It’s hard to wrap this one up and find a place for it
It touches so many levels that it could take years to dissect
Put the hurt in a pile to burn
Let the memories drift off
Like smoke rising to the clouds
Meeting together
Cartoon characters in the sky
Crossing barriers
Clans forgotten
Soul reclaimed.

Lorrie ❤

I have been told that I am too sensitive. I don’t like the quantifier “too,” and I am just beginning to understand the gift of my sensitivity.

I have been planning an imaginary fight with a bully so that I am prepared for THE LAST attack. The following two points come to mind:

1). You want to know why we are so different? It’s because I feel my pain and all I can think is that I don’t want anyone else to ever feel this. So I spend my time either trying to prevent it, or at least to try to help lessen it. You, on the other hand, feel your pain and the only thing you think is, ‘I have to strike out and hurt every single person in my path – give it away harder than I got it.’

And the funny thing is that I think each strategy works for us…WE ARE THAT DIFFERENT!


2). I learned a long time ago that the only way to live a life without regrets is to live with an aware heart where my actions resonate with the truth of my soul.

And then I wanted to add: “But you don’t have a soul!”

But I knew that once again, I went down in the basement of energies and wanted to hurt you the way you hurt everyone…so I TAKE IT BACK! I wish you love and peace, but I realize that I can’t have anything to do with your journey.

I am very aware of my truth, and therefore, when I walk away and leave you behind I am fully aware that I have done all that I could and I have no regrets!

Lorrie ❤

It is not only okay to leave a bully…IT IS CRUCIAL! Save yourself and LET THE BULLY GO!

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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog (LorrieBowden.com) if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

39 thoughts on “LET THE BULLY GO

  1. So true Lorrie! It is absolutely essential to protective yourself in all ways, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. It took me a long time to figure out that I wasn’t doing good by letting others take advantage of me. Sending you a shield of light✨.

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    1. Received, Kristen!! I can feel the energy 🙂
      Thank you…I know you have done so much work. I believe that some lessons need repeating as I can totally forget them and feel all the same pain again.
      I hope you are well…stay safe and have a brilliant week filled with GREAT THINGS!! ❤

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    1. Hi Brad! It should be easier to get rid of bullies…I think it is now. It’s all a matter of self-love and respect. Once you have that it is easier.
      Hope all is well…and that you have a great week ahead!

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  2. I love this affirmation of your inner security and your ability to stand alone as one who can let the bully go and live in peace, reconciled and knowing you have done your utmost but it is not your job to go beyond your boundary. You must set that protective boundary for yourself. We all must respect our own boundaries and not allow others to wear at us to take down our sensitivities to appease them. It’s a process, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter how long it takes. Each affirmation is a strength and a powerful self-love/life validating act. Be as you are, you deserve to be your beautiful self! Love you!

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    1. It IS a process, Ka! And it goes against the very nature of who I am…or maybe who I was groomed to be. I definitely have codependent characteristics, and I can see how they were developed. And I know how hard it is to REALLY let someone go. But the other side to that coin is I am also learning how to really love and respect MYSELF…and that means that I know my worth…and I do not deserve to be beaten down and berated.
      Thanks my beautiful friend! I can feel your power and it makes me happy 😊 I wish all good things for you and your family 🧡🧡

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  3. Oh, Lorrie, I love your poem. Your descriptions evoke images and your beautiful beach with clouds was magical. Yes, send those memories off like smoke!
    You have made perfect sense of standing up for yourself. I believe sensitivity is a gift. True compassion is something few people get to experience and it leads to deeper connections.
    Your writing is a treasure. So courageous and I will remember this post if I ever encounter a bully again. Thank you!

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  4. YES! Save yourself, because you deserve peace and joy. It has been many years since I let the bullies go, but the toxic memories and shame still pop up now and then. I will remember to “Let the memories drift off /Like smoke rising to the clouds…. and remember that I reclaimed my soul once again. I’m cheering you on with love and hugs. ❤

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    1. 😊😊Thanks Joanna! I feel such powerful energy in your words. I know we’ve discussed this before and I did think of you and your resolve on this subject when I was posting. It’s really nice to be in a place where I know it is the right thing to do. I am learning that I can wish these kind of people well…and move on. They are on their journey and I am on mine. There was a time that it was impossible to not be in their company…but things are different now…and SO AM I!!

      Much love…and many blessings sent your way 🧡

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  5. Yes, I have heard that too, people saying I’m too sensitive. I like what Cindy says, “too sensitive is like being too smart. not possible.” That’s a really good one, I’ll have to remember that. I love your poem. It feels like a mantra. Thank you for the hope and inspiration.

