and then listen as you feel the answer in your soul.
      I am sorry that I am not able to come be with you in person…but know always that I feel your energy and I know you feel mine. Know that I send you perfect white light for healing and that I pray for your well being. I love you too…and I know who you are. I know that you are strong (even when you don’t want to be) and I know that you have faith that overrides all doubt. Keep moving forward. Take baby steps. If there is a set back…PRAY! Do not judge yourself…allow your body, mind, and spirit to be supported by perfect love.
      Write when you can. Until then, know that I am in your corner… I am your cheerleader… I believe in YOU!! <3 <3

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