Life Lessons

It all started with a small group of spectators who were totally self absorbed in their own business as they soaked up the sun and gazed out to sea.

Then opportunity presented itself. When opportunity knocks I say, “Dive right in!”

It would seem that hungry pelicans were not the only hungry hunters. On this day, the hunter became the hunted as a young man hooked a shark on his fishing line.

Things in the cell phone viewer ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR! I realized the fighting shark was in my personal space! Ah…the things we do to get the shot!

Nothing like an hour long fight with a shark to catch the attention of beach goers enjoying a magnificent day. They came together as one – all for the common goal of rooting for the young man holding the rod.

So here is where the story takes a turn. I was part of the group of spectators as I ran up and down the beach while the shark tried to free himself for a good 45 minutes. Then, a very nice lady started a conversation, and before I knew it the young man, the shark, and the spectators were way down the beach – all gathered close – and I knew the shark was on land.

I ran!

Yes…I ran as fast as I could to get there, but I missed it!

The dad had the shark by the tail and was pulling him back in the water. (Take notice of the kayaker who was not paying attention.)

And then he set the very tired shark free. (Notice what happens to the kayaker when he realizes where he is and what just happened!)

The spectators erupted in applause and whistles, and the young man beamed with pleasure. It was his first catch and I can imagine the pressure he was under with all the expectant followers not only watching his every move, but moving up and down the beach with him.

Here are a few things I take away from this experience:

1). Perseverance and dedication pay off. The young man danced with that shark for over an hour.

2). Strangers can come together for a common goal. I’m certain there were many in the crowd with different political, philosophical, and ethical ideals, but for that hour they shared in the quest and eventual success of capturing that shark.

3). If you take your eyes off the prize, for even a moment, you can miss it! Don’t get sidetracked when you have a goal. Keep your focus!

4). You won’t have regrets for the decisions you make – If you make them with full awareness. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get a shot of the shark when he was on land, but the lady I spoke with was so nice and I enjoyed spending time with her.

5). You just never know what kind of gifts the day has in store for you! Wake up and expect miracles and then keep your eyes wide open.

What a marvelous life!


Lorrie <3


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      1. Fine, thanks! 🙂
        I spend a lot of my time looking the other way, but those lessons have a way of getting through to us eventually… I’m sure of it!

  1. I loved this story, Lorrie!! The camaraderie, excitement and amazing capture must have been riveting, in person. But your writing did a great job of transporting me there.
    I also appreciated your take-a ways. All of them were helpful and truthful. Great post!
    ps. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Sending love!

    1. Awww…thanks, Judy! And yes…Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you too…we have much to catch up on 😉
      Thanks for your kind words…it was a beautiful day and the irony that I had been thinking about taking my paddle board in the ocean that day was not lost on me!
      You have been on my mind a lot lately…and I hope it is for all good reasons. Much love, my friend <3

      1. I’m glad you weren’t on a paddleboard in the ocean while the shark was around! We will catch up soon, Lorrie and thank you for sharing this amazing story!

        1. I did face my fear and I went out the other day…not in the ocean but the intracoastal. I didn’t see any sea creatures…but boy was I tired!! 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun and wild adventures at the beach Lorrie. My favorite part was seeing the pelicans dive into the ocean and the beautiful turquoise waters. I’m way overdue for a beach visit. It must be nice to have it right there anytime you want. 🏝🌊 Nice to see you back online. Take care, 🙏

    1. Thanks, Brad…for all of the above! It always feels good when I am able to spend time here and connect with my friends here at WP!! It has been a while…and much had happened in between…some good…some not to good…butnhey that’s life!! 😉 I just knew those pellys were going to do a deep dive and I was so happy when I got the video! There is not a day goes by, Brad, that I am not full of gratitude about where I live!! I know that itbis special and believe me…I take full advantage of it! I know you love the beach so…in fact I remember a few years back doing a post for you…and one of the towns up north was “Bradley Beach!”
      I hope you get to visit a beach real soon…and until then I will send you BEACH VIBES!! 😉🧡

  3. What a wonderful world indeed, especially if one approaches it with an open mind and a clear perspective.
    Your take home messages were so authentic and your beautiful self rises to the top so organically.

    I miss you heaps and sending my love to you.

    Fondly, Harlon

    1. Awwwww….Harlon! Miss you too my friend and I have to tell you that if you ever suddenly think of me it is because I am thinking of you…and sending such wonderful, clear energy!!
      I feel so alive compared to the times that things just happened and I barely noticed them! Awareness!! Mindfulness!!! It is a beautiful way to move forward in life.

      I hope that things are moving in positive directions and that you are healthy…and happy!! Much love my friend 🧡🧡

  4. Hi Lorrie, what a wonderful, joy filled story to wake up to. I loved the fun, anticipation and excitement of it all, you captured it beautifully. Just as the young man eventually caught that shark. And I loved those life lessons, all so true. Thanks for taking me along with you. Much love and warm hugs my friend. xx

    1. Hi Miriam! 😊 I’m so happy you enjoyed the beautiful day at the beach and the encounter with the shark. He was a baby…but quite honestly…scares me just the same. JAWS ruined the ocean for me when I was a kid…seeing this little baby shark certainly has the power to ruin it again. But…I did go on my paddleboard last week in the intracoastal…no sightings…great workout…fear faced! Overall a great experience 😉
      I hope all is super in your world! 🧡

      1. I think Jaws ruined the ocean for many people! But good on you Lorrie, getting on your paddle board, would have been great fun I’m sure. Stay well and happy my friend. We’re heading into winter here but life is good. 😊

          1. Probably not as cold as yours, especially where I live. Up in the mountains it’s different but our lows on average are usually around 4C.

    1. Hi Ann 😊 Thank you…I’m so happy you enjoyed the “day at the beach…shark and all!!” Yes…the one video I was trying so hard to find him in the cell phone screen that when I looked it freaked me out how close he was!!
      Hope you are well!

  5. I love the way you drew five helpful lessons of wisdom from what you saw and the beach. Beautiful beach in a beautiful world seen by a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing my friend 💙

    1. Hello my Dearest! 😊 Thank you for your beautiful support and friendship! I cherish you so. I am so grateful to live where I can easily see such beautiful things…I am blessed…and I am Blessitude!
      Have a wonderful week, Frédéric 🧡💙

  6. Thank you for these great videos and wise perspectives. We are always where we are supposed to be. I think it might have been traumatic to see the shark on land. I’m very glad someone was conscientious and brave enough to take it back out to sea and freedom.

    1. I was happy to see the dad release the shark, JoAnna. I wasn’t sure what would happen…and you may be right that it was better for me to not see the shark on land!
      Hope things are great by you 😊🧡

  7. Sadly because Covid I can’t Travel anymore for my blog that I just started. Feels really sad that I have to wait before planning a new travel journey 😦

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