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    1. When I think about it, Linda…the only people who ever profess that I am too sensitive just might be the people who could use a little more sensitivity!! Would venture to guess it is probably the same for most. And Cindy’s response is SUPER…I think it needs to be a word box 😉
      Thank you for your kind words…it makes my heart smile 🧡

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  6. Your poem is wonderful Lorrie. But I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been hurt and harassed by a bully. You’re you’re so right to stand in your own inner strength and truth. There is no such thing as too sensitive. I’ve been called that too but feeling and acknowledging our sensitivities is a gift, as is protecting yourself. Take care my friend. Sending much love your way. 💜

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    1. Thanks, Miriam 😊 I love your response…I can feel your support and strength! And it is incredibly powerful to recognize my sensitivity as a gift. For so many years I viewed it as a curse…what a bunch of wasted time! But I don’t worry about that, because if I am sure of one thing in life it is that everything happens for a reason…and all things happen in Divine timing!
      Thank you…I am so happy that we have connected. Seeing you here brightens my day! 🧡

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      1. What a lovely reply! Yes Lorrie, like you, I believe in divine timing and that everything happens for a reason. We are exactly where we’re meant to be my friend. xx 💜

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  7. Dear Lorrie, where do I begin? I think you summed it up best when honouring that we are all different and we have different strategies based on our life experience. This may be difficult at time and feel like you are butting heads, however you are a beautiful compassion reflective and empathetic soul and I think your voice is important – I don’t know if we will ever achieve peace and harmony but you being you is what I adore and what we need, so we can take on the tough stuff in a real way. ox Harlon

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    1. Hi Harlon. Oh…thank you for your beautiful words. You touch my heart in a really authentic way! I am grateful for our connection…
      I agree with you. I don’t know if we can achieve that peace and harmony, but I do know that we as individuals are responsible for our own little world and the people we allow in it. It does make me sad that I had to let the bully go. This is a person that I love, but I just can’t continue to give up pieces of myself….not when I am finally putting all those pieces back together and realize that I really do love myself.
      Life is hard. Some have more challenges than others. I respect you and your soul’s incredible journey, Harlon…I really do.
      Here’s to loving and caring…and being good humans!!
      ❤ ❤


  8. What amazing, beautifully, honest words written! Thank you for sharing this! We are all different and navigate through challenging times, hard times, hurtful times in our lives differently and while who’s the say what is the “right” way, we can only control ourselves. And by letting our emotions from what something someone did or said to us, take over our lives, we are letting them control us. Easier said than done of letting go and walking away and living our lives. Holding onto that pain, hurt, anger is only harming ourselves and giving that bully what they want. My dad always told us, “Take the high road.” Hating hearing this when you’re all worked up but it’s very true and only makes us better and stronger!

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    1. Your dad is a wise man, Tiffany! I think it really helps to separate our pain and to look at the bullies with empathy. Something happened to these people…perhaps a lot of somethings…and they react from their own pain. I have realized that no matter how much I want to help them…I can’t fix their pain for them. I can help if they are willing…but most times these people don’t even know that they can change.
      It’s all good…everyone is on their own journey. I am grateful for EVERYTHING…because it either advances me on my journey…or provides a healing opportunity.
      Many Sweet Blessings to you. I hope this new week finds you surrounded in love 🧡

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      1. Well said, absolutely true! Sometimes it’s harder to rise above it! Keeping in mind that we don’t know what is causing that person to act or say the things they are and instead of reacting to it negatively, stop and pray for them! Have a blessed week as well!!

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  9. Truth and wisdom, Lorrie is what I read in this post. So many people spend their time trying to change someone when all that is really needed is to let go, but take what you have learned from the pain to grow. Love your post!! Take Care!!

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    1. Yes, Kirt 😊 I find it so interesting how many people want to change people. I used to be like that, and I won’t lie, it probably took me way longer than it could have to understand that it just isn’t possible. But I agree with you 100%…it is a huge learning opportunity if we are willing to really look at it.
      Stay well, Kirt. Many blessings to you and your family.

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  10. Acceptance of ourselves and others is crucial in healing. As you have shown, we all have those basement thoughts, but we have the power to choose what to do with them. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lorrie. I am sure it will help others.
    Many Blessings,

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    1. Hi Lisa🌞
      Thanks so much for your kind comment and understanding! I am learning we ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond. And I am working on doing just that…responding…not reacting!
      Hope all is well and you have a blessed day 💜

